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Ye Xiao looked at Erhuo. Erhuo was acting like it was so powerful and brilliant. Ye Xiao took a bite of his solid food. He reached out one hand and suddenly grabbed Erhuo's neck. He swung Erhuo in the hand as if he was going to throw it out the cave.

Erhuo had experienced the horror earlier. It understood what would possibly happen to it, so it meowed and started to tremble. Its hairs stood up with fear again.

Ye Xiao humphed and put it into his pocket. "Boast now, huh? Remember you are just a cat. Why do you have to be arrogant like a human being?"

Erhuo stayed in the pocket, curling up, moaning, "Meow… Meow, meow… Meow…"

It looked so cute, but at the same time, piteous. If any girl saw that, she would probably fight Ye Xiao for the little cat and try to overturn Ye Xiao's brutal reign…

However, there was only one human in the cave. Hmm, not anymore. Ye Xiao had left the cave and fell down again… - Shoot! -

After a long time.

Ye Xiao suddenly stopped. He thought, [I have been rushing down like this for eight hours already. I have almost reached the place where we stopped.]

[I am in a different cultivation level than before, but this is just sliding down. We fell down as long as this. I should be certainly near the place we stopped right now!]

However, he was level nine of Dao Origin Stage in the previous life. Even in the dark, he could still see things clearly. Ye Xiao couldn't do it now. However, he had Yin Yang Eyes. He looked ahead and saw the red and white clouds as expected. He sometimes would dream of it. It was mostly nightmares. The red and white clouds were right beneath him. He was a bit scared, no matter how brave he was, because he had experienced this before.

He remembered everything about that red and white clouds. He was still terrified by it.

The red and white clouds were the biggest problem in this area.

It seemed like normal clouds just like wind could blow it away.

In fact, it was half-solid. It just stuck in the halfway of the cliff. Not to mention wind, even if the mountain was blown down, the clouds might still be there. It might just flow up and down slightly. That was all.

It couldn't be divided. It couldn't be dispersed. It couldn't be parted. There was simply nothing one could do with it.

However, it was not just a barrier that couldn't be broken. In the red and white clouds, there was a ma.s.s of strange power. It had no effects on human body, but a huge pulling power to human soul!

No matter how powerful one was in cultivation, n.o.body could fight this power. At least Xiao Monarch and Fierce Blade failed to!

The two of them had discussed this clouds afterwards. They thought that the reason they couldn't fight the power in the clouds was that it only interacted with the human soul.

Cultivators in Qing-Yun Realm, no matter what martial art they cultivated and how they cultivated, none of them cultivated on their souls. They couldn't control their souls to operate anything. Their souls were merely improved when their cultivation level was upgraded. That was why even the two super powerful cultivators couldn't resist the pulling of that clouds.

The further they were pulled into the red and white clouds, the stronger the pulling power was. When they were one third into the center of the clouds, the power became extremely strong, as if it would break all mountains and tear the sky apart!

No matter how strong their souls were, even though they were in the highest level of Dao Origin Stage, they were lucky not to be destroyed at once by such a power.

That was a huge problem back then.

They had suffered such a powerful strike when they entered the red and white clouds. They nearly died in the clouds.

This time, he was back to this place and he was in level four of Dream Origin Stage. He was so much weaker than the last time. How long could he hold on in the clouds?

No matter how long he could hold it, he must try. He had to persevere.

"His body must be nearby. I have to bury him properly!" He took a deep breath and his breath actually made the clouds slightly shaking. "My brother dominated the world when he was alive. He was a hero. He loved and he killed, but he never took even one innocent life. He was a true hero. Now he is dead, and I won't allow his body to be wandering in the wild!"

"I have to do this!"

He took a long breath. He looked so determined.

He took one step ahead so as to do a cautious test.

He had to get in it, but he didn't have to be reckless. Caution was always needed. He couldn't let himself die, because he had to take his brother's body back. It was necessary that he did it step by step, slowly and carefully!

It was just like what he remembered. The red and white clouds seemed moving aside to let him in. He placed one foot into the clouds as if reaching into a ma.s.s of normal cloud.

However, when he truly touched it, he felt dizzy all of a sudden. In fact, he felt dizzy and then became sober repeatedly.

It was just a bit dizzy. He could actually ignore it, but he could still feel it.

He knew the pulling power of the clouds was affecting him. It was only the beginning, so it didn't have a great effect. Even though he was only level four of Dream Origin Stage, he could still handle it.

Back at the previous time, the both of them were drunk, so they didn't truly feel the power at the beginning. When they finally felt it, it was almost strong enough to break them.

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