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Chapter 1215: Desperate Fight!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

"Chuchu is young…" Bing Xinyue carefully held Wenren Chuchu's body up and murmured, "Besides… She is bold. She dares to do things that n.o.body else does. It seemed careless, but she always has a plan first… In fact, she is always timorous in daily life. She doesn't even dare to walk in the dark alone… The road to the heavens is full of darkness. She would be scared if I don't stay with her.."

She tied Wenren Chuchu on her back and held her sword in her hand. She stood up and looked around in the seven men's faces with hatred in the eyes.

There was a flame of anger rising in her eyes. That hatred was something she wouldn't let go until she was dead!

"Who am I talking to?" Tan Qingfeng looked at Bing Xinyue.

He was sure he knew every lady who was over level six of Dao Origin Stage. However, he didn't know anything about this woman in front of him.

According to what he was told before the mission, this woman should not be this powerful. She should be only in low levels of Dao Origin Stage. That meant she had been breaking through several levels all the long the fights until she reached the top of level six!

However, Tan Qingfeng was sniffy about it, because that was merely against the fundamental rule of cultivation. He believed this woman had been hiding her true power all the time and what she did was to unleash a bit of it every time when she had to!

Although the woman looked severely wounded, when he took a careful look, he felt that she was elegant and charming. [Such a beautiful woman… Even if she were not as powerful as she was, I should have known her because of her pretty face…]

[Yet I just can't recognize her. What is wrong?]

[Is she a secret disciple of Misty Cloud Palace?]

[Hmm. That makes sense!]

A level eight Dao Origin Stage cultivator beside him looked at Bing Xinyue's face for a while and then was enlightened. He fiercely said, "It is you! Bing Xinyue, how bold!"

Tan Qingfeng gritted his teeth. He was confused, "Bing Xinyue?"

"She is the personal disciple of Situ Qingqing, an elder of Misty Cloud Palace." The level eight Dao Origin Stage cultivator gritted his teeth and said, "I only heard that she was unconcerned. She never attended anything significant… How unexpected! She is actually the person who started this chaos!"

Tan Qingfeng nodded. Fierceness showed up in his eyes. He blandly said, "Unconcerned huh? That's just a disguise. No matter who she is, she has to die this time!"

Thinking about his brother who had just died in that murderous area attack, his voice was quivering.

However, Tan Qinglin's death proved that Tan Qinglin wasn't a companion to the two ladies. That meant Tan Qingfeng and his family's reputation was safe. That was a good thing after all… It stopped the trouble that was possible to happen.

Thinking of that, Tan Qingfeng actually felt relieved…

"Die?" Bing Xinyue held Wenren Chuchu's body up and showed a sneer on her face, "Even if you let me go, I won't leave!"

- Clang! - She drew out her sword and pointed at Tan Qingfeng, speaking coldly, "Come on now! My disciple can't die for nothing! Either you or I die here today!"

Tan Qingfeng coldly smiled and said, "We die? That's a good dream… Guys, let's end this mess! Quick!"

The seven of them drew out their swords at the same time.

The seven men survived the Misty Lotus, which was activated by Wenren Chuchu with her life. Anyone of them was the best of the elites. The weakest of them were at the top of level seven. Two of them had just reached level nine Dao Origin Stage.

Tan Qingfeng was in the middle of level nine. That meant one of them was in the middle of level nine, two at the beginning of level nine, two at the top of level eight, and two at the top of level seven.

The seven of them were all beyond Bing Xinyue's league. Now that the seven of them together fought against a level six Dao Origin Stage cultivator, they only couldn't feel more confident. What they wanted was to get it done as soon as they could.

It would be a big joke of them if they still let Bing Xinyue get away.

Facing the seven powerful enemies, Bing Xinyue wasn't scared. The fire in her eyes was getting more and more blazing. Suddenly, she shouted and a sword light shined! Facing the enemies that were beyond her level, she actually chose to attack first!

"Let's get her together!" Tan Qingfeng's eyes were full of fierceness. Too many unexpected things had happened during this mission. Now that he finally got to fight against the lady face to face, he definitely wanted to end it fast!

One of the level seven Dao Origin Stage men dashed out with his sword in his hand and laughed wickedly. "Together? Come on. She doesn't deserve it! That would be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I will take care of this alone!"

The next moment, Bing Xinyue had already approached with the brutal force on her sword.

That man sounded contemptuous but didn't dare to be reckless. He hurriedly raised up his sword and a blast of sword lights shined up. The sword light was like a range of mountains. It seemed the sword was bending, but the energy was thick and heavy. The sword light was getting over to Bing Xinyue.

At the same time, a scorching qi emitted with that.

It was Saint Sunlight Sect's unique martial art, Burning Sun Art.

He talked like he despised the lady, but he activated the best martial art he had immediately.

- Dang! -

As expected, the two swords toughly crashed in the air.

After that solid crash between the two cultivators, the man of Saint Sunlight Sect suddenly lowered one foot. - Clang! - His sword suddenly shined splendidly and struck down fiercely.

Bing Xinyue couldn't stand stable. She stumbled and slightly fell back a little. She was nearly blasted away by that man's devastating attack.

What was needed in such a harsh crash was the cultivator's real power. Bing Xinyue had been improving all the way along, but she was still only at the top of level six of Dao Origin Stage. She was one full level weaker than the opponent. She was not going to win the fight.

Although she was desperate, and she even would like to give up her life on it, her persistence and faith couldn't fix the gap between the two power levels!

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