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Chapter 173: Magma (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“There’s such a thing?” Gu Yanqiu thought it was rather strange.

Everyone did not think too much about it and took a break before they rushed back to the sect.

This mission was completed very quickly and saved them one to two days at least, which was all thanks to Ye Qingtang.

After Gu Yanqiu’s question, Ye Qingtang felt that something was a little off as well. It was abnormal for those Giant Lizards to disperse for no reason.

Just as Ye Qingtang was thinking, a crumbling sound suddenly rang. Then, all the animals hidden between the gaps of the molten rocks suddenly escaped in all directions. Such a large, dense swarm of creatures almost gave everyone a scare.

“Are these animals crazy? Why are all of them acting like they’re escaping for their lives?” Qin Huan stared at a tiny snake slithering past his legs, and his body could not help but shiver.

Ye Qingtang found it increasingly strange, and what made her even more uneasy was that the little lightning dragon in her arms moved around restlessly as though it sensed a threat.

“Could it be that this level 6 Giant Lizard is the king of this place? Now that it’s dead, this group of followers wants to disperse?” Another disciple cracked a joke laughingly.

Ye Qingtang frowned as she did her best to recall any memory regarding the Giant Rock Canyon from her previous life.

In her previous life, she had not entered Xuanling Sect at this time, much less went on a mission together with Gu Yanqiu.

However, Ye Qingtang felt that things were a little off after connecting the incidents that they encountered today.

There were ten people in Gu Yanqiu’s team, and all of them were quite skilled. Moreover, Qin Huan and Meng Sheng were about as skilled as Gu Yanqiu.

But in her previous life, Ye Qingtang had never heard of Meng Sheng and Qin Huan ever since she entered Xuanling Sect.

For Qin Huan, it was still easy to explain: if not for her fire-resistant soft armor, that mouthful of poison from the Giant Lizard would have killed him. Even if they met the Qinglin Sect disciples in the previous life, the Qinglin Sect disciples would not be so extreme to take the lives of Meng Sheng, and the rest even if the Xuanling Sect disciples could not defeat those from Qinglin Sect.

But why was it that in the future… only Gu Yanqiu became famous?

The more Ye Qingtang pondered, the more she felt that things were not right. Connecting both her previous and current life, she kept feeling that something must have happened during this journey back to the sect. Otherwise, it could not be so bad that Meng Sheng’s and Qin Huan’s names were not left behind.

As Ye Qingtang was thinking, the ground below her feet trembled, and gravel rolled down along with the ground’s tremble while the surrounding temperature was as though it was raised to the maximum in an instant.

“This is bad!” Ye Qingtang’s eyes shook violently.

She finally remembered that after entering the sect in her previous life, she had heard that there was once a magma eruption in the Giant Rock Canyon which caused the terrain of the entire Giant Rock Canyon to completely change.

Could it be…

It was today!

“Senior Brother Gu, let’s leave the canyon immediately. Something bad is going to happen in this Giant Rock Canyon!” Ye Qingtang said with a serious tone.

Gu Yanqiu could not understand. Underneath the Giant Rock Canyon was magma, and occasional trembles were normal, though they were usually not to the extent of something bad happening. However, Ye Qingtang’s eyes made him feel that things were not this simple.

“Everyone, prepare to leave the canyon immediately,” Gu Yanqiu ordered instantly in order to ensure that nothing happened.

But just when Gu Yanqiu gave his orders, a loud sound suddenly rang from the Giant Lizard’s lair.

In the next second, the entire ground shook violently, and a large crack emerged on the crimson ground.

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