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"What should we do, Chief?"

"What do you think can I do? The only thing we can do is not to waste any more time. Urge our people to work harder on medicine collection. If the situation lasts till after this year, we will totally lose hope." Song Wuyang sighed. "It is late autumn now. No matter what, we have to find at least one Regeneration Ink Lotus before the snow covers the mountains, or a Heaven Scent Flower. Either of these… can bring us to a better situation."

"Chief, what do you say if we send Song Jue out to do collection too…" It was a middle-aged man who had mouse whiskers on his mouth. He was trying to probe about what the chief had in mind. As he spoke, he squinted at the chief's face.

"Song Jue…" Song Wuyang frowned and sighed. He shook his head and said, "Forget it. Who can command that man, though? I am already satisfied that he doesn't make any more troubles for the clan. We don't have much time now. I can't risk it…"

He seemed quite upset about it. Song Jue truly didn't have a good temper in the clan. It had been less than a year since he had returned to the clan, yet he had already brought lots of troubles in the house.

When Song Jue was told that his older brother got rejected and his nephew became a useless man, he nearly burned the entire house because of fury.

Luckily, the gramps of the clan solved the problem. Otherwise, Song Clan's house might have already become a ruin… Song Jue had truly spilled lots of fuels around the house.

n.o.body really liked Song Jue. He was such a troublemaker… n.o.body knew what to do about him.

They would all sigh and think, [Why can't you just stay in the lower world? You can be king down there. You can do whatever you want. Why do you have to come back? Don't you know that n.o.body likes you here in the clan…]

In fact, not all of them disliked Song Jue.

Song Jue's elder brother, Song Sheng, who used to be the one who should become chief, was definitely supporting Song Jue. Song Jue made a mistake in the old days and he did make a big trouble for the clan. Song Sheng got involved so he lost the inheritance.

Song Sheng was innocent. That was true.

People in Song Clan had divided into two groups because of what Song Jue did. They were hostile to each other.

Song Jue made a mistake. That was true. However, they could just punish Song Jue. Yet they deprived Song Sheng's right to inherit the clan.

Song Xuan used to be a young talented cultivator in the clan. Now he suddenly became a useless man. There was no evidence, but people knew who did this to Song Xuan. That sharpened the discord between the two groups. Somebody destroyed a young man who could have brought a better future to the clan just for power?

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