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Chapter 365: Mission (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Go too far?” The Wind Sword Sect disciple scoffed. The moment he finished his sentence, the group of Wind Sword Sect disciples people immediately drew out their swords, which gleamed threateningly.

“Is it just an apology from him or all of you seeking death together? The choice is all up to you.”

“Do you think we are really afraid of you! Let’s fight if that’s what you want!” A Xuanling Sect disciple took it upon himself to draw out his sword in preparation for a fight.

Other disciples, similarly, drew out their swords and made their stand clear.

Looking at his fellow disciples who fully supported him, Qiao Mo’s eyes reddened, touched by the bonds of his fellow disciples.

“You said you’ll let all of us go as long as I apologize?” Qiao Mo took a deep breath. A man should have dignity and not bow down, not to mention the insult of crawling between one’s legs. However, this incident was started because of him, and his fellow disciples were already suffering together with him. Since they had the heart of protecting him, how could he drag them into danger?

“That’s right. I live up to my words. As long as you apologize obediently, we Wind Sword Sect disciples are not unreasonable,” the Wind Sword Sect disciple said with a raised brow.

The Xuanling Sect disciples looked at Qiao Mo in shock, and their faces were agitated.

“Junior Brother Qiao, you must not do it!” How could they tolerate others insulting their fellow disciple right before their eyes!

As everyone was about to persuade Qiao Mo, Lu Xiuwen suddenly spoke.

“It cannot be better that Qiao Mo knows clearly the right thing to do and the principles to follow. Senior brothers, why bother going against Qiao Mo’s painstaking decision? This was originally started by him, and now that he can shoulder everything by himself, what is there to not do?”

“Lu Xiuwen! Shut up!” A Xuanling Sect disciple glared at Lu Xiuwen angrily. If not for the situation, he would have really killed the heartless betrayer that is Lu Xiuwen.

“Senior Brother Lu didn’t say anything wrong. It was Qiao Mo who acted rashly and offended the Wind Sword Sect disciple, which caused us to be in such a hopeless situation. Is there anything wrong if he apologizes now?” Su Wan echoed.

As the Xuanling Sect disciples argued amongst themselves, the Wind Sword Sect disciples snickered as they watched the show. “It seems that there are some logical people in Xuanling Sect as well.”

It was a casual sentence, but the sarcasm was exceptionally obvious.

They were clearly disciples of the same sect, yet they persuaded a fellow disciple to be insulted in fear of being implicated. Such a thing would never happen in their Wind Sword Sect.

“Everyone, my mind is set. I am the one who implicated everyone in this matter.” Qiao Mo took a deep breath and walked forward, looking coldly at the Wind Sword Sect disciple who lifted a leg and was waiting for him to crawl under.

“Junior Brother Qiao!”

Some Xuanling Sect disciples wanted to stop him, but Qiao Mo had already made up his mind. Shutting his eyes in resignation, he bent his knees and kneeled on the ground.

The mockery in the Wind Sword Sect disciples’ eyes deepened as they waited for Qiao Mo to humiliate himself.


As Qiao Mo’s knees were about to touch the ground, there was a cold sensation on his knees suddenly.

Qiao Mo opened his eyes in surprise and suddenly saw…

A sword was placed across his knees, which supported his knees up straight!

Shock flashed past Qiao Mo’s eyes. He looked up and saw…

A stunning girl in a Xuanling Sect uniform was standing beside him with a smile while the handle of that sword was in her hands.

“A man should have dignity and not bow down. How can our Xuanling Sect disciple kneel down so easily?” A casual voice along with a cool breeze entered everyone’s ears. On that exquisite face, her cherry red lips were curled into an evil smile.

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