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Chapter 471: He's a Devil!
He was a devil!

Mo Xiyan shook her head frantically and her bloodied face became even more terrifying. Her eyes were filled with terror and she finally realized that his bottom line was Luo Anning!

Rong Yan frowned in disgust and strode away without hesitation.

The anesthetic had begun to take effect and the doctor did not continue hitting Mo Xiyan. Instead, he began carrying out the hysterectomy.

The stench of blood filled the air in the operating theater and the woman's heart-wrenching cries filled the entire floor.

The bodyguards that Old Mr. Rong had sent to protect Mo Xiyan were all defeated by Rong Yan. This time, if Old Mr. Rong were to go against him and protect Mo Xiyan again, he would really fall out with him!

When the bodyguards reported that Mo Xiyan had been dragged into the operating theater by Rong Yan, Old Mr. Rong seemed to have aged by more than ten years. He waved his hand in exhaustion and no longer bothered himself with the matter.

One of them refused to acknowledge him and the other wanted to fall out with him. He really did not have the energy to care about anything else.

Forget it, I'll let them be.

He left a team of bodyguards in B City and immediately brought Mo Xiyan back to S City to deal with her after she was done with her surgery. Rong Yan could not even wait for a single second!

He did not forget that there was a woman waiting for him to explain.

He knew that she must be letting her imagination run wild again…

After ending the call, Luo Anning wiped her tears away and threw her mobile phone down the stairs.

She scurried back to the bedroom, grabbed her suitcase and some clothes, and left Luxury Mansion overnight without bringing anything else.

The bodyguards dared not stop her and could only follow her from three meters away to ensure her safety.

Luo Anning had no idea where else she could go. Qiange was in Canada and Momo was also taking care of Qiange. In S City, she had no friends except Qiange and Momo.

She did not drive or call the chauffeur. Instead, she dragged her suitcase and walked on the road that was empty at night. She cried silently.

She silently swallowed her misery.

After walking for a long time, she arrived at the villa district at the foot of the mountain.

After hesitating for a while, she arrived at Kristen's house and pressed the doorbell.

The butler opened the door and hurriedly welcomed her in when he saw her teary and swollen eyes.

Upon hearing the butler's report, Kristen and Catherine came downstairs to see that she was holding onto her suitcase and crying with reddened eyes. Kristen immediately frowned.

“Did Rong Yan bully you?” he asked coldly.

He walked towards her and grabbed her suitcase before walking towards