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381. One Puzzled and the Other Angry (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

In the dead of night four days later, Shi Qingzhou and the others secretly arrived in the military camp of the Eastern Darkness.

Fang Shuoyang and Zhou Suye met General Song of the Eastern Darkness.

At this time, Long Xiaoyuan was sleeping soundly.

The next day, when Long Xiaoyuan woke up, a Shadow Guardian told him that General Qin Yuechun had been waiting for him.

Long Xiaoyuan yawned. “Let him in.”

Qin Yuechun quickly entered the room.

“Your Majesty, good morning. I wish you…”

“Enough.” Long Xiaoyuan interrupted him impatiently. “Get up. We are not in the imperial palace. There is no need for etiquette.”

“Yes.” Qin Yuechun hastily replied as he got up.

“What have you come here for?” asked Long Xiaoyuan.

Qin Yuechun hurriedly answered, “Your Majesty, the Empress sent us a message.”

“Really?” Long Xiaoyuan was startled, hastily saying, “Let me take a look.”

“Yes.” Qin Yuechun handed a note to Long Xiaoyuan.

Long Xiaoyuan stroked his chin after reading it. “General Qin, what do you think about this plan?”

Qin Yuechun said, “I think it is feasible, but it is not easy to cooperate with them.”

“That’s fine, there’s always a way. However… Since Qingzhou is coming over, we might be able to make some changes according to the situation in the Eastern Darkness.”

“Your Majesty, what changes have you in mind?” Qin Yuechun immediately asked.

Long Xiaoyuan took a meaningful glance at him. “General Qin, if I need to think about everything, why do I need you as my general? Are you only an ornament? ”

Shuddering, Qin Yuechun quickly said, “I’m being foolish.”

“I’m joking. Don’t take it seriously. However, it is always good to use your head. General Qin, do you agree?”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Qin Yuechun echoed hurriedly.

Long Xiaoyuan said lightly, “Alright. General Qin, go and think about how to cooperate with the Empress.”

“I got it. I’ll be off.”

After Qin Yuechun went out, Long Xiaoyuan yawned lazily again, thinking how to “welcome” Qingzhou.

Fang Shuoyang was at the border, and it did not make much of a difference if Shi Qingzhou was with him or not. Although it was best to have a person in charge there, Fang Shuoyang should be toughened by the circ.u.mstances.

What to do? Long Xiaoyuan blinked and decided to think of a way by himself.

Qin Yuechun had stayed at the border for too long, and he had no problem with the battlefield, but when it came to schemes and intrigues, Long Xiaoyuan had to do it himself…Long Xiaoyuan pursed his lips slightly and decided to wash his face with cold water first.

After he washed his face, Long Xiaoyuan asked a Shadow Guardian to bring him breakfast, and then he started to eat leisurely.

After breakfast, Long Xiaoyuan walked out of the room.

He asked about Liu Suifeng and Ouyang Chuan. Ouyang Chuan was in the military camp and Liu Suifeng was in the room, making poison instead of sleeping.

Shadow Guardian didn’t know what Liu Suifeng was doing, but he said that Liu Suifeng had given an order that no one was to disturb him.

Therefore, Long Xiaoyuan dropped the idea of calling Liu Suifeng to come.

He thought for a while and went out of the mansion.

Wandering on the street, Long Xiaoyuan decided to buy some ‘props’ that he might need.

Long Xiaoyuan wanted to get some limestone powder.

Although it did not have a quick effect as poison, it was a good thing when he did not reveal his ident.i.ty.

In particular, the limestone powder can be added with some ‘ingredients’.

Long Xiaoyuan wanted to make some tools.

If he succeeded, they could use them in the night attack.

The Shadow Guardian turned into a guard and followed Long Xiaoyuan, paying for whatever Long Xiaoyuan bought.

When Long Xiaoyuan went back to the mansion, the Shadow Guardian was carrying a lot of things in his hands.

Liu Suifeng was about to go out at this time. When he saw Long Xiaoyuan and Shadow Guardian enter with bags, he was shocked. “What are you doing? Why did you buy so many things?”

Long Xiaoyuan pouted and said, “Of course things that I need. I was thinking of going to you, but I heard that you didn’t allow anyone to disturb you. What were you doing?”

“The thing you asked me to do.” Liu Suifeng answered.

Long Xiaoyuan instantly understood and quickly asked, “Really? How is the progress? By the way, I’ve bought a lot of good things, of which you can make something.”

Liu Suifeng was doubtful and curious. He looked at what the Shadow Guardian was carrying in the hands,” Do you mean these things? ”

“Yes,” Long Xiaoyuan nodded, “they’re good things!”

Liu Suifeng raised his eyebrows. “Really? Let’s go take a look. Tell me what you’re going to do with them.”

“Okay, let’s go now. By the way, where are you going?”

“I was going to Ouyang, but I’m not in a hurry.” Liu Suifeng said.

“Alright, let’s deal with these good things first.” Long Xiaoyuan couldn’t wait.

Liu Suifeng followed him.

Once they entered the room, the Shadow Guardian put all the things down and Long Xiaoyuan asked him to leave.

Seeing that Long Xiaoyuan was being mysterious, Liu Suifeng couldn’t help but ask, “What are these things?”

“You’ll know when you see them.”

When he unwrapped the packaging, Liu Suifeng saw what they were, but he was disappointed.

“These are not good things. What do you want to make?”

Long Xiaoyuan smiled and said, “How can you say they are not good things? These are obviously good things!”

Liu Suifeng looked up at him.

“Where do you want to use these things?”

Long Xiaoyuan looked at him as if he was looked at an idiot. “Why do you ask? Of course, I will use them on the enemy! Do you think I will use them on ourselves?”

Liu Suifeng was lost for words.

Long Xiaoyuan waved his hand. “Alright, stop talking nonsense. Hurry up.”

Liu Suifeng took a deep look at Long Xiaoyuan, and then worked under his instructions…

The two of them had been busy for most of the day, but the results were satisfactory.

After more than half a day, Liu Suifeng had put the good things that Long Xiaoyuan had bought into the devices that Liu Suifeng made according to Long Xiaoyuan’s requirements.

In addition, Long Xiaoyuan equipped himself with more gadgets to protect himself.

“How do you plan to use these tools?”

Long Xiaoyuan smiled. “Let’s wait and see.”

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