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Chapter 3 – Rebirth (2)

Ye Qingtang had not seen this face in the past hundreds of years.

She could still remember her past clearly, especially this blemish on her face that became the cause of her inferiority complex, causing her to hide her hideous appearance under a veil all day. It was only much later that she discovered that this blemish was not something natural, but someone's handiwork with the intention of sealing her natural appearance.

Remembering this, Ye Qingtang could not help but smile to herself. While savoring the bitterness of the medicinal soup in her hands, she secretly made a vow. Since the Heavens had given her such an opportunity with her rebirth, she must sever all regrets from her past.

She would never let anyone hurt her father, or anyone else dear to her!

Ye Ling sighed secretly while watching Ye Qingtang finish her soup. Currently, the governance of the Ye household had become precarious. Ever since the Second Elder who supported him went into seclusion for training, the ambitious Great Elder took advantage of the situation to gain total control over the Ye household. Though he was still the Head of the household, his authority had long been usurped.

Whatever… as long as Tang Tang is safe and sound, he would feel at ease.

"Now that you've taken the medicine, get a good rest." Ye Ling gazed at her warmly.  Ever since his beloved wife pa.s.sed away, he had showered all his care and concern onto his daughter.

Ye Qingtang nodded meekly; the hardships of the past three hundred years all washed away by a single caring statement from a loved one. To be able to meet her father again, she considered herself the luckiest girl alive.

Ye Ling was about to leave her room when an attendant's voice sounded outside the door.

"Your Lordship, the second young master of the Duan household, Duan Tianrao, has come to visit her ladyship. He is waiting at the front hall."

A pleasing smile showed on Ye Ling's face when he heard the announcement. Turning his head to Ye Qingtang who was sitting on her bed, he said: "Tang Tang, Tianrao seems like a considerate young man, visiting you so soon after knowing you're sick. As your father, it is rea.s.suring to know that you'll be in good hands."

Duan Tianrao, the second young master of the Duan Household from the City of Lin, was also known to be Ye Qingtang's fiancé. Having been engaged since their youth, once Ye Qingtang turned sixteen, they would be officially married.

Ye Ling was quite satisfied with Duan Tianrao being his future son-in-law, delighted in knowing that he had made his way this early to visit Ye Qingtang.


Not a hint of antic.i.p.ation could be seen on Ye Qingtang's face, not to mention any bashfulness a young lady should have. From her doe eyes, only contempt remained to be seen.

Duan Tianrao.

How could she ever forget about him?

In her past, once news of her spirit root shattering got out, Duan Tianrao rushed over to the Ye household. However, her fiancé’s urgency was not for her solace, but to make matters worse.

Ye Qingtang gradually closed her eyes. Her memories of the past rekindled, and memories of Duan Tianrao's ugly mug when he arrived at the Ye household flooded her mind.

Though Ye Qingtang had never exposed her face in public, rumors of her hideous face were well known throughout the City of Lin. This deepened her inferiority complex and she became a shut-in as a result, hiding her face under a veil even within the premises of her own household.

Not even her fiancé Duan Tianrao, with whom she shared a long-term engagement, had ever seen her true face under the veil.

The past Ye Qingtang once a.s.sumed Duan Tianrao would remain true to her. It was hard to imagine that once her spirit root shattered, not only did he neglect to console her, he also added insult to injury by calling off their engagement at her doorstep and flirting with another woman in her presence.

"Tang Tang? What's wrong?" Ye Ling, sensing something amiss with Ye Qingtang, asked out of concern.

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