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429. Dismissing the Imperial Concubines

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

“Once and for all?” Liu Suifeng was taken aback. “How?”

Long Xiaoyuan smiled faintly. “Do you want to know?”

Liu Suifeng rolled his eyes. “No. You don’t have to tell me.”

Long Xiaoyuan pursed his lips. “Well, since you don’t really want to know, I won’t say anything.”

Liu Suifeng also pursed his lips and looked at Shi Qingzhou.

However, Shi Qingzhou did not say anything.

Therefore, Liu Suifeng did not want to bother them and took his leave.

After he left, Long Xiaoyuan held Shi Qingzhou’s hand.

Shi Qingzhou turned to look at him.

Long Xiaoyuan said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Even though I really want to continue where we have left, we need to go see Huan Huan, who might have woken up.”

Shi Qingzhou didn’t object, nodding. “Okay.”

The two of them went to Long Huan.

The little chap had just woken up and was very happy to see Long Xiaoyuan. “Father, Mother.”

Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou both nodded, “Are you awake?”

The little chap nodded immediately.

“How do you feel?” asked Long Xiaoyuan.

The child carefully felt himself and said pitifully. “I’m not feeling well.”

“Where?” asked Long Xiaoyuan.

The little guy pursed his lips. “I don’t know. I just feel uncomfortable.”

Long Xiaoyuan touched the child’s head. “You’re sick and under treatment, and that’s why you feel uncomfortable.”

“Oh,” the child nodded sullenly. “Father, when can I get well?”

“Well, Doctor Liu says it will take a few days.”

The child nodded and said, “Father, I’m hungry. Can I eat?”

“Of course. I’ll have the meal sent over.”

“Okay.” The child nodded obediently.

Long Xiaoyuan watched the child eat half a bowl of porridge.

He even ate a snack.

It was enough for a two-year-old child.

Long Xiaoyuan wiped the corner of the child’s mouth after he was through. “Are you full?”

The child nodded. “Yes, I’m full.”

Long Xiaoyuan kissed the child’s forehead. “We’re going back. You have to rest well, okay? If you feel uncomfortable, you must tell me.”

“Okay.” the child nodded obediently.

Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou left.

It took the child ten days to recover from the injury.

It was not easy to cure the internal injuries caused by poison, so it took so long.

Something big happened these days. The Emperor dismissed all the imperial concubines.

All the concubines, regardless of their will, were expelled from the palace!

Some minister tried to dissuade him, but Long Xiaoyuan said, “The crown prince was poisoned by a concubine, and you intercede for them. In this case, it is likely that you are their accomplices.”

“You should be arrested.”

When two ministers were captured and thrown into the prison, all the other ministers dropped the idea.

Some ministers didn’t venture to dissuade him in the beginning, as they knew how to play safe.

Just like that, Long Xiaoyuan dismissed all the imperial concubines.

In addition, he dismissed a large number of palace servants as well.

After all, there were not many people left in the palace now, so Long Xiaoyuan thought it unnecessary to keep too many servants.

It was better to dismiss on a large scale the people that he suspected instead of giving chances to those who liked to sneak in the palace.

He could have a peaceful life without them.

With this in mind, Long Xiaoyuan dismissed all the palace servants with problems.

Liu Suifeng came and couldn’t help but say, “It’s empty.”

Shi Qingzhou echoed, “Yes.”

Only Long Xiaoyuan was delighted. “What’s wrong with that? There’s no need to have so many people wander around in front of us. It’s annoying.”

Liu Suifeng couldn’t help looking at Shi Qingzhou. “Is it your idea or his?”

Shi Qingzhou said lightly. “What do you think?”

“Anyway, he will do whatever you say,” Liu Suifeng said. He thought about it and said, “But it seems like his idea. Look how happy he is. He is afraid that others don’t know about it.”

Long Xiaoyuan rolled his eyes. “It’s good that you know. I’m really happy. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Liu Suifeng immediately took a step back.

Ouyang Chuan came over from outside at this moment.

