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Chapter 473: I Know He Doesn't Dare!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Also, my name is Kristen. Young Master Rong, don't be mistaken.”

“Stop pretending! Whether you're Kristen or Rong Yu, move away now!”

“Hmph, no!” Kristen stood firm and refused to budge at all.

How could it be so easy to s.n.a.t.c.h her away from him?

“You're courting death,” Rong Yan cursed. He removed his blazer and threw it at Xu Zhiyuan before punching Kristen's face.

He frantically tried to look for his wife but was stopped by him. He was infuriated and anxious.

Beating someone up was the best way to vent his anger!

Kristen seemed to have expected him to make a move. When he punched, he quickly dodged and punched back.

“Young Master Rong… ”

“Master… ”

The bodyguards in black and the bodyguards outside shouted.

“All of you, stand aside!”

Rong Yan and Kristen said in unison but did not stop.

The bodyguards stared at their respective masters but did not dare to help them after receiving the order. Hence, they could only watch the two of them fight it out.

Rong Yan and Kristen did not use any combat techniques at all. They simply fought with brute force without any fancy moves or lethal attacks.

The two men met each other at the entrance of the mansion.

As if they had agreed beforehand, the two of them punched each other in unison and soon, their handsome faces were bloodied.

Xu Zhiyuan looked away reluctantly. Young Master Rong, don't forget that you're here to fetch Young Madam home.

Having injured your face, bringing the Young Madam home is not going to happen. It's already good enough that she doesn't despise you for your bruised face…

It was the cruelest thing to target someone's face in a fight, alright?

After fighting for almost half an hour, the two of them leaned against the wall while panting heavily. Rong Yan wiped the blood off his lips and looked up at Kristen.

“I didn't expect you to be so skilled.”

Kristen rubbed his temples and said, “Your skills are better than I thought too.”

“Now that we've already fought, it's time for you to return my wife to me, right?” Rong Yan stood up straight and stared at him with glistening eyes.

“I don't have Young Madam Rong here. I only have my sister, Luo Anning.”

Rong Yan gritted his teeth and exclaimed, “I'm looking for Luo Anning!”

“Is that so?” The angrier he was, the more casual Kristen was. He continued provocatively, “I'm sorry then. My sister is not seeing anyone tonight. If you really want to see her, please come early tomorrow.”

The butler broke out into a cold sweat and thought to himself, oh my G.o.d, why do you sound so evil when you say you're not seeing guests tonight?

“Rong Yu, do you really think I don't dare to barge in?” Rong Yan barked angrily.

Kristen looked up and stared at him, certain that he would not dare to provoke him. “Go ahead then. If you're not afraid of disturbing her rest, feel free to barge in. I welcome you anytime. Do you dare to?”

Rong Yan was speechless.

How dare he!

Kristen smirked smugly and entered the inner court with large strides.

I knew he wouldn't dare!

Fight with him? Don't forget the leverage I have over you!

The door of the mansion slammed shut mercilessly.

Xu Zhiyuan walked towards him and took out a first aid kit from the car. “Young Master Rong, your face… ahem, bandage it.”

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