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"Let’s do this. Two of us go get that guy in the cave!" Du Qingpeng gave the order. "I don’t think this Feng Monarch is invincible and hardhearted!"

Shang Yushu and Shang Yuming answered him and then left right away.

They were twin brothers. Each of them were in level eight of Spirit Origin Stage, but when they fought together, they were much stronger than that. They were no weaker than ordinary Dream Origin Stage cultivators. The two of them were the best ones to go do the capture.


Ye Xiao’s voice came from the shield.

After that, Golden Soul Tower slowly rose up. Feng Zhiling showed up in front of the people again. He stared at the men fiercely and said, "I am the one you want! This isn’t finished yet! Do not go mess with others! It only makes you despicable! Cultivators of the two great sects in Qing-Yun Realm are just that rubbish!"

There was blood coming out from his mouth while he talked.

The small tower was unmoved under the powerful attacks of the seven superior cultivators, mostly because it was powerful, but also because Ye Xiao transferred the energy to the tower after he took the dan beads.

He used most of the energy to maintain the defensive power. The wounds on him didn’t recover. Instead because of the energy consumption, his body was getting worse.

If those men kept attacking for longer, Ye Xiao would ran out of energy to maintain the shield and he would be exposed to them.

However, they thought Feng Zhiling could last forever easily, so they started to plan on Bing-Er. Ye Xiao couldn’t let them. He knew he was in a negative situation, but he had to step out for Bing-Er.

When he came out, he made a decision.

It was a crazy decision!

Ye Xiao could still make a last strike.

That was an extreme strike!

Soul sacrifice for Golden Soul Tower. The owner broke his soul to trigger the explosion of the tower!

If Golden Soul Tower exploded, even though there was not much energy remained in the tower, it would still cause a huge blast. At least… it would destroy everything within one thousand miles… that includes half of the Chen-Xing City!

The seven men would never be able to survive that!

In fact, if the Golden Soul Tower was in full power, it could destroy the entire Land of Han-Yang!

It was after all a treasure from Human Realm Upon Heavens. It wasn’t that good in where it was from, but it was already marvelous here!

At this moment, when they were focusing on each other, n.o.body noticed that there was an even colder qi exploding inside the mountain…

"I never knew that Feng Monarch is particular about loyalty to friends. I am curious. Who is that cultivator cultivating under the ground… Feng Monarch actually gave up his own life for that guy…" Du Qingpeng stared at Ye Xiao.

Specifically, he was staring at the Golden Soul Tower in his hand.

He didn’t even try to hide the greed in his eyes.

"Don’t you worry about it!" Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "It is none of your business. Besides, you won’t be able to figure it out…"

"You will all die! All of you!" Ye Xiao coldly laughed. His soul was immediately tied with Golden Soul Tower. There was madness inside his eyes.

"d.a.m.n it! He is going to destroy the treasure! Quick! Attack! All of you! Stop him!"

Du Qingpeng was indeed a capable Dream Origin Stage cultivator. He was experienced. He noticed it so he shouted as he made a palm hit out.

The other six were enlightened. At the same time, they made their strikes too!

After that, seven streams of spiritual mind were rushing over to crash Ye Xiao’s spiritual mind…

Du Qingpeng had locked on Ye Xiao with his spiritual mind earlier. Now, he just made the attack immediately!

It needed one’s soul energy to trigger the treasure explosion. If they destroyed Feng Zhiling’s spiritual mind, the explosion could be stopped!

- Boom… -

Wind was blowing wildly. Seven streams of overwhelming power of palm hit arrived!

Golden Soul Power started to emit yellow light again. It stopped the palm hit and then again, twenty percent of the power hit on Ye Xiao!

- Crack… -

Ye Xiao gritted with the teeth. He barely defended against the palm strikes but couldn’t help backing off.

His two legs, ribs and the right hand which was holding the tower were all broken.

- Puff! - All of a sudden, the tower fell off his hand and then disappeared.

Without the support of Ye Xiao’s spiritual mind, it automatically returned to Ye Xiao’s body.

Ye Xiao just fell back on the floor. His eyes were staring at the sky.

[Is it only that much? Am I really that weak?]

[I was in the last step already. I just needed to trigger the tower by my soul power, and it will explode. But I failed!]

When he was about to trigger the tower, he felt a feeling of confusion from the tower. It seemed the tower couldn’t believe he was doing this, and it didn’t want to do this. Ye Xiao just ignored it. As long as he made the final step with his spiritual mind, it would explode!

However, before he could do it, he was blasted by the enemies’ spiritual mind attack. It broke his spiritual mind and made him dazed for a second.

That was the second when his soul was cut off from the tower.

The tower returned to his body.

It would take him some time to operate it again and trigger the explosion.

He didn’t have that time now. Not even a bit.

He didn’t even have the energy to tie his soul to the tower.

He was totally exhausted!

When one was too weak, it was impossible to even perish together with the enemies!

"So this is it? I am dying now?" Ye Xiao fell to the ground slowly. He was lost in chaos. He smiled bitterly and murmured, "What about Bing-Er… I… I don’t want to give up on her…"

Faces flashed over in his sight.

Jun Yinglian with white cloths and long hair suddenly showed up and grumbled, "Ye Xiao, you heartbreaker. You said you owed me your next life! Where is it? You broke your words again and again. I hate you!"

Bing-Er’s face showed up, looking at him, delicate and touching. "Master, you can’t leave me alone. You said you will take me to the upper realm…"

Another girl showed up, Su Yeyue, with a pretty face of tears, "You scoundrel. You promised you will come see me. Why haven’t you come yet? How could you not!"

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