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Chapter 329: Treasure Collection (3)

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The warden looked at Ye Qingtang in astonishment. There was nothing abnormal with the scroll, and it was definitely impossible to be a false imitation.

“You're the first on the Excellence Roll this year?”

“Yes.” Ye Qingtang nodded in reply

“…” The warden had a complicated expression at that instant.

Never did he expect that the first in the inner sect a.s.sessment this year would actually be Ye Qingtang.

After falling into a trance for some time, the warden finally returned to his senses and turned around to retrieve the box containing the Demonic Blood Sword.

“This is the Demonic Blood Sword that you asked for.” When the warden placed the box in front of Ye Qingtang, he still could not help but eye her up and down.

It was not that he was sn.o.bby, but it was really the sect's rule.

However, Ye Qingtang winning first place was indeed unexpected.

What exactly was this girl's background? He heard that Ji Xianyuan, the number one on the Excellence Roll, was in an insanely good condition. Unexpectedly… he was actually defeated by Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang was not too bothered with the warden's gaze as all her attention was focused on the sword box.

At that sight, other disciples in the Xuanming Pavilion could not help but gather around as they stretched their necks, wanting to see what kind of treasure Ye Qingtang exchanged for as a reward for topping the Excellence Roll.

“Junior Sister Ye, is… the Demonic Blood Sword inside?” Qin Huan's eyes twinkled.

Ye Qingtang nodded.

“The Demonic Blood Sword is the weapon of Chi Xue, the Invincible Slayer, who was addicted to killing. Tens of thousands of lives were lost under this Demonic Blood Sword. I heard from a long time ago that Chi Xue, the Invincible Slayer, ultimately became mad, and his mind was counter-attacked by the Demonic Blood Sword as he ma.s.sacred too many people.” Gu Yanqiu uttered, clearly having heard many rumors about the Demonic Blood Sword.

Although this sword was renowned, it was extremely dangerous as well.

“Counter-attacked by the Demonic Blood Sword? There's such a thing?” Qin Huan was shocked.

Gu Yanqiu said, “This Demonic Blood Sword is no ordinary weapon. It was made by Chi Xue, the Invincible Slayer, himself. He held a blood sacrifice of ten people and used their blood to make a sword. This Demonic Blood Sword contains an extremely strong evil aura.”

A chill ran down Qin Huan's spine, and he silently withdrew the hand that was about to touch the sword box.

And just as Gu Yanqiu and Qin Huan were talking, Ye Qingtang opened the box immediately.

The moment it was opened, a cold mist was released.

The simple-looking Demonic Blood Sword was laying in the box quietly.

Ye Qingtang immediately held the sword and drew it out of its scabbard!

In just a moment, the surrounding temperature seemed to fall along with Ye Qingtang's action.

There was a cold glint on the Demonic Blood Sword of which reflected Ye Qingtang's...o...b... There was a faint inscription in dark red on the silver blade.

“Good sword!” Delight filled Ye Qingtang's eyes when she saw its unparalleled sharpness.

She already fancied the Demonic Blood Sword after only taking a look at it the other time. Now that she held the sword and looked at it again, she was ecstatic.

Ye Qingtang could not help but perform a set of moves with the Demonic Blood Sword. Its shining light was so menacing that birds would flee in fear. A thin cold air diffused in the surrounding along with the dancing of the Demonic Blood Sword.

Qin Huan, who was uneasy after hearing the rumors of the Demonic Blood Sword, was completely filled with admiration after looking at it.

“It really is… a good sword.”

The warden said, “Of course it is. If not for the rumors, one can dream on about obtaining the sword without one hundred thousand Xuanming Points.”

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