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Chapter 330: Treasure Collection (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

One hundred thousand Xuanming points?

Qin Huan gulped silently. However, a moment later, he felt that… given such aura exuding from the Demonic Blood Sword, one hundred thousand Xuanming points were worth it.

Should he be glad for Junior Sister Ye that there were bad rumors about this Demonic Blood Sword?

The onlooking disciples were dizzy from the motion of the Demonic Blood Sword and were extremely envious.

Even if it was really as dangerous as rumored, they would not give up such a magnificent sword if they had the chance!

Swordsmanship was the main specialization of Xuanling Sect, and if they could obtain this divine weapon, they would be able to scale even greater heights in the future!

After finishing admiring the sword, Ye Qingtang placed it back into its scabbard and looked at the warden. “I want to exchange for the Demonic Blood Sword.”

“Junior Sister Ye, are you not going to look at other weapons?” Gu Yanqiu asked carefully.

Ye Qingtang shook her head. There were countless treasures in Xuanming Pavilion, but no matter how precious or amazing they were, they were not as good as an item that suited her. Moreover, using the reward of fifty thousand Xuanming points to exchange for a Demonic Blood Sword that was worth one hundred thousand Xuanming points, it was obviously a huge gain.

Seeing that Ye Qingtang had made up her mind, Gu Yanqiu did not say anything else.

The warden took the scroll and handed the Demonic Blood Sword to Ye Qingtang.

From that moment on, the owner of the Demonic Blood Sword was Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang removed the ordinary sword that was initially hung on her waist and replaced it with the Demonic Blood Sword. Although the sword was still in its scabbard, she could still faintly sense the coldness from the Demonic Blood Sword.

“Junior Sister Ye, can you let me touch this Demonic Blood Sword?” Qin Huan's eyes were filled with envy as he asked cheekily.

Ye Qingtang drew the sword out readily and handed it to Qin Huan.

Qin Huan held the Demonic Blood Sword excitedly, but the moment his hands touched it, there was an icy sensation in his palm that pierced into his bones, and a powerful overbearing force enveloped his mind instantly.

Almost a second later, Qin Huan frantically stuffed the Demonic Blood Sword back into Ye Qingtang's hands.

Although Qin Huan only held the sword for a short moment, his forehead was already covered in a layer of cold sweat.

“Senior Brother Qin?” Ye Qingtang looked at Qin Huan's slightly pale face in confusion.

Qin Huan composed himself and swept that overbearing force away with difficulty. However, when he looked at Ye Qingtang, still in a state of shock, he realized that Ye Qingtang did not have any abnormalities when holding onto the Demonic Blood Sword.

What was going on?

“No… Nothing. It seems… this sword is still the most suitable for you.” Qin Huan smiled stiffly with apprehension still lingering in his heart.

Previously, Senior Brother Gu said that this Demonic Blood Sword had the effect of counter-attacking the holder, and he thought that the rumors were not real. However, only when he really held on the Demonic Blood Sword did he realize that the rumors… were not completely baseless. This Demonic Blood Sword was indeed iffy.

Yet, looking at Ye Qingtang's reactions, it was obvious that she was not affected by the Demonic Blood Sword at all.

It seemed…

This sword was really suited for Ye Qingtang.

“Since Junior Sister Ye has exchanged her item, let's go eat a good meal. Treat it as me celebrating for you.” Qin Huan shook his head, and his expression returned back to normal.

However, his earlier reaction fell into Gu Yanqiu's eyes, and Gu Yanqiu only looked down slightly without uttering anything.

It was not just Gu Yanqiu who noticed Qin Huan's unusual reaction upon holding the sword; the other disciples around them sensed it as well.

“Is this Demonic Blood Sword really as heretical as rumored?”

“Most probably. Otherwise, why would it be sold at a lowered price? Didn't you see Qin Huan's face turning pale when he held the sword just now?”

“But… didn't nothing happen when Ye Qingtang held it?”

The disciples were confused and did not have a clue as to whether the rumors about the Demonic Blood Sword were real or not.

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