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When Erhuo thought about ripping the scale off all those snakes, it felt a headache. [I can't do that.]

[Well, it is good to have a master, considering this. Things I can't do, he will do it for me.]

[He can help me clean myself, flay my food, cook my snakes, and others. I can just focus on eating…]

[It's kind of good to have a master!]

[Just… Just leave some good stuffs for him.]

[Well, he wouldn't recognize any real good things…]

[All he wants is the inner core!]

[Humph. Stupid. You don't know the pure essence is much better than the inner core. Inner core… I really don't like it at all. It's useless!]

The snakes were gone, so the fight was over.

It came surprisingly, and went off surprisingly.

There were death. They fought hard. It was hard to explain how hard they had been through this!

They were all like waking up from a nightmare.

"What is it?"

"Why did the snakes go?"

"We were losing it. If they hold on for a few hours, we will all fall down. Why would they just go away?"

"That's weird. That doesn't make sense!"

In the air, there was the smell of the snakes and also the poison fog. However, the amount of the poison was limited. It won't hurt these people.

They were just confused about what just happened. They didn't know what exactly happened.

They were safe now, but things were unbelievable for them!

It was hard to understand human thoughts. They had just survived a disaster, yet they just felt incredulous!

"We don't have time for this. Just pack your stuffs and rush out of this b.l.o.o.d.y forest," Xiao Mufei shouted. "As long as the snake king is alive, they can come back anytime!"

The men were all frightened. They stayed together and rushed forward immediately.

They truly feared the horror of the snakes. They had survive it, but feared more for it!

"I mean… Those snakes. Their skins are so strong. What if we take them back and make them into armors? Would it be great?" Ye Xiao asked, "So we are going to leave them here? Isn't it quite a waste?"

"We are still unsafe. There is no time for that. Besides… the Silver-scaled Golden-caruncle Snakes belong to this place. They have a strong concept of territory. If we take the dead snake, they may rage up in fury. We may get ourselves killed. Just let it be. We should focus on keeping safe. Forget the other matters." Xiao Mufei looked at the snake bodies. He felt it a waste too.

[These snake bodies are wonderful materials. It is such a shame we have to leave them here.]

"Why don't we just take some?" Ye Xiao blinked. "If the snakes come again, we throw the snake bodies somewhere else to draw them away. If the snakes don't come back, we earn it. Both are good plans."

"That's true. Fine. Let's do it." Xiao Mufei nodded. "Everybody take two of the biggest snake bodies you can see into your s.p.a.ce rings. Do it quick! Do it and we leave immediately!"

The men all went for the dead snakes.

Xiao Mufei didn't hesitate. He took four big snake bodies and took a breath out of relief.

He was the one who had been taking the most stress. He needed to watch the fight and guide his men on the fight, also to keep an eye on Ye Xiao so as to protect him. In the latter part of the fight, he fought against those big snakes alone. Although he was at Dao Origin Stage, it was too much for him. If the fight didn't end in such a weird way, he might have died. Now he could relax a bit!

Ye Xiao stayed beside him and didn't do anything.

"Why don't you take some?" Xiao Mufei was surprised.

Ye Xiao smiled humbly. "I don't have s.p.a.ce ring… That is some marvelous thing for me… I guess I will just leave the snake bodies. You take it. It's fine. At least our brothers can have more good armors in the future… They may save some lives…"

For people in the lower realm, s.p.a.ce rings should be something extraordinary. However, it didn't mean much for Xiao Mufei. He looked at Ye Xiao for a long time and sigh. He said, "You truly honor friendship. You don't even want such precious things… What an honest, humble, and honorable man…"

Ye Xiao smiled humbly.

Well, what he had done never described him as honest, humble or honorable at all…

[I do want to take more of the snakes too. My s.p.a.ce already has over a hundred biggest snakes… the best ones…]

[Those snake skins are all in my place… I don't want those you guys are picking…]

[You think they are precious? They are not for me. I don't want it. I didn't give it up because of any virtue you said!]

"Don't worry. When we return to our sect safely, you will get your snake skin armor!" Xiao Mufei promised him.

They finished taking the snakes and rushed off in the forest.

Ye Xiao followed the men and did nothing else. Erhuo was doing something else. It ran away from Ye Xiao to the heap of snakes…

Those were good food for it. Even a landholder didn't have that much food storage. It started to store as many as it could!

After a while, Ye Xiao felt like there was a heavy rain in the s.p.a.ce. The dead snakes kept falling into the s.p.a.ce and made a small mountain there…

Erhuo was making a stockpile of food in it…

Ye Xiao was speechless.

[Erhuo you idiot. You are so greedy. That is so cheap. Do you have to do things like this?]

It was still 'raining' in the s.p.a.ce…

Ye Xiao was confused. [There are many dead snakes indeed, but this many? What?]

He entered the s.p.a.ce to check on it and what he saw nearly made him pa.s.s out.

Some snakes were alive…

Some were those level seven big snakes!

He didn't know how Erhuo did it. It actually put so many living snakes into the s.p.a.ce!

[What the h.e.l.l are you doing? Are you moving the whole clan of the snake into our s.p.a.ce?]

[You want to eat them all out? Extinct them?]

[Can't you stop being so mean?]

Ye Xiao didn't really care about that though. He was just confused. How did Erhuo defeat those huge beasts with such a small body?

He knew Erhuo wasn't anything ordinary, and he also knew that it might be rather powerful. When it was Brother Egg, it was already doing unbelievable things. However, to capture those snakes alive and put them into the s.p.a.ce… that was way out of his expectation!

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