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“Ding Sheng, listen to me, Ivanov has his informer inside the police department. Even if you keep it secret, it will inevitably leak out. That’s why you can’t catch Ivanov this whole time. Unfortunately, I don’t know who is the undercover, but now I can help you catch Ivanov.”

“Ivanov’s munition deal is actually a core technology of weapons of ma.s.s destruction, worth a billion dollars. If it flows into the hands of criminals, it will have unimaginable consequences. It must be stopped before Ivanov makes it.”

“Tell me how I can help you.”

“Uncle An, you just need to pay attention to Ivanov’s actions. The biggest problem we have now is that Ivanov always gets the news before we act and will run away.”

“I know what to do. Don’t worry, Ding Sheng. I’ll be fine.”

Thoughts came back from the conversation with Ding Sheng this morning. Chen An sat in the recliner and drank fruit juice while watching the blonde man swimming in the swimming pool like a mermaid. His broad shoulders sometimes showed strong and beautiful muscles when he caught some air out of the water, and his wet blonde hair was particularly beautiful in the sunshine.

In Singapore, there were not only international police hiding in the shadows, but also compet.i.tors like Lu Feng. Faced with a billion-dollar order, n.o.body minded jumping out and grabbing Ivanov’s fresh meat from his mouth.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Ivanov, so Ivanov wouldn’t be on the weapons trading scene in person, because that was too risky, which was probably what most people would think.

But often, the most dangerous place was the safest place. What made Chen An think of this was what Ivanov said to him that night: No one could kill you while I was around.

This reminded Chen An that since Ivanov had the confidence to protect him, it would only be natural that he had the confidence to protect the core technology of weapons.

Apart from Ivanov’s words, which convinced him that the real trading item was right next to Ivanov, it was the microphone he put on Yuri last night.

“Ding Dong-”

The mobile phone rang, Chen An picked up the mobile phone and looked at the incoming information. It was Chen Yang who sent it. There was only a simple sentence: Uncle, laundry is done at home.

At the other end of the cell phone, the hotel attendant stuffed the cell phone back into his pocket after sending out the information. It was not only Ding Sheng who pretended to be a waiter. Chen Yang, who came to the hotel to work a week ago, took the dirty clothes he had received from his guest room into the laundry room. Before that, he secretly removed the eavesdropper Chen An hid in Yuri’s collar last night.

As if nothing had happened, Chen Yang turned around and left after putting his clothes in the laundry.

Yuri might check the laundry thoroughly when he received it, but not when he delivered it, to see if there was anything more.

After getting the desired information, it was a risky move to let the eavesdropper put on the target. Chen An did not want to ruin the whole plan due to a bold move. There was a better way to remove the eavesdropper from Yuri.

It would be enough if two tourists to Singapore “accidentally” spilled juice on Yuri next to him because of their quarrel in the morning.

As for the candidates, Liu Xiaojie, who was used to get over-exited and had a little acting nature, would have an excellent performance. w.a.n.g Hao, who had been addicted to drugs since returning from Ukraine, could also be easily controlled as a puppet.

Chen Yang, who left the laundry room, arrived at the entrance of the hotel. He would take two hotel guests to the airport today.

Starting the car, Chen Yang looked through the rearview mirror at w.a.n.g Hao and Liu Xiaojie, who were sitting behind them, and raised his thin lips slightly upward: “Well done.”

“My, my things...” w.a.n.g Hao’s eyes were filled with anxiety and urgency.

“When I get back home, I’ll have people bring you things.” Chen Yang suddenly dropped his voice, and a light of killing flashed in his eyes. “But if you let anything leaked, you know what’s to become of you.”

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