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Xuan Bing was confused. She looked at Ye Xiao. "I have to suspect that you are bewitched. Why do you speak in defense of him? You have just come to this world. Even if you met him the first day you came, it has been no more than half a year. How could you become his sworn brother? Did he use some psychic technique or some special magic to control your mind? I have to figure it out!"

Then she prepared to get to Han Bingxue again.

Ye Xiao hurriedly stopped her again. He said, "Miss Xuan, please. I know you are nice to me. But… we are fine! When you spend a full life with someone, he may still be a stranger to you, but sometimes, when you see somebody for the first sight, you may become best friends! That's us. We are brothers! We are enduring brothers! It's true!"

Xuan Bing was surprised. "Enduring? Are you sure? Just think deeper about it. What if he wants to do something to hurt you and I am not by your side? Think about it. You are too weak to fight against him. He can easily make you beg for death."

Ye Xiao was anxious. He started to sweat. "I just love to depend on it, alright? I swear with my life! Han Bingxue will never hurt me!"

"Humph." Xuan Bing humphed and then stopped the murderous qi. She blandly said, "Fine. There is still a long time before I left. We will stay on the same way after all. Let's see what Han Bingxue truly wants from you!"

Ye Xiao held his forehead and felt speechless.

Han Bingxue looked back at them from far away. He seemed a bit excited.

He didn't know that he almost died in Xuan Bing's hand. It was so close that he got wronged.

He had no idea how easy it could be to get himself killed instantly…

If Xuan Bing did attack him, she wouldn't even let go of his soul. If she killed him, she would destroy his soul too! He would be thoroughly dead!

"There is a small town over there. We can have some food and rest for some time," Han Bingxue shouted excitedly. He knew nothing.

Ye Xiao looked at him embarra.s.sedly.

[Brother, you have no idea how I have saved your life again…]

"Kid, you are new to this world. You lack of experience. You barely know enough of many things in this place. Just be careful. It is difficult to draw a person's skeleton. So is to know a man's heart. It is a good saying that men become friends for the first sight. It mostly happens in dramas. There is no such thing in this realm."

Xuan Bing blandly said, "You are a talented man. You are unique in this realm. I don't want to let you die here…"

"The first thing you have to know is that this world is totally different from where you come from." She kept speaking to him while they were walking.

Ye Xiao kept saying yes. He didn't know what else to say anymore.

[This woman is too self-righteous. The most annoying thing is that she keeps teaching me like I need it…]

He was confused too. [Why would Xuan Bing care for me? She seems sincere!]

[Great Elder Xuan Bing… She is a great figure in the world who would kill until the sky turned red.]

[I never heard that she actually cares for anybody.]

She said she didn't want a talented man to die in this world. Ye Xiao wouldn't believe it.

That was totally a lie.

Was a talented cultivator special in Qing-Yun Realm?

Not at all.

There were lots of super talented cultivators, geniuses, and peerless talented men!

Everyday, in every hour, lots of talented men die in this realm. They all became rotten bones. However, n.o.body had ever heard Elder Xuan Bing would save any of them…

[Why is she so nice and caring to me?]

He couldn't understand it. Why would such a thing happen to him?

It was a long way ahead of them. He figured he should say something instead of keeping the awkward silence.

He just couldn't keep the presumably second most powerful cultivator of the realm talking…

What if it p.i.s.sed her as she didn't get any sincere response and casually killed him by waving her hands.

But what could he say?

He thought for a long time and then got enlightened.

He finally thought of something that might explain why Xuan Bing knew him so well!

"Great Elder X…" As he just started to talk, Xuan Bing glared at him. He hurriedly changed it. "… Miss Xuan… Ahem… There is something I didn't tell you. Elder… Miss Xuan, you are from Misty Cloud Palace. In fact, I am friend to your sect…"

Ye Xiao smiled.

"Oh? You and our sect?" Xuan Bing was curious. She looked at him and said, "How come?"

"Hmm… There is a girl in Misty Cloud Palace. Hmm. I have to admit, all the ladies in your sect are beautiful and gentle, who are hospitable…" Ye Xiao smiled.

Xuan Bing's face turned dark immediately as he said so.


[A girl? Beautiful? Gentle? Hospitable?]

She suddenly wanted to put him down on the ground and beat him hard!

[You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you talk about other girls in front of me… Bodacious…]

[And you actually talk with all those compliments…]

[Humph! Which girl?]

Xuan Bing gritted her teeth and spoke with anger, "Oh? So there are lots of beautiful girls in our sect… Who is this special one?"

Ye Xiao was just a rookie in the aspect of love affairs, so he didn't realize anything wrong about this conversation. He said, "Hmm. Yes. There are two girls who are my friends in your sect. They both are beautiful. We actually did have some stories back in the old days…"

[Two girls?]

[Two girls now?]

[And… you have some stories?]

[b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You said one girl, and now it became two… Who knows if there are three or four…]

Xuan Bing gritted her teeth and spoke like she was smiling, "Oh? That means you are popular to girls, right? What a good fortune in love affairs. Hehehehe…"

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