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1471 Conclusion 1

“Tang Tang, I’m sorry.” A soft voice escaped Ye You’s mouth.

Ye Qingtang snickered internally but appeared terrified on the outside as she curled into Mo Yi’s embrace instinctively.

“What… what did you say…”

Ye Qingtang, who protected her mother courageously earlier on, was like a startled quail now. Her eyes were filled with terror as though she could not hear what Ye You said.

Ye You was in a slight daze, and a ball of fire rose within her instantly.


Ye Qingtang clearly heard it but was acting pitiful!

“Your grandfather told you to apologize. Show some sincerity at least. Who could hear what you say with that soft volume? If you don’t want to listen to your grandfather to apologize, then forget it. Why act like you comply when you oppose him on the inside?” Jiang Xun scorned.

The Domain Monarch frowned slightly. Ye You’s voice was very soft just now, and when he saw the trembling Ye Qingtang, who seemed to be startled previously, his heart softened.

They were both children of this family. Looking at this child’s behavior, she must have felt wronged.

The Domain Monarch did not say anything, which implied a silent agreement that Ye Qingtang really did not hear Ye You’s apology.

Ye You almost broke her teeth from gritting them too tightly and could only say apologize once again.

“Tang Tang, the spirit root incident is my fault. Please forgive me.”

Her voice was slightly louder this time.

Ye Qingtang did not reply and merely laid in Mo Yi’s embrace in a frightened manner as though she was stunned from the battle earlier on.

Jiang Qin and the rest were filled with anger when they saw Ye Qingtang’s behavior.

What is this little b*tch acting for!

She was still fighting them aggressively earlier on but is so delicate and pitiful now?

Nonetheless, the Domain Monarch was present, and it was inconvenient for them to speak.

Mo Yi knew how fierce her daughter was just now, and seeing Ye Qingtang’s current behavior, she wanted to laugh on the inside but put on a doting expression.

“Tang Tang, what happened to you? Are you startled? Please say something. Don’t scare me…”

Her worry was evident from her anxious voice.

The Domain Monarch frowned slightly. He had not seen Ye Qingtang before and did not know about this child’s personality; thus, he did not find anything wrong when he saw her terrified behavior.

The Domain Monarch remained silent still. Ye You was about to explode from fury.

This Ye Qingtang did it intentionally!

She heard it from the start but is still acting!

Although she clearly knew that Ye Qingtang wanted to embarra.s.s her, Ye You could not stop halfway and could only clench her teeth. Forcefully restraining her impulse to strangle Ye Qingtang, Ye You squeezed out an apologetic look difficultly and spoke.

“Tang Tang, everything that happened before is my fault. Please forgive me.”

Ye You almost suffered an internal injury after saying that.

Seeing that it was about enough, Ye Qingtang finally seemed to return to her senses and nodded worryingly.

“You may be apologetic toward me, but I don’t blame you. We are sisters of the same clan after all. Let bygones be bygones.”

How magnanimous and kind did she seem with that statement even while she secretly took a jab at Ye You.

Ultimately, it was Ye You who did Ye Qingtang wrong.

Ye You almost vomited blood out of anger as her fists hidden in her sleeves trembled from fury.

Evidently, the Domain Monarch was very satisfied with Ye Qingtang’s sensibility, and his impression of her became more favorable.

“Since this matter has ended, why are you all still standing here?” The Domain Monarch said immediately after seeing that this incident was over. With this statement, both the spirit root incident and the crippling of Jiang Yiming’s cultivation incident were put to a conclusion by him.

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