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Ch 5 – Breaking the Engagement (1)

Ye Xun watched from the sidelines as the Vital Essence was presented to Ye Ling. She clenched her fists discreetly, but after recalling the impending matter for discussion, she calmed herself down and maintained her gentle smiling demeanor.

"How is Tang Tang doing?" Duan Tianrao asked with a glimmer in his eyes, apparently waiting for the right opportunity to touch on the matter.

Ye Ling, without realizing his motive, heaved a sigh and said: "With her spirit root shattered, how well can she be? But that child's considerate of me; she will never reveal any pain in my presence and this is what worries me."

"Speaking of which," Ye Ling looked up at Duan Tianrao and continued: "Tianrao, you are Tang Tang's fiancé and also her childhood companion, I believe if you spend more time with her, she shall feel quite relieved."

Duan Tianrao cracked a smile but did not voice his agreement.

Beside him, Ye Xun lowered her head and while Ye Ling failed to notice, she tugged at Duan Tianrao's sleeves, who patted her hand discreetly in return, as a sign of a.s.surance.

At this moment, a slender figure strolled gradually into the front hall and curtsied slightly towards the seated Ye Ling.


Once Ye Ling saw Ye Qingtang, he could not help but express his concern.

"Tang Tang, your health has yet to recover, grab a seat quickly."

Ye Qingtang nodded meekly beneath her face veil and sat down next to Ye Ling, her eyes never once focusing on Duan Tianrao who was sitting to the side.

Ye Ling did not notice Ye Qingtang's sudden apathy towards Duan Tianrao, instead, he just directed her attention by pointing at the pile of items on the table with a smile.

"Tang Tang, these are all gifts from Tianrao to improve your health. He had even gotten you a Vital Essence, I must say he really does have your interest at heart."

Ye Qingtang looked briefly at the pile of tonics on the table before finally directing her gaze towards Duan Tianrao, however, her eyes were full of indifference, devoid of any grat.i.tude or a lady's bashfulness.

"Thank you, Mr. Duan, for your concern." Ye Qingtang replied nonchalantly.

Mr. Duan?

The three who were present were stunned for a moment. Usually, whenever Ye Qingtang met Duan Tianrao, she would start calling him Duan-gege1 in a coquettish and intimate manner, why did she sound so distant today?

Duan Tianrao furrowed his brows slightly, but recalling his purpose today, he disregarded it.

Ye Ling a.s.sumed that Ye Qingtang was in a bad mood because of her spirit root shattering, thus he did not take it to heart.

"In another 6 months, you will turn sixteen. I reckon we should start preparing for your wedding with Tianrao! When you recover, I will discuss the details with the head of the Duan household, how does that sound?" Though Ye Ling, in actual fact, did not wish for Ye Qingtang to be married so soon, but with her spirit root shattering one could foresee that future growth in her martial prowess would be limited, and with the Great Elder holding the reigns of the Ye household, his status as the head was nothing more than a fallacy.

Therefore, an early marriage putting Ye Qingtang under Duan Tianrao's wing will ease his mind.

After hearing Ye Ling's words, the other three who were present underwent a sudden change in their demeanor.

Especially Ye Xun, who trembled slightly at his words, and Duan Tianrao, whose face turned rigid.

Only Ye Qingtang, seated on a chair, with her eyes having a sharp gleam and freezing glare, discerned the truth behind their eccentricities.

"Uncle Ye." Duan Tianrao advanced abruptly, "Actually, with today's visit, there's another matter that I wish to discuss with you."

->  This is a Cherry Clan translation, if you are reading this anywhere other than the wordpress or wattpad account, it's been stolen.

Translator's Notes

Appending a "gege" after a person's last name implies: The person is a male/ older brother An informal way of addressing a man with whom the speaker shared an intimate relationship. Similar to "lang" but in this case, it's more along the lines of the j.a.panese "Oni-chan" and the Korean's "Oppa". What's with all the "brother" complexes…. Sheesh….

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