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Chapter 1042: Rainbow Cinnabar Fruit
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

"Good! Great job!" Ye Tianchen nodded with praise. "It seems we Ye Clan are going to take what we lost back. We may even achieve more. Regeneration Ink Lotus beyond middling is truly rare. Although it is still much less valuable than that young Brother Ye's lotus, it is valuable enough to please Misty Cloud Palace. Ye Clan is safe now…"

"However, Li Clan left earlier. I guess they are in our way…"

"I know. Why did I invite those two people to come with us back here anyway? What a shame. They didn't want to come. However, this is about the future of Ye Clan. We can't lose it."


"Let's all be careful. It is no further than four hundred miles away from our house. Move faster! Go home earlier!"


Ye Clan people disappeared in the horizon like a wisp of smoke and dust.

Ye Chentian's voice was sounding in the wind with a sigh. "… What a shame… Brother Ye… would be better... I feel… he and our clan seem… connected… in some way…"

"What do we do?" Han Bingxue asked Xuan Bing.

"We wait!"

"For how long?"

"Until he comes out."

"What if it takes him days?"

"Then we wait for days."

"What if it takes him months?"

"Then we wait for months!"

"What if it is years?" Han Bingxue nervily kept asking.

- Puff, puff, puff, puff, puff… -

"Please… Mercy… Forgive me…. I'll wait… I will wait… no matter for how long… Holy heavens, it kills…"

After a long time, they heard the noise of fights and shouts from far away.

It must be the fight between Li Clan and Ye Clan.

Han Bingxue looked aside but didn't move. Xuan Bing didn't even bother moving her eyelids.

For them, it didn't matter which side won. They didn't care if any of them die. They couldn't be more insensible to that…

Even if the two clan's people all died, they wouldn't care. Would they go have a look? They had seen so many fights like that.

What happened between Li Clan and Ye Clan was just some small fight!

They weren't interested at all.

They only cared about Ye Xiao.

On the other side, it took Ye Xiao quite a while to calm down after being excited and hot-headed!

Not that he hadn't seen anything marvelous, after all, he was an influential figure who had the Boundless s.p.a.ce with nine s.p.a.ces in it, who was handsome and rich… However, what was happening was truly too… shocking!

What he had seen was much more pleasant than he could describe.

The first thing he looked at was definitely the Rainbow Cinnabar Fruit.

Before that, he always looked calm and steady, especially in front of Han Bingxue, as if even a landfall would never frighten him a bit. In fact, he was calm because he knew he wouldn't get it by being thrilled or excited. Deep in his heart, he was more thrilled and excited than Han Bingxue!

The Rainbow Cinnabar Fruit had an amazing quality that even Boundless s.p.a.ce didn't have!

Now, the fourth layer was all vividly shown in his sight. When he saw the cinnabar fruit, it looked much more splendid!

There were at least fifty cinnabar fruits on that tree, hanging there like transparent fruits. They were so attractive that he wished he could just rush over and grab a handful of them into his mouth.

"One, two, three, four… nineteen… thirty-five… seventy-seven…" He was dribbling. He took the fruits one by one and said, "This is great… There are actually this many…"

When he finished, he actually took the tree too and put it into Boundless s.p.a.ce. "Come with me. How incredibly long does it take you to fructify here…"

He was feeling honest and said, "Besides, this entire place is for me anyway…"

Apparently, he didn't feel guilty at all about taking the tree away after taking away all the fruits on it.

When he plucked up the tree, he realized the amazing surprise just began. The Rainbow Cinnabar Fruit might be valuable and precious, but compared to what he just found, it was just a child's toy…

Around the roots of the tree, there were lots of traces of spiritual qi.

"Is it… every time when the fruits fell, they fell around the tree… Holy heavens… How many have been wasted in here?"

He took in a cold breath.

Under the tree, there was a thick layer of spiritual paste which was half a foot thick!

It was transparent and beautiful.

The Rainbow Cinnabar Fruit took a thousand years to blossom, another one thousand years to fructify, and another one thousand years to become ripe. When it became ripe, the fruits would stay on the tree for a hundred days, and after that, they all fell. The Rainbow Cinnabar Fruit absorbed the energy from the spiritual qi around it. It was immune to the five elemental damage and to the natural disasters. It wouldn't die just because time pa.s.sing. That meant as long as there was enough spiritual qi, it would continuously grow. It didn't need the nutrients from the ground like other plants.

Most importantly, the fruits wouldn't rot when they fell to the ground. As long as a fruit wasn't eaten, it would stay on the ground forever…

The Rainbow Cinnabar Fruits took three thousand years to fructify, so normally, the fallen fruits would be taken as soon as they touched the floor. Otherwise, it would be a waste, wouldn't it?

The tree of Rainbow Cinnabar Fruit had some other special efficacy. Everything around its roots wouldn't rot. If anything dropped around its roots, it would only be converted into pure spiritual qi.

That gave the tree of Rainbow Cinnabar Fruit a special name, Spirit Root!

When more and more spiritual qi gathered around the roots, especially when it was in somewhere airtight, the spiritual qi would become spiritual paste!

Spiritual paste was the concentration of the purest spiritual qi. It was marvelous. Even the seven great sects that had been living for tens of thousand years in the realm couldn't have a little of spiritual paste!

It was such a rare and precious treasure!

Yet the spiritual paste under the tree was as thick as half a foot and as wide as three meters!

Ye Xiao figured there must be thousands of fruits that had gathered in this place to make such a big pile of spiritual paste.

He started to do the math. Rainbow Cinnabar Fruit took three thousand years to ripe. It could be no more than one hundred fruits at one time… That meant it should have taken tens of times… to make such a large-scale spiritual paste. The tree must have… been there for dozens of years!

"Incredible… unbelievable…" Ye Xiao grinned and put all the spiritual paste into his s.p.a.ce.

Even if the fruits fell to the floor, they would never rot. The fruit had a rather thin skin, but the skin was like gold. With that skin, not a single line of spiritual qi could leak out.

The Spirit Root converted the fruits into spiritual paste. Otherwise, Ye Xiao should have gotten lots of Rainbow Cinnabar Fruits!

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