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Chapter 222.1 A Marriage is Bestowed, Some People Are Happy and Some Are Sullen and Jealous Part 1/3

Zi You was elegant and refined. Her eyes that were like stars now seemed like a brush of the G.o.ds. She painted a gorgeous brushstroke in the luxurious palace hall.

She gently pursed her vermilion lips and asked, “Do any of you Shizis and gongzis know what Zi Yiu likes eating the most?”

The answers were varied. Ming w.a.n.g Shizi Shangguan Weiran replied, “It's the pastries from the capital's Babaozhai.”

Duke Yongguo Shizi Zhu Likang replied, “It's the food from the General's Manor.”

Finally, Shangguan LingRan (Yi He) replied, “It's the Indian flat cakes your mother makes.”

“How do you know?” Zi You looked at Shangguan LingRan in surprise. She really never told him this.

Yi He smiled bitterly. How do I know? My little Shishu told me this.

Indeed, Shangguan LingRan had secretly told Yi He this. He added, “The most memorable for a girl is of course the delicious food that her mother makes.”

Actually, this was a little secret that Shangguan LingRan had found out in the welcoming banquet in the Indian G.o.d Realm.

His heart and eyes were full of Zi You, so his meal had been tasteless. He had seen Zi You eating countless fried, fragrant, and crispy flat cakes.

While she was eating, she had looked affectionately and smiled happily at Dier. Shangguan LingRan instantly understood that Dier had personally made them for Zi You. It was probably her most favorite food.

Sure enough, after she heard Yi He's answer, she bashfully lowered her head and said sweetly, “An w.a.n.g Shizi is correct.”

Then she quietly looked up at Old General Mu (Shangguan LingRan).

Her eyes were tender like water and filled with thousands of affection. It made Shangguan LingRan's breathing stifle and his heartrate accelerate.

He quickly stood up quiveringly. He cupped his fists at Xuanwu Emperor. “Then please bestow a marriage on Chen's granddaughter and An w.a.n.g Shizi, Emperor! But Chen has a request. Pleae allow Chen to resign from Chen's post and recuperate at home! Chen's body can't share your worries anymore, Emperor. Please forgive Chen!”

The Emperor was just worrying. An w.a.n.g held the military power of the north and Old General Mu held the military power of the south. How could he let these two families form a marriage alliance?

However, he had just said what he said. He couldn't take his words back, right? Would it still be an imperial edict if he could take back what he said? Of course not. He would be scolded by the officials.

He didn't expect that that dandy Shangguan LingRan could actually answer Mu Zi You's question. How hateful!

Xuanwu Emperor was depressed, worried, and irritated. Just as he didn't know what he should do, he heard Old General Mu say he wanted to resign from his post. He instantly became happy.

This old man Mu is really tactful. He knows what Zhen is worried about. That's why he suggested it.

“Emperor.” Xuanwu Emperor hadn't reacted from his joy before Mu YingYi also stepped out and said, “Chen wants to resign from Chen's post too. Pacifying the rebellion in Nanjiang has taken its toll on Chen's body. Chen wants to recuperate for a while.”

Although the Emperor was very happy to see both Old General Mu and Mu YingYi resigning, he knew he couldn't allow it. If he did, it would be too obvious. Mu Zi You and the officials would be able to tell what he was thinking.

Mu Zi You's ident.i.ty was clear now. An Indian G.o.ddess was supporting her from behind. It wouldn't be impossible for her to destroy his Great Yan Country.

He had to win her over and use her. If he was afraid that she and An w.a.n.g fu would collude, he just needed to tell Su cefei and Ning cefei to monitor An w.a.n.g.

Of course, he had to firmly control the idiot Shangguan LingRan too. That way, Mu Zi You wouldn't be able to run away.

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