Long Xiaoyuan immediately said. “Ouyang Chuan, it’s good to have you here.”

Ouyang Chuan raised his eyebrows. “What do you want?”

Long Xiaoyuan said. “Take your friend out for a walk.”

Ouyang Chuan paused. “For a walk?”

Shi Qingzhou coughed and looked at Long Xiaoyuan. “What are you talking about?”

Long Xiaoyuan blinked innocently. “No, I didn’t say anything.”

Shi Qingzhou rolled his eyes. “Tell them what you want.”

“Alright,” Long Xiaoyuan said immediately, “The Shadow Guardians find that a few people that we dismissed from the palace are suspicious, but it is not certain if there are any problems, so please go and see.”

Liu Suifeng nodded. “Alright. We’ll go and take a look.”

After Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan left, Long Xiaoyuan pulled Shi Qingzhou to him.

Shi Qingzhou glanced at him. “What do you want?”

“Now the war in Northern Barbarians is in full swing, and Fang Shuoyang is progressing well. We can relax a little.”

Shi Qingzhou paused. “So?”

Long Xiaoyuan blinked. “We haven’t gone out for so long. Don’t you feel bored?”

Shi Qingzhou paused again.

Long Xiaoyuan took his hand and swung it. “Let’s go out.”

Shi Qingzhou couldn’t help sighing. Why was he like a child?

In the end, Shi Qingzhou agreed.

The couple packed and changed their clothes, leaving with a few Shadow Guardians.

After Tianji Sect was taken over, Long Xiaoyuan clearly felt that the whole Imperial City was under his control.

For instance, things big or small in the Imperial City.

For instance, big things that happened underground.

The whole world, including officials, businessmen, landowners, and the intelligence agents was in the charge of him. He was powerful as if he had invisible eyes watching over them.

Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou went out of the palace. Long Xiaoyuan strolled through the streets in the Imperial City and felt that it had changed a lot.

Most importantly, they heard people talking about him along the way.

It was about dismissing the imperial concubines.

Some praised him and some showed their contempt.

Long Xiaoyuan just took it as a joke.

Shi Qingzhou looked at him. “The folks are talking about your big move.”

Long Xiaoyuan nodded with a smile. “Yeah.”

Shi Qingzhou paused and said slowly. “Do you regret it?”

Long Xiaoyuan looked at him in surprise. “What are you talking about?”

Shi Qingzhou smiled. “Nothing.”

Long Xiaoyuan held his hand. “Don’t think too much about it.”

Shi Qingzhou shook his head. “No, I’m not.”

Long Xiaoyuan snorted, “Good.”

Shi Qingzhou gave a faint smile.

Suddenly, they heard a commotion.

Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou looked at the direction of the noise and squinted.

It was an official’s mansion. Was it on fire?

Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou exchanged glances and rushed over.

Looking at the direction, Shi Qingzhou said, “It seems to be…”

“What?” Long Xiaoyuan didn’t hear him clearly, quickly looking over.

Shi Qingzhou shook his head. “Let’s go there first.”

When Long Xiaoyuan heard this, he stopped asking and rushed over.

When they arrived, they found out that the house belonged to Wu Qinghai, who was in the prison. It was in his house that they found out that he had colluded with people from Northern Barbarians.

The source of the black insect was figured out here.

After that, Wu Qinghai was put in jail, and the people involved were imprisoned or exiled. There should be no one in the house. What was going on now?

The two of them got there and found that Liu Suifeng was there too!

“What’s going on?” Long Xiaoyuan and Shi Qingzhou immediately walked over.

Liu Suifeng said, “Two of the eunuchs that you asked us to monitor came here. We planned to come here and see what they were up to, but we didn’t expect the two eunuchs to be so clever. They found that they were being followed, and they set fire on the house. The Shadow Guardians had gone to chase them. Ouyang and I come here to see if there is any secret in the house.”

Long Xiaoyuan nodded, “Have you found out anything?”

“I’m just about to go in. Isn’t the fire too big here? I’m waiting for it to be put out. Why are you here?”

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