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Darky ran with its chest up, enjoying the admiration from all the other horses. It was spirited.

"Brother Ye…" Captain Mu's eyes lit up with fever, "Your horse… is the king of horses! That is…"

Ye Xiao was surprised. He said, "King of horses? Darky?"

Captain Mu nearly fell off the horse.

[Come on, brother. Can't you stop calling it that name?]

Ye Xiao was quite innocent though.

[What is going on?]

[I told Erhuo to get me a horse, because it is too tiring to walk for a long time.]

[Erhuo ran into the forest right away.]

[After half a day, Darky was running over to me and I found Erhuo arrogantly sitting on Darky's head…]

Ye Xiao didn't recognize Darky as any valuable horse because of its size. That was why he casually gave it the name, Darky.

A great horse should have a great body. That was true. Good horse was always tall and big. Darky was too small for a great horse. Ye Xiao needed a pony to carry him, and he wasn't in a hurry. So he accepted Darky. Besides, Darky ran pretty fast…

However, he never expected Darky, the pony, was a great horse, the king of horses!

Ye Xiao exclaimed 'holy heavens' in the head and thought, [In fact this is reasonable. Erhuo would never pick an ordinary horse.]

[Since Erhuo has spent such a long time to find Darky, it should be the best of the best!]

"Black hair, dark bristle, white hoof, narrow neck, long waist, long legs…" Captain Mu looked at Darky with obsessed eyes, like a h.o.r.n.y old man who hadn't had s.e.x for over a dozen years suddenly got married, staring at his beautiful bride in the night of the wedding day—he simply wanted to swallow her immediately…

"So pretty… the king of horses indeed…" Captain Mu said.

Ye Xiao was speechless.

[Pretty… he said the horse was pretty…]

[That was… unbelievable…]

Ye Xiao didn't notice that Captain Mu was actually alerted…

If Ye Xiao was his enemy, it would be a horrible threat to Black Cavalry Alliance.

He could simply stir the entire Black Cavalry Alliance up by using Darky, the king of horses he had!

It was the power of Darky!

Animals don't talk, but they communicate. All the other horses would be compelled to submit to their king!

n.o.body, no matter how powerful, not even Wu Fa, could destroy Black Cavalry Alliance alone.

However, for Darky, it was a piece of cake. All Darky needed to do was to neigh loudly!

Black Cavalry Alliance would be destroyed by Darky!

Captain Mu couldn't go on the thought of it. He nearly scared himself to death!

He wanted Ye Xiao to come with him, because he thought there might be an opportunity that the latter could cure his young lord. However, what if Ye Xiao turned out to a horrible disaster…

Actually, n.o.body had ever heard that the king of horses could be tamed by any human… How could such a proud animal submit to a human being and become somebody's ride?

It should be utterly persevering!

What happened to Darky?

After the time of a meal, there was the entrance of an alley ahead of them.

They had reached the destination, so Captain Mu's horse didn't dare to be in front of the crowd anymore.

That was a clever horse.

[We arrived already. How dare I run in front of the king? If the tens of thousands of brothers and sisters in the valley see me running ignorantly ahead of the king, they would kick me to death before the sky turns dark tonight. I will never swagger around in front of the king, but they wouldn't believe me… It is desecrating the stateliness of the king… Ah… How miserable my life is…]

The valley was extremely quiet.

It was unimaginably strange to call a valley quiet.

The valley ought to be be quiet, then why was it strange to call it so?

Because there were over thousands of horses gathering in this valley! How could such a valley be so quiet?

However, it was actually this quiet!

Every horse in the valley stayed so quiet. They waved their tails and ate the fodder in the manger, looking around with their soft eyes. It seemed to be a peaceful and serene day.

Tens of thousands people of the Black Cavalry Alliance were everywhere in the valley. Some of them were having a quiet conversation, some were gently washing their horses, while the others were doing something else.

All in all, the entire valley was full of peace and warmth.

When a rapid and loud neigh echoed out, the silence and peace were broken.

In fact, what truly broke the peace was…

The horses in the valley seemed to sense something. They all stood up and stayed still almost the same time. They all looked to the entrance of the valley at the same time.

All horses were anxiously swaying their tails and making slight sounds in the nose.

Their ears were flicking. It seemed they were listening to something. The men in the valley who had been living with their horses for years knew that there must be something wrong.

The horses weren't actually anxious or nervous. In fact, they were more like excited and thrilled.

The hors.e.m.e.n didn't understand why their horses were excited? What for? That sound was obviously the return of the men who had gone out for a mission earlier. People returned to the valley at least ten times in a day. The horses should have gotten used to it long ago. They wouldn't even move their eyes when they heard that. Why did they act so weird this time?

[What is wrong?]


A long shout burst at the entrance of the valley. It was sharp as if it was resounding through the clouds to the sky.

The long shout contained the overwhelming stateliness! It resounded between the sky and earth!

People didn't understand it. They didn't know what that sound meant.

However, the horses were different.

'Here I come! The king descends!'

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