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Tim Burton adjusted his gla.s.ses with a smile. 

"I know. You are an award-winning actor after all. We should believe in each other."

Actually, the old man was holding a grudge against Qin Guan for replacing Johnny Depp.

If the budget was reasonable, the overall plan of the film was up to the director. That was the most vital reason for a director to find a producer easily. A good director was very beneficial to the film's box office.

After an initial struggle, the producer had stopped resisting. As Warner Bros had expected, Brad Pitt didn't show up. Jennifer Aniston was the only one on the site, which proved that their marriage was indeed going through a crisis. The actress looked very lonely.

The crew was too busy to pay attention to the woman's presence though. When the child actors arrived happily, the a.s.sistants led them to the makeup room. Jennifer was looking at the familiar studio with blank eyes. She suddenly noticed that there was a cup of juice in her hand. Qu Xuemei had brought it.

"It's perfect for the summer. One should do the right thing at the right time. There are so many things to do in the world after all..."

The juice was just an excuse for them to meet. Jennifer, who was a wise, independent woman, smiled at Qu. She knew that she was trying to comfort her.

"Thank you."

Some people only needed two words, while others required extensive persuasion.

Qin Guan walked out in his costume, mentally complaining about the aesthetics of the film. Maybe this was in the original script or in the absurd imagination of the director and the prop team.

He was wearing a bright red formal suit and a tall hat. His loose cloak floated when he walked, but his red leather pants felt tight on his legs.

The supporting characters looked normal compared to him. The world had been a very strange place before the European Industrial Revolution. 

The five children did not look nervous when they saw Qin Guan. Their guardians and agents had warned them before they had come to the studio.

"You'll see Qin Guan there. w.i.l.l.y Wonka and Charlie are the main characters of the film. The most important thing for a child actor though is to build up their acting skills!"

Many child actors lost their way as they grew up, but they still had an advantage over other actors. As long as they shook off the influence of their childhood, their unconscious experience could become the key to their success.

All grown-up child actors were good at acting, as they had gained endless advice from the various stars they had cooperated with.

As a result, when the five children came to the site, they were in awe of Qin Guan. Their adoration vanished as soon as Qin Guan appeared though. Was he the man who had conquered half of Europe?

Qin Guan's face was pale with makeup, so he looked both funny and scary. The children relaxed as they got closer to the actor.

Tim nodded when he saw Qin Guan's costume. He was very satisfied with the international designer.

The chocolate factory was ready for Qin Guan's first scene.

"Here comes the mysterious owner of the factory. Three, two, one… Action!"

The chocolate factory opened its gates to everyone. Large colorful lollipops were hanging around the operating room. The mysterious w.i.l.l.y Wonka was sitting among them as different colors twisted before the camera. The candy-like props smelled as sweet as real candy.

The man's face was shielded, but his beautiful eyes twinkled behind his transparent gla.s.ses.

Charlie's grandpa was played by David Kelly, who was a stage comedian. Tim Burton had chosen him for his typical face and powerful muscles.

"We are running out of chocolate birds, sir!" Grandpa Joe shouted at Qin Guan.

Qin Guan looked at him through all the candy. His eyes were as soft as lavender mousse and as clear as California frosting.

He handed Grandpa Joe a small egg. "Running out of birds? Just breed one."

Grandpa Joe calmly put the egg in his mouth. When he opened his mouth again, everyone saw a chocolate bird fly out of the eggsh.e.l.ls.

Of course, the scene would be edited during post-production. The actors just pretended that this had happened.

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