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 chapter 11:-Auntie is punished

“You shut up, you are a bad slave.You still want make false charges now.
Do you think the general and the lady will believe in you? You obviously want to blame me to pull a companion before your death? How  did I not see before that you so sinister? “Lian JinRong stepped forward and reached out to pull Zhang’s hair. “You are an old hag .It is your own thing. why do you want to pull me in?”

An Qingran seeing the good show in front of her sighed in her heart.All the characteristics of An Zhenran are inherited from her mother.Now look at it as a bystander.She thinks that all the previous ones are because they own mind is too dull.

An Zhongtao saw everything in front him and said in the cold voice: “You stop, let her say!”

when Lian JinRong heard him talk  no way but have to retreat on side.Her face had a ugly expression .” Generals ,you can’t listen to this old slave.If concubine have those  heart let heaven and earth be conscious.Sister ,you can’t believe her.she wants to destroy our sisters relationship before dying.Sister ”

“You shut up!” An Zhongtao was yelled at her and pointed to Zhang momo. “You say, what happened?”

Zhang Momo cried and said: “All this is  are the second wife instruction.we are slaves what can do. Old slave is not lying, not half-word lie ……”

Lian JinRong seeing all this she didn’t speak. She just stood beside the general and looked at him with tears. Upon seeing this An Zhongtao face look ashen: “Well, put this old slave down, first hit the 20 boards and close it!”

when Zhang momo listened to these words she had a hope of living.she was busy kneeling on the ground and thanking incessantly.After being dragged down by people .she still shouting master to sky .

Finally it quiet down,The room was so quiet that we can hear people’s breathing.Especially An Zhongtao’s gasp was very heavy and Lian JinYu’s face also not looking good.The only person  in this room to laugh is An Qingran.

She is waiting for her father’s decision.

Lian JinRong seeing this, she carefully step forward and her eyes are full of grievance.

“General, concubine do not do such a thing.I can’t able to argue for self-defense.But also ask the generals see the truth behind ……”

“How can she point you out and the sentences were are all traceable. The tea on the clothes is not you splash?” An Zhongtao said sharply .

“Yes, Concubine don’t want to distinguish for myself now…”. Even the eyes of Lian JinRong are helpless and pitiful. That way, if someone who doesn’t know her saw may really feels that she is wronged.

An Qingran  secretly nodded and start to talk:”I don’t think that it is aunt did!”.

When she say such a thing Lian Jin Yu is not surprised.Because she thought this child always had a good relationship with her aunt.

An Zhongtao sneered and said: “Child, what do you know…”

“Dad, of course I know that my aunt just didn’t let the Zhang momo talk. She was very prescient.Because she knows that Zhang momo will not say anything good so she try to stop her from talking…”

An Qingran did like hiding a needle in cotton.

“Yeah, that Zhang momo hasn’t talked yet but you block her.This is not your guilty conscience or what else?” An Zhongtao angered.

Lian JinRong’s eyes had tears and shaking her head: “Now even ten thousand concubines mouths try to explain also you did not understand.since the generals decided that this matter related to the concubine then I have nothing to say ……”

After said she start to wipe her tears with sleeves and in between sleeves sending daggers to the An Qingran with eyes:This evening this little girl is not fine right?

Without her at-most she would able to return without any success in today’s evening.But now the result is not good.Every word of her seems to be biased towards her .In in end she was made in to a very difficult situation.She don’t even had a time to lie.

“Don’t think if you didn’t say anything then this matter will be over….
Today we have big festival and i don't argue with it. wait until i find your evidence! Come, let the second lady ban for a month. without my order no one should let her out! “An Zhongtao ordered coldly.

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