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To finish that, Ye Xiao didn’t make any effort really. It was completely the energy of Golden Soul Tower. Ye Xiao was seriously injured too, because he was definitely too weak himself. The Golden Soul Tower had vanished over eighty percent of the power of Sunlight Blade. The less than twenty percent power still badly hurt Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was still too weak at the moment, so he couldn’t use Golden Soul Tower perfectly yet. He could operate it and put it in front to defend from attacks, so that the it would make a counterattack itself.

However, he couldn’t handle the reverse impact from the tower. The enemy was too strong this time. Even if it was less than twenty percent of the energy, it still damaged him!

The only thing he could use was the Golden Soul Tower after all!

It was silent. The others were all quiet.

[So this is Feng Zhiling’s ace card? That is overwhelming. But he doesn’t look fine. I guess he has to pay for the ma.s.sive attack using that treasure!]

They were having blind guesses, but they were right about one thing. Feng Zhiling was not fine. He was the opposite of fine!

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and forcibly stood up. Du Qingpeng was almost level two of Dream Origin Stage. The twenty percent reverse impact from his attack damaged Ye Xiao as bad as he was. .h.i.t by a Sky Origin Stage cultivator in full power!

However, he stood straight and didn’t show any weakness.

Golden Soul Tower was still spinning in Ye Xiao’s hand while blood was coming out from his mouth. He looked extremely vicious and scary!

Du Qingpeng and the other six men saw Ye Xiao’s eyes. They all felt frightened somehow! The murderous qi in the eyes was so dense that they had never experienced something like that before!

They knew that they should absolutely kill a man who could show that murderous qi to them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to sleep comfortably in the future.

They were relieved after that. [No matter how strong you look like, you are actually weak. At least you are now!]

[Besides… that tower…]

Their eyes were filled with greed.

That was a treasure which was powerful enough to help a Sky Origin Stage cultivator damage a Dream Origin Stage cultivator!

[If I have that tower, I am going to be so powerful!]

They stepped slowly ahead, narrowing down the surrounding!

Du Qingpeng forcibly stood up and walked over to him step by step. Apparently, even though he was injured, he wouldn’t give up on the treasure.

The six of them jumped up all of a sudden and moved towards Ye Xiao like lightning. At the moment, they had the same thought. [Du Qingpeng is wounded. I can’t let any of the others s.n.a.t.c.h the treasure!]

Du Qingpeng gathered up his energy forcibly and shouted, "Get it to me!" And he rushed over too.

Seven streams of strong power worked together but restrained each other at the same time. They were all striking down on Ye Xiao like tide.

Ye Xiao humphed. He thought about what Ling Wuxie taught him on how to use Golden Soul Tower. When he and Ling Wuxie talked about it, they were only having a casual chat… Now…

Ye Xiao waved his hand and fiercely shouted, "Golden Soul Shroud!"

The small golden tower rose up to the air and suddenly emitted strong golden lights. It became like a huge bell shield falling down.

- Puff! -

When the seven men almost got Ye Xiao, the bell of light covered Ye Xiao entirely!

The seven men nearly hit on the bell.

[Humph. I don’t have the energy to attack, but… I can do a great defense!]

[These men can never break the shield of Golden Soul Tower.

The absolute defense was set. Ye Xiao didn’t hesitate. He grabbed a few dan beads and immediately swallowed them and then he was gasping.


The seven men started to strike on the bell of light.

- Bang, bang, bang… -

The powerful qi kept striking on the Golden Soul Tower. The tower remained firm and tough.

The power could have destroyed a huge mountain, yet when it was. .h.i.t on the small tower, it just disappeared like mud getting into water.

Some of them tried to hold the shield so as to turn the tower over and kill Feng Monarch. However, the shield seemed bonded to the ground. It was a part of the earth. It just couldn’t be moved. No matter how strong the power used to strike it, it was only like an ant hitting a three.

It made no difference.

The seven of them tried whatever they could, and all treasures they had to do it. They wouldn’t even try so hard to save their lives. However, it wouldn’t work.

Their eyes were filled with even stronger fever!

The tower could defend such powerful and wild attacks and remain unmoved. That meant it was a marvelous treasure!

At the same time, they were confused. [Such treasure should belong to stronger people like us, but it ends up in this ant’s hands. Why?]

[What a waste! Such a great waste!]

They started to attack it again. The seven of them were all exhausted, but nothing happened. They had to give up and stop attacking one by one. They stared at the tower and felt helpless. However, their eyes were still filled with greed.

"It won’t work. We can’t break it!

"What is this thing…"

"It is too tough."

"We can’t even move it. What should we do?"

"He can’t stay in there forever. He has to come out. Otherwise, he will be starved to death."

"Forget it. He has a s.p.a.ce ring. How much food do you think he has in the ring? Besides, he surely has a few bottles of dan beads even if he doesn’t have any food. He is a master dan-maker. Remember that! The supreme dan beads he has can support him for a few years. Not to mention years, we can’t even wait for one month…"

"What should we do then?"

"How do I know? I would have done it if I know! Why would I having this bullsh*t conversation with you?"

"Why do you keep talking bullsh*t if you don’t know what to do…"

They were impatient. The enemy was right in front of them, yet they could do nothing to him. They even had to watch him recover…

A powerful and precious treasure was right there, but they couldn’t even touch it!

What a suffering!

"This small tower is marvelous. It is invulnerable… It won’t even shake when we hit it. He is untouchable inside there… What should we do?"

They frowned while lost in thoughts…

"Oh, right!" Du Qingpeng spoke with a pale face, "Didn’t we feel the sign of somebody breaking through in here? There must be somebody cultivating around here. Feng Monarch is here to protect the cultivator… That cultivator must be very important to Feng Zhiling!"

As he said so, the others were enlightened. "That is right! We go capture that person and threaten Feng Zhiling! I don’t think that cultivator has another treasure like this!"

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