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Chapter 11 — Date

As Qin Jiran made his way out of her office, he was a little dazed. The words "treat you well" repeated itself continuously in his mind until he saw Kang Zhong again at the office doorway.

"This morning, did President Su suffer from some kind of shock?" Qin Jiran asked Kang Zhong apprehensively. Why else would she be acting so abnormally?

The corners of Kang Zhong's lips twitched as he stifled a smile. With feigned seriousness, he answered, "I'm not too sure either."

Su Yanyi was indeed acting abnormally, but when was this superior of his ever normal? If she was, then he wouldn't simultaneously revere and fear her as much as he did. The two men conversed about work again before Qin Jiran left carrying a giant question mark in his mind.

Back inside the office, Su Yanyi was also feeling a bit depressed. She'd bluntly expressed her goodwill to him, but why didn't he smile? Was she still not treating him well enough? Or was he just too stupid to realize her goodwill?

Conflicted, she started to grumble silently about the unhandiness of emotion-related affairs. The difficulty of the mission was too high, so she decided to ask for help.

"Lil' Zero, you tell me. What should I do?"

【 Master, I've never been in love before either, I don't know! 】

001 appeared, red-faced and helpless.

"Then what do you know?"

Seeing the slightly dark look on Su Yanyi's face, 001 thought hard to come up with a solution.

【 I know plenty. Master, you could try activating the Auxiliary a.s.sistance function and ask for help. It's very useful. 】

"Then let's activate it."

As soon as she finished speaking, a virtual screen manifested before her.

Activating AUXILIARY a.s.sISTANCE…

What does Host need a.s.sistance with?

"I need to know what I should do to make Qin Jiran genuinely smile!"

There are many methods, but not all are guaranteed to work. This inquiry belongs to the subjective will of humans, which is not and cannot be controlled by the System.

Do you wish to continue?

"Continue," Su Yanyi's tone was rather heavy. She was starting to suspect that the System was defective.

Take him on a date, wash his clothes for him, cook for him, clean up his room, personally do something for him, or do something romantic. Based on the System's a.n.a.lysis, the man is not unhappy about the things you did for him. Only, he finds it unrealistic and is not responding. As the saying goes, "sincerity can crack even metal and stone." If Host continues to treat him well, then there will definitely be good results.

Su Yanyi fell silent as she pondered over the System's response. When she tried to pick something to do, she helplessly realized that there was nothing she could do. Wash clothes, cook, and clean! Weren't these all for the servants to do? From when she was a child to now, she'd never done any of it before!

As for romantic things, she'd never thought about anything like that before!

What was a date like? Eating, shopping, and watching movies?

After a moment of contemplation, Su Yanyi decided to give it a try. Just because she didn't know how to do something didn't mean she couldn't learn. A date, was it? Eating a meal was no problem at all.

"Kang Zhong, go reserve a table at a restaurant and invite Qin Jiran to have lunch with me." She hung up immediately after but then picked up the phone again.

"The restaurant should have a romantic atmosphere. This is a date, understand?" Afraid that Kang Zhong wouldn't understand her meaning, she empathized the word "date" heavily.

"Understood!" This time, Kang Zhong really felt like he understood! At this point, he'd be an idiot if he still didn't understand. When he called Qin Jiran, Qin Jiran was in the middle of going over his scripts. Between the two scripts, he had to select one to film first, and he was in quite a dilemma about which one to pick.

"Brother Kang, do you need something?"

"President Su invited you to lunch, and she specifically told me to find a restaurant that has more of a romantic atmosphere," Kang Zhong stressed the word "romantic."

"Romantic? Are you sure you heard her right?" Qin Jiran felt that his auditory hallucinations seemed to be getting worse.

"President Su empathized that she wants to have a date with you. Do you have any good recommendations? I'll go make the reservation." Date… tut-tut, a couple that had been married three years already was going on a date? Although it was strange, it still inflicted an extent of envy.

As lunchtime approached, Qin Jiran's mood became more and more uneasy. From time to time, he would lift his head to look up at the ceiling. It was as though he was trying to see Su Yanyi through the layers upon layers of floors that laid below her office, at the very top.

Should he go pick her up? Or should he wait for her at the parking lot? Why did she invite him to lunch? What exactly did she mean by "date"? Why did she ask for a romantic restaurant? The myriad of questions whirling around in his mind made him dizzy.

Resplendent Entertainment was an integrated entertainment company. The building had a grand total of forty-five floors with an office division, an artist work division, and various other divisions. As the president, Su Yanyi occupied the company's highest floor and would rarely appear in other parts of the buildings.

Therefore, when she appeared in the artist work division, she attracted quite a bit of attention.

Since Qin Jiran recently became the new Film Emperor, his studio and lounge were naturally located in the best and most conspicuous part of the floor. Under the scrutinizing gazes of everyone else in the division, Su Yanyi calmly walked to Qin Jiran's studio and entered without even knocking on the door, leaving a fury of discussion in her wake.

Qin Jiran's studio was a suite. The outer section contained his office, and the inner section contained his lounge. Su Yanyi didn't see anyone in the office area, so she went straight to the lounge. Without any hesitation, she pushed open the door.

"Huh?" A sound of faint surprise escaped her lips. She instantly stopped in place and looked at the man standing before her.

The sound prompted Qin Jiran to hurriedly turn around, revealing a portion of his built upper body through the shirt that he had been in the middle of b.u.t.toning up. His bronze skin was worthy of coveting.

"Yanyi!" He exclaimed, extremely surprised. Then, he noticed her staring unabashedly at his half-exposed body. He abruptly spun around again.

"I'm changing. Can you go outside and wait until I'm done?" He asked uncomfortably.

Since it was still early, he'd intended to change his clothes first. Regardless of the reason why Su Yanyi invited him out for a meal, he thought that he should put on something more formal to wear. Except, who would've expected her to come to early and enter his lounge without even knocking first? That gaze of hers made him feel a tad bit uneasy.

"You can continue, I'll wait right here."

While her voice was normal, her actions were not. She stood there without any intention of moving, her gaze still fixated on his stiffening body.

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