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Chapter 10 — Treat You Well

When Qin Jiran arrived, Zang Zhong happened to be leaving Su Yanyi's office. He wasn't surprised to see Qin Jiran and immediately asked, "Mr. Qin, are you here to find me, or President Su? We're both free."

For some reason, Qin Jiran was feeling paranoid and thought that Kang Zhong was mocking him, but Qin Jiran never failed to present himself as an expressionless person, and this time was no exception. Very coolly, he asked, "I'm looking for President Su. Is she in?"

As always, the way he addressed Su Yanyi was clear-cut. Only under two circ.u.mstances would he call her by name: when they were alone, and when they were with the Su family.

Otherwise, he would refer to her as "President Su." Even though Kang Zhong was already aware of the two's relationship, since they were currently at the company, Qin Jiran made sure to maintain a certain distance from Su Yanyi.

"She is. Please come in," Zang Zhong laughed and made a "welcome in" gesture.

However, Qin Jiran stayed where he was and insisted, "Help me notify her first."

This wasn't his first time waiting outside Su Yanyi's office to see her, and he'd been turned away before. Although he wasn't sure why Kang Zhong was allowing him in so easily, he still made sure to be careful.

Kang Zhong had the intention to refuse, but after seeing how persistent Qin Jiran was being, he wordlessly re-entered the office and then quickly came out again.

"Mr. Qin, please go in."

Qin Jiran nodded and took two steps forward before stopping to say, "Brother Kang, you're my agent now. If you don't mind, you can just call me by my name."

The relationship between the two men had always been a distant one, but Kang Zhong was now Qin Jiran's agent, and Qin Jiran felt that the distance was a bit inappropriate. Moreover, he didn't know whether it was an illusion or not, but Kang Zhong's att.i.tude towards him seemed to have changed; it became a lot more respectful, for some reason.

"Yes. Jiran, please go in." Kang Zhong didn't reject and called him by name, but his att.i.tude was still just as respectful.

This was probably why Kang Zhong was able to become one of Su Yanyi's trusted subordinates. The man always knew his place.

Following that, Qin Jiran entered Su Yanyi's office. Her office was very s.p.a.cious, and the color scheme was a relatively bright one. The design was simple yet exquisite.

Su Yanyi's desk area was bathed in sunlight, which made it a bit hard for others to see her clearly. This, in turn, gave her a hazy and distant vibe. Qin Jiran pace slowed until he came to a stop about two meters away from her desk.

Unlike before, she didn't continue looking at her doc.u.ments. This time, she raised her head and made a gesture with her hand, indicating for him to take a seat. Qin Jiran was slightly shocked by the treatment, but he still managed to sit down steadily. Then, he fell into a captivated trance as he stared at her. For a while, he forgot what he was going to say.

She found it a little strange and uncomfortable, so she coughed lightly and asked, "Is there something you need?"

This man came looking for her, but he wasn't saying anything. Maybe it was a difficult topic to talk about?

Qin Jiran snapped out of his reverie.

"These scripts are both very good. If possible, I'd like to take up both of them," he said with a cough. The script he had been considering before completely paled in comparison to the two scripts Su Yanyi had found for him. It was hard to choose between the two scripts, so he thought that it'd be great if he could do both.

"If you want both, then you can have both. Which one would you like to shoot first? Any specific requests for the director, producer, and cast? Would you rather make the arrangements yourself, or do you want me to do it?"

Her expression appeared normal, but on the inside, she couldn't help but murmur: Since you like the scripts, why don't you give me a genuine smile in return?

It made her feel more or less disappointed.

Could it be that the scripts weren't enough? Then what else should she gift? A slight headache came over her as she pondered over the difficulty of making someone smile—especially when that someone was a man like Qin Jiran.

Before attempting again, would it be better to figure out a way to cure his facial paralysis first?

Meanwhile, her words had caused him to stare at her blankly. Requests for the director, producer, and cast? Did that mean…

"The crew hasn't been established yet? Nothing? I'm the only actor so far?" He asked with uncertainty. Normally, the director would already be confirmed. Otherwise, where did the scripts come from?

Su Yanyi glanced at him and asked, quite seriously, "If you find it troublesome, then I'll have some people handle the rest. If you're interested in doing it yourself, then you can go ahead and make the preparations. Kang Zhong's available if you need anything. You can come to me, too. Also, acting isn't a long-term thing, so have you ever thought about expanding to other fields?"

She spoke with absolute sincerity, expressing both her support and her willingness to give him s.p.a.ce and freedom. Qin Jiran looked at her strangely.

Why was she treating him so well? First, she personally picked out two scripts for him, and now this. He couldn't even find it in himself to feel touched by the sudden change, and instead, he felt skeptical.

"Why are you doing this?" He believed that his nights would become sleepless if he didn't get the answer.

"Why am I doing what?" Su Yanyi asked confusedly as if she didn't know what he meant. And she really didn't. Did she need a reason to treat him well? She knew he was good to her, so naturally, she would be good back!

"Why did you pick the scripts for me? And why are you being so supportive of my career? You weren't like this before, so it feels very strange." Qin Jiran felt that he shouldn't have asked, but keeping silent would've suffocated him.

Over the past three years, her coldness and indifference had really left a deep impression on him. Just thinking about it made him shudder. In seemingly just one night, they suddenly went from the depressing stage of divorce to this.

He found it hard to accept.

His inability to accept it was due to him not believing that Su Yanyi would treat him well. He was afraid he would find out that it all just a wishful dream. If he fell for it and later learned that the truth wasn't so, he would feel devastated. After all, the one thing that was more despairing than not being able to obtain something was obtaining it and then losing it.

"The past is the past. No matter what happened back then, a person should always look back and reflect. Jiran, from now on, I'll treat you well." This time, she understood his meaning, but she didn't want to make excuses for her past self. What she cared about were the present and the future, and she planned on treating him well in both.

When Qin Jiran heard her words, he instantly became dumbfounded as he stared at her in disbelief.

He thought that his auditory hallucinations must be getting worse…

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