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Chapter 52 — Good

Qin Jiran understood what Su Yanyi meant, and he also understood that even though he wanted to pretend that he had nothing to do with the Qin family, he couldn't. Hiding wouldn't solve the problem either. Like she said, attacking was the best way to go about it.

"We'll do as you say. I'll get a press conference ready so I can declare that I'm severing all ties with the Qin family." Qin Jiran was also very decisive. Since the truth had to come out, he could only use a press conference to make his standpoint known.

"Very good. I'll call my mom immediately." She shot him an admiring glance. Men should all be decisive like this.

Dragon's Emissary was the head of the media industry for a good reason. Although they had little time to prepare, the result was satisfactory. The article they produced was undoubtedly better than the ones released by the w.a.n.g family's w.a.n.g Media and their subsidiary company, Tiansheng Media.

"The Film Emperor's Secret" was the t.i.tle of the article. It was simple but eye-catching. The subt.i.tle, "An exclusive interview with Film Emperor Qin on his mysterious family background," encouraged people to step in and take a look.

w.a.n.g Media and Tiansheng Media, on the other hand, wrote entertainment-oriented articles with vulgar t.i.tles about illegitimate children, the rich and powerful, social-climbing, and the like. Although plenty of people read their articles, most of their readers knew that what they were reading was gossip, and few believed in said gossip.

Plus, their reader count had dropped since Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran openly revealed their love to the public. Several readers were very displeased with the absurdity of the articles released by w.a.n.g Media and Tiansheng Media.

By contrast, the readers were much more inclined to read from Dragon's Emissary. The headline was plain and not at all sensational, but that only made the article seem more trustworthy. With the words "exclusive interview" in the subt.i.tle, the audience didn't have to think twice about which media to read from.

The three separate articles released by Dragon's Emissary, w.a.n.g Media, and Tiansheng Media all talked about the blood relation between Qin Jiran and the Qin family.

As an abandoned illegitimate son, Qin Jiran had to put in a lot of effort to attain the fame and success he now enjoyed. Dragon's Emissary emphasized this. Every single word in the article helped paint Qin Jiran as an outstanding man who was not only proud but also hardworking.

The interview section asked the man about his views on family. He responded without any hesitation.

"I am an orphan who was abandoned from an early age. Back then, I would wonder why I had no family, but as an adult, I no longer have the time to think about that. I just want to work hard for the life I have now. After I married Yanyi, I stopped thinking about my birth family, because I now have a family of my own. It doesn't matter why they abandoned me. I don't care, and I don't want to worry about it anymore."

"Rumors say that your father is a wealthy man. If this is true, what will you do?"

"Regardless of his ident.i.ty, he became a stranger from the moment he abandoned me. But if he was a beggar or someone who couldn't take care of himself, I wouldn't hesitate to lend him a hand. Otherwise, I hope that we do not disturb each other."

"Great Emperor Qin, isn't that too cruel? They are your parents, after all," the reporter asked according to the script.

"They are not qualified. If I had a child, I would never let them grow up in an orphanage—not unless I was dead." Ruthless? Heartless? Well, he'd never believed that the people who had abandoned him were qualified to call themselves his parents.

A video recording of the interview spread very quickly. Although not everyone was on his side, as some believed that he was being too heartless, the majority of people supported him.

Moreover, the public had always been partial to the side of the victim, so the orphan Qin Jiran was in an unshakable position.

Compared to the article from Dragon's Emissary, the other two articles from w.a.n.g Media and Tiansheng Media were exaggerated and dramatic. They talked about Qin Jiran's ascendancy as the illegitimate son of a prestigious family, as well as his marriage with Su Yanyi being due to his desire for revenge. Every sentence could lead to a myriad of other topics, but the public did not take the articles well. The two media companies were immediately condemned.

At this point, the ferocity of Qin Jiran's fanbase must be mentioned. When w.a.n.g Media and Tiansheng Media released their articles, his fans immediately launched a protest. From Qin Jiran's official website to w.a.n.g Media and Tiansheng Media's official websites, the protest raged.

At first, neither company paid attention to it. Fandom outrages in the entertainment industry were so common that the companies didn't even bother to respond. As a result, their websites were eventually hacked into.

【Slandering Great Emperor Qin? Kill!】A violent comment.

【Rotten company, rotten articles, rotten people!】An angry comment.

【Such impractical opinions, the media must take responsibility! 】A sensible comment.

【Return me my innocence!】A playful comment.

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were both keeping an eye on the situation and didn't know whether they should thank the fans for their support or get a headache from their obstinance.

"If I bully you in the future, will your fans also hack into Resplendent Entertainment's website?" she asked him seriously.

At the moment, both of them were in her office. Kang Zhong, Pan Yan, and Jiang Xiaobin were also inside bustling about. When they heard her question, strange expressions suddenly appeared on their faces.

Qin Jiran's expression was also a bit strange as he stared at Su Yanyi, caught between wanting to laugh and wanting to cry. He realized that the more he learned about her, the more often he encountered her unusual side.

Some of her thoughts were so unique that they left him completely at a loss.

"I won't tell them," he promised after a moment of contemplation. Although he knew that she was just teasing him, he responded with similar solemnity.

Su Yanyi took in his serious expression and raised an eyebrow. Then, she reached out and patted his head with the grace of a queen.

"Good1The word "乖" used here directly translates to "well-behaved," so imagine an adult patting a child and saying "good." It's that feel.."

Instantly, the three eavesdropping a.s.sistants burst into laughter.

Who would've expected the interactions between these two icebergs to be so cute and entertaining at the same time? As the a.s.sistants watched, they all felt that the two were very much in love.

VIN: As some of you might've noticed, SYY calls her mom "mom" and that might seem inconsistent with SYY's image, but that's how the author wrote it. "妈妈" is the word used, and it's a rather childish way of referring to one's mom. Saying it's equivalent to "mommy" in English wouldn't be wrong. Teenagers and young adults would often use a single "妈" (pinyin "ma") but change to "妈妈" if they're trying to sound sweet and cute to b.u.t.ter up their mom.

The implications of someone as cold as SYY regularly calling her mom "妈妈" is pretty sweet.

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