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"Brother Mu, I truly have no idea…" Guan Lingxiao had a pained expression. He shouted, "If I ever lie about this, then I will call myself a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

The captain was still calm. He spoke in a horrible voice, "I don't care whether you are aware or not. You will die if you don't tell me where he is! You introduced that man. Now you take the responsibility for it!"

Guan Lingxiao was sweating. "Brother Mu, please. I truly have no idea where that fxcking b.a.s.t.a.r.d is! I will tell you at the first moment when I know! I was trying to find a good therapist for the young lord of yours. I met that guy in coincidence. I never knew he is such a liar… I didn't know he would just leave like this… I have no idea…"

- Clang! -

The three hundred hors.e.m.e.n who were in front of the crowd drew out their weapons at the same time. Three hundred swords were unsheathed, yet it only made one sound.

Ye Xiao couldn't help but praise it sincerely. That was a result of some real difficult trainings for years!

Guan Lingxiao was shaking when he saw that. He forcibly swallowed what he was going to say immediately.

Ye Xiao was listening to the conversation. He noticed that the situation was going worse, so he interrupted, "Is the honorific young lord injured? Is that why you need a dan-maker to save him?"

The captain squinted at him but didn't say anything.

Ye Xiao said, "I met Brother Guan Lingxiao not for a long time, but I know he is kind-hearted. I don't think he would harm your interest on purpose. If he did, he wouldn't still stay in this place. Is the honorific young lord injured? Sick? Poisoned?

"A difficult disease?

"All dan-makers you know couldn't cure him?

"Brother Guan Lingxiao want to be close to Black Cavalry, or maybe you guys have posted a reward for it, so he found a dan-maker for you?

"A man who called himself 'Murderous Dan-making Therapist' went to Guan Lingxiao? He said he could bring the man back from death, so Guan Lingxiao took him to Black Cavalry?

"You surely have heard of the name 'Murderous Dan-making Therapist', otherwise, you wouldn't let him go on with the treatment? However, things didn't go well. Did that therapist have any evil plan in mind?

"He didn't cure the young lord, instead, he messed about with it?

"After doing all that he shouldn't do, he disappeared? You couldn't find him anymore, so you have to blame it to Guan Lingxiao, because it is Guan Lingxiao who introduced that man to you?

"Even though you know Guan Lingxiao certainly doesn't know where that therapist is, you decided to try it. Maybe Guan Lingxiao knows. Am I right?"

It seemed Ye Xiao had brought up lost of questions. In fact, the question didn't need to be answered, because Ye Xiao already had the answers.

That captain, whom Guan Lingxiao called Brother Mu looked at Ye Xiao. He was honestly shocked.

[The young man knew nothing about all he just said.]

[Guan Lingxiao didn't tell him anything. None of us has told him anything.]

[What he knows are everything that is said in the conversation. That's all. Yet he actually said so many of the truth. That's impressive.]

Brother Mu blandly said, "It is roughly the same as you said, young man."

"Our young lord has made a post of reward for a therapist or a dan-maker. Guan Lingxiao introduced that Murderous Dan-making Therapist to us, and took the big pack of money away. The therapist didn't cure our young lord. Instead, he poisoned our young lord!"

He coldly continued, "He is connected to Guan Lingxiao. Guan Lingxiao is definitely not as innocent as he acts! He introduced that therapist and took a huge money from us. Now that things have gone far worse, of course we should blame him. If he can find that therapist and save our lord, there is room for negotiation. If not, if our young lord dies, Guan Lingxiao, you know what will happen!"

Guan Lingxiao was wronged. He said, "Brother Mu, come on. I was thrilled by that money. That is true. But I also sincerely wanted to solve the problem for you. That is why I worked so hard to find a famous therapist for the young lord. That murderous and sh*tty b.a.s.t.a.r.d is totally my bad luck. I did that due to kindness and sincerity… please…"

Brother Mu was untouched. He said, "I don't care what you think. Didn't you take that money from us? The problem is that our young lord became worse because of the man you introduced! His injury didn't get cured and he is poisoned! Who should we blame if we don't blame you for that?"

Guan Lingxiao was shocked. He had nothing to said anymore.

"No matter what you think, Guan Lingxiao, you can't escape the responsibility." Brother Mu spoke with a cold voice, "Now, are you coming with us? Or should we force you to come?"

Guan Lingxiao looked in trouble. He looked around and gritted his teeth. "I am going with you! But this young man here, he is new to this world. I barely know him. We met each other earlier today. I was planning to earn some money from him. That's all. I was guarding him on the way, and also trying to get myself away from this place. He has nothing to do with all this! I'll go with you, but you have to let him free!"

Ye Xiao was surprised. [This Guan Lingxiao is surprisingly a man of honor.]

Brother Mu coldly said, "We won't hurt innocent people! Make way for the young man!"

Hundreds of hors.e.m.e.n moved aside at the same time, making a ten meters wide path in the crowd.

Guan Lingxiao looked at Ye Xiao and said, "Brother, go now. I wanted to keep you safe till you get to Sky Soul Mountain, but… I guess it's time to say goodbye. So long… Maybe if we have the chance to meet again."

Actually, for Ye Xiao, it was better not to get involved into any troubles. After spending some time with Guan Lingxiao on the road, he didn't like Guan Lingxiao that much now. He didn't want to get involved at the beginning. However, what Guan Lingxiao said at the end changed his mind.

He thought for a while and said, "In fact, Brother Guan is not the key of this problem. You don't have to find that therapist though. What you need is to cure your young lord. I am not in a hurry to Sky Soul Mountain. I can go with you. I know something about dan-making. Maybe I can help the young lord's situation. If it truly is beyond my capability, I will leave then."

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