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"Kiddo, you must be young, right?"

While they were on the road, Xuan Bing looked at the rocks on the road and asked Ye Xiao.

"Hmm. I am." Ye Xiao touched his face. [Come on. Look at my face. Everybody can see I am young.]

He didn't mind that Xuan Bing called him kiddo. He was in a body that was only eighteen years old. In fact, even in his previous life, Xiao Monarch was just an older kiddo for Xuan Bing!

"Nineteen? Eighteen?" Xuan Bing asked.

Ye Xiao felt it so weird that she kept asking such simple questions. He touched his nose and said, "Hmm. Eighteen."

"But you look no older than seventeen. Why do you pretend to be older? You think that would make you look mature? Look. You are just a kid!" Xuan Bing wrinkled her pretty nose and said behind the silk mask.

"Urh…" Ye Xiao was speechless again.

[She is right. I am seventeen.]

[But… seventeen or eighteen… So what? What is her point?]

[You are the powerful Lady Devil in the realm… Do you have to stick to such a question?]

[And by the way… Why do I have to be a kid? What part do I look like a kid?]

[Why are you so sure I am a kid?]

"Kiddo, it hasn't been long since you came to this world, right?" Xuan Bing asked.

"It has been quite some days now. Almost one year…" Ye Xiao cautiously answered.

"Why are you full of lies in your mouth? Kid! It has been about half a year!" Xuan Bing spoke for certain.

Ye Xiao was totally lost.

[Holy heavens. What's wrong with this woman? What is wrong? Why does she know it so well?]

[Why do you ask me if you know the truth?]

[If you have any questions, fine, but can you ask something that matters?]

[Fine. You are a powerful figure. I will answer your questions. Why do you have to question my answers? I am full of lies?]

[What… What the h.e.l.l is wrong with you?]

[Do I know you? Do I have to be honest with you?]

[Besides, why did you ask me if you know the answer? Why do you have so much leisure time to do such a meaningless thing?]

He felt that he didn't know this world now. In fact, he felt he didn't know women at all… [You are one of the most powerful figures in the realm. Why do you have to talk about such trifles…]

Ye Xiao felt like he was going to freak out soon.

"You have been in this realm for only half a year, yet you already reached level seven of Dream Origin Stage… You are a talented man," Xuan Bing said.

"I am flattered, Senior." Ye Xiao was trying to be humble.

"Senior? You called me senior? Do not call me senior, you idiot!" Xuan Bing turned over and got angry at him. "Do I look old to you? Am I that old?"

"Urh…" Ye Xiao was breezed.

[People call you Senior, because… you look old?]

[What… does that mean?]

[What else do you want me to say? Can I just call your name?]

[Come on. Maybe I should call you great great grandmother according to your hierarchy position!]

"Urh… Great Elder Xuan…" Ye Xiao was worried. He immediately changed the appellation. He still felt awkward.

"Do not call me that either!" Xuan Bing was going to freak out.

Ye Xiao widely opened his eyes and didn't know what else to call her.

[Not this not that! What do you want me to call you?]


Luckily, he was just calling it in his mind. If he said it out and called her grandmother, he might get punched to death immediately!

Suddenly, it felt so awkward. They both didn't say a word after that and just kept walking. After walking hundreds of meters ahead, Xuan Bing murmured, "You can call me…"

Then she stopped. She just stopped.

Ye Xiao was curious, so he asked, "What?"

Xuan Bing glared at him and fiercely said, "Whatever you want to call me!"

"Urh…" Ye Xiao twisted his mouth. [Whatever I want? That seems great… But… What exactly should I call you?]

"Great Elder Xuan…"

"Are you deaf? What did I say? Do not call me that!" Xuan Bing shouted fiercely.


"Are you out of your mind? Can't you learn? Didn't I tell you not to call me Senior?" Xuan Bing freaked out.

Ye Xiao freaked out too…

"Please, just tell me what should I call you with…" Ye Xiao helplessly asked.

"Just call me whatever you want," Xuan Bing repeated.

Ye Xiao just wanted to kill himself.

[Whatever I want? Are you sure? Screw whatever I want… That is not whatever I want at all!]

[Are you going to drive me crazy…]

[I can't defeat you, and I don't dare to p.i.s.s you. Otherwise, I would have punched you hard!]

[I know I can never defeat you. Otherwise, I will put you down on the ground and spank your b.u.t.t. I will ask you, 'Not this, not that! What on earth do you want? What do you want me to call you? Do you want me to call you mother! What? Dear wife?]

[Pah! Whoever marries you must have done lots of sins in his previous life. That's why he has to endure you in this life to pay his debt!]

[Women are so difficult to get along with! Women are the most difficult ent.i.ties to understand!]

Ye Xiao gave up. In fact, Xuan Bing was a bit freaking out.

[It is a problem though. What should he call me?]

She didn't know either.

Senior or Great Elder made her look too old. She just couldn't accept it. She just wanted him to call her something that didn't refer to age. He should have picked one from lots of appellations. She didn't understand why he was so stupid about this!

[Fine. Just leave the problem to him. I just want to make trouble for him but do not want him to suffer… I want to hurt him a bit, but not too much… Ah… What's wrong with me…]

[I am confused!]

"Well… Miss Xuan…" Ye Xiao kept thinking for a long time and finally figured it out, so he decidedly said it.

His hands were full of sweat because of nervousness…

He just felt so weird.

He was calling a world-shaking, powerful, and murderous female cultivator… Miss…

[Oh… Heavens…]

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