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As he solved the questions, the new ones that appeared became increasingly difficult. Even though Fang Xingjian possessed a brain which surpa.s.sed that of supercomputers, his head still ached as he solved these questions. Furthermore, many of these questions were no longer questions that could be solved purely through one's ability to calculate. This forced him to come up with some mathematical tools of his own just to resolve them.

Three days pa.s.sed by just like that, and Fang Xingjian was still solving the questions from this page of the Book of Wisdom. Then, suddenly, a gleam shone in his eyes. He seemed to sense something in his heart.

In fact, although he possessed the Sudden Inspiration senses, it was impossible for Fang Xingjian to be sensing things constantly. He would usually sense once every morning and night. Then if anything were to happen, he would sense them in greater detail. Otherwise, he would just forget it.

This time around, it was clear that something was up.

His gaze flickered, and he sent out another one of his clones to appear outside the hall. Not long later, Priest Longmai and Priest Tie had already come flying. They descended from the sky, landing before Fang Xingjian.

"Sir." Priest Longmai bowed toward Fang Xingjian. Right now, in his eyes, Fang Xingjian was the most unbelievable existence in the world who was closest to the great Dao.

Fang Xingjian threw them a glance and asked, "What happened?"

Priest Tie spoke like he was filled with great indignance at some kind of injustice, "Sir, Hui He has called for a DEFCON 1 meeting. Right now, the Gray Army, in addition to the Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Orange Armies—a total of nine armies—have joined forces, wanting you to admit to your crime.

"All of the family members of the agents we've groomed in the secular world, as well as all of the big companies under us, have been shut down," Priest Tie said furiously. "The most abominable thing is that the two disciples we sent out to procure resources have all been seized by them as well."

Even members of the White Army still had physical bodies of mortals. Even if they were to cultivate daily, they would still need to eat. They also had their own family members, relatives, and friends that they had to take care of.

Therefore, the White Army naturally had their own influences in the secular world. They would also need to often send people out from the Sacred White Crevice to procure resources.

However, he had not expected that the Gray Army's actions this time around would be so quick, closing down all of their influences and even seizing the disciples they had sent for procurement.

"Admit to my crime?" Fang Xingjian's brows twitched as he said, "What else did they do?"

"The nine armies have come to a unanimous decision." Priest Tie's countenance was extremely grim. "They've requested for our White Army to surrender within three days, hand over all of our rings, and open up the Sacred White Crevice.

"They've even requested for Commander to head to the Heaven-Connecting Tower alone and plead guilty. The nine Commanders will jointly conduct a trial."

Priest Tie added, "Sir, you definitely must not go. This time around, they don't have good intentions. If you go, you'll definitely be besieged!"

Being an existence that had the strongest powers on Earth, Fang Xingjian appeared to be extremely close to the great Dao in the eyes of the White Army's members. However, they still felt a little terrified at the thought of Fang Xingjian going up against the nine armies at once.

The 13 armies had ruled over Earth for countless of years. Their prestige and powers had been deeply rooted in their hearts. Right now, other than the White, Silver, Gold, and Cyan Armies, the other nine armies had joined forces. They came to a unanimous decision to punish the White Army, giving them the feeling that the sky was going to collapse.

Priest Longmai also added, "That's right. Sir, we can just firmly defend ourselves in the Sacred White Crevice. This is a small world that is isolated from the outside world. They won't be able to fight their way in so easily. Moreover, as long as the members of our White Army stay in the Sacred White Crevice, they can unleash powers that are stronger than usual."

Hearing that, Fang Xingjian merely smiled and did not reply immediately. Instead, he raised his head. There seemed to be a strange gleam in his eyes. It was as if he had seen through void s.p.a.ce and was looking into a s.p.a.ce-time in the endless distance.

A very long while later, he nodded. "So this is how it is."

Priest Longmai and Priest Tie exchanged a glance, feeling that Fang Xingjian's actions had become increasingly deep and unfathomable.

Fang Xingjian seemed to have understood something. He then turned and looked at Priest Longmai, saying, "Since that's the case, you can give them my reply."


Simultaneously, news of the nine armies having joined forces to exert pressure and request for the White Army to be completely reformed—with the Commander heading to the Heaven-Connecting Tower within three days for a joint trial—had instantly spread through the entire planet.

Numerous news and internet media started to report this matter.

The gazes of countless people were turned toward East Asia's Kun Lun Mountains as they guessed how the White Army would react.

"Surrendering is the only option!"

Inside the live broadcast studio of Hot Topics—the television program with the highest ratings in North America—Professor Lauretta who had a head of silver hair said without hesitation, "No one in the world can fight against the joint efforts of the nine armies. If the White Army wishes to continue pa.s.sing down its legacy, they have no other way out except to surrender.

A Caucasian professor opposite her shook his head and said, "This might not necessarily be the case. The White Army's legacy has been pa.s.sed on for very long, and they have always been pursuing Dao. Almost none of them are afraid of death. If Fang Xingjian is bent on hiding in the Sacred White Crevice, then the nine armies may not have any way to deal with him either. As time pa.s.ses, the nine armies will each harbor their own thoughts. It's impossible for them to keep on joining forces."

"Rubbish. Even such id*ots are allowed on Hot Topics these days?" Professor Lauretta retorted, "The White Army has always been at the very bottom of the 13 armies. Even if Fang Xingjian can defeat two Commanders single-handedly, is it possible that he can go up against nine Commanders? Moreover, you haven't really understood the essence of this matter."

That Caucasian professor said angrily, "This is sophistry! The 13 armies are like kindred souls, and it's impossible for them to really fight to the bitter death..."

"I express worry for the education of the next generation of this country when even a person like you can become a professor," Professor Lauretta interrupted, not giving the other party any chance to speak. "The crux of this matter is that Fang Xingjian has violated the regulations and killed members of the Gray Army.

"The One-Three Agreement is ironclad. It's the baseline. It's the foundation for the 13 armies to be united and fight against external enemies together.

"It might sound like Fang Xingjian is currently causing internal strife, but he's actually shaking the foundations of the entire planet and the whole of humanity. What he's doing now is going against humanity, against society, and destroying the entire planet's stability and unity.

"Faced with such a situation, the nine armies will definitely not cower. Although the Silver and Gold Armies have yet to express their stances, they've already given their silent consent by not saying anything.

"The White Army and Fang Xingjian have no option other than to lower their heads. Otherwise, he'll be the enemy of all of humanity!"

After Professor Lauretta said her piece, rounds of applause rang out in the studio. The voices of a few professors and experts who wanted to rebut were suppressed.

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