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Chapter 6 — Don't Want to Deny

Tao Yuke choked on Qin Jiran's words. If it were three years ago, retorting would've been no problem at all, but facing the current Qin Jiran, Tao Yuke didn't dare. Nonetheless, it was hard for him to swallow the offense. As he held his phone, his face was red with anger.

"You don't need to handle this. Don't meddle."

Qin Jiran hung up and went back to reading the comments, his expression cold as he did so. His fans were getting more and more hyped, even without him doing anything.

[Emperor Qin, I'm one of your fanboys. No matter if you have a true love or not, I'll still love you the most, but if you really do have a true love, then I'll definitely love your true love too. True love is invincible!]

Love my a.s.s! Qin Jiran cursed. His true love was his own to love, he didn't need anyone else's help! He would fight whoever dared to help!

Su Yanyi treated Sun Minyi with nothing but silence and a gaze so cold that it couldn't get any colder. This was enough to fill Sun Minyi with anxiety.

She started to stress over if she had done anything wrong recently, which caused her to be tense for the entire ride.

When they arrived and entered the company, Su Yanyi had just taken a seat when her other a.s.sistant, Kang Zhong, walked in with a serious face.

"President Su, Mr. Qin posted a message on his official webpage, and the reaction is huge. Mr. Qin didn't allow his agent to resolve it, and the fans are requesting that the company release a statement. Many of the fans are convinced that the webpage was hacked," Kang Zhong reported calmly, and then he snuck a glance at Su Yanyi's expression.

Sun Minyi and Kang Zhong knew about Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi's marital relations. However, the contractual aspect of it was something only the involved parties knew.

Su Yanyi was expressionless as she looked over Qin Jiran's official webpage, but she was actually secretly surprised. She didn't recall this happening in her past life.

After she dialed his number and the call connected, she asked him bluntly, "Why did you do that? Do you want the company to do anything about it?"

The previous Su Yanyi wouldn't have asked Qin Jiran for his opinion on an issue like this. She would've just done whatever she saw fit.

Therefore, when Qin Jiran, Kang Zhong, and Sun Minyi heard what she said, they were all shocked.

"Sorry. I caused trouble for you." A bit of turmoil churned in his heart.

The target of his confession was asking him how he wanted to deal with the issue. The tone she used was flat and calm, as though it had nothing to do with her at all. Thinking about it made him sad.

"Don't apologize. You just need to tell me how I should handle it." Su Yanyi didn't like it when Qin Jiran apologized. Right now, she just wanted to help the man resolve the problem.

Unfortunately… though her intentions were good, when her tone and the content of her words fell into Qin Jiran's ears, they sounded a bit cold. Displeased.

Anyhow, he was racking his brain for solutions, too. To accept or to deny; the choice was entirely in his hands.

"I don't want to deny it."

It cost a lot of courage for him to voice those six simple words. Afterward, he held his breath and waited for her response.

Did she know that the target of his confession was herself? Would she mind that he already had someone he genuinely loved? Or would she have other thoughts?

He was both troubled and antic.i.p.ative at the same time.

"Alright. Then, do you want the company to do anything?" Su Yanyi answered immediately after he finished talking. Her tone was still a professional one.

"… No, I'll handle it myself." Disappointment or relief? Qin Jiran didn't know what to feel, and he couldn't comprehend her thought process. His voice sounded a bit helpless.

As for what Su Yanyi was thinking… well, she herself was unsure. In any case, she just wanted to lend him a hand.

As for the contents of his webpage message… she wasn't too clear on that either.

Why did Qin Jiran post that sort of message? Was he talking about her, or someone else? Su Yanyi was curious, but she didn't like to prod. All kinds of thoughts flickered across her mind before it returned to its usual calm.

Even with the rebirth, some of the feelings she couldn't understand before were still incomprehensible to her.

"You, leave." Su Yanyi's voice dropped to the freezing point. The command was directed at Sun Minyi.

However, no one was surprised. Su Yanyi was exactly the type of person to exude coldness and strike fear into the hearts of others, even if she was just silently sitting on a chair.

After Sun Minyi left, Kang Zhong stood calmly by Su Yanyi's side and waited for her instructions. She stared straight at him with a look of relief in her eyes.

When she was a vegetable, Kang Zhong had been responsible for arranging all of her needs. Later, he was replaced by his brother, but Kang Zhong would still visit her in the hospital sometimes. He could be considered attentive and sincere.

Under her gaze, Kang Zhong began to feel uneasy, and he even started to reflect on himself. Did he do something wrong? Why was President Su looking at him with such a fierce gaze?

"President Su, if you have something to say, please say it. I'll correct my mistakes," he couldn't help but say.

"You, not bad." Su Yanyi was already starting to get used to having her good intentions misunderstood, so she didn't mind it much. Kang Zhong, on the other hand, was shaken by her praise.

President Su, are you okay? What happened to you? Why do I feel a little scared by this? Could this be the prelude before you fire me?

Pushing his gla.s.ses up the ridge of his nose, Kang Zhong said stiffly, "Thank you for the praise. I will continue working hard."


Su Yanyi gave a nod, as though agreeing with him.

He felt embarra.s.sed and pushed up his gla.s.ses again, thinking it was no good for an over-thirty-years-old man like him to turn red in the face.

"From now on, you should pay more attention to the activities around Mr. Qin. Help whenever and wherever you can."

Kang Zhong was a very reliable person. Having him take care of Qin Jiran would allow her to relax more.

"Yes," Although Kang Zhong was surprised, he concealed it well.

"Also, go find me another personal a.s.sistant. Sun Minyi… can't be used," Su Yanyi said bluntly. This time, Kang Zhong was even more surprised. The look in his eyes became solemn, and after giving her a glance, he nodded seriously, "I understand. I will make the arrangements."

Su Yanyi had only said a mere three words —"can't be used"— but the weight of those three words was actually very heavy. Coupled with the icy expression on her face, all of it caused Kang Zhong's thoughts to run wild.

However, Su Yanyi didn't elaborate, so he didn't ask.

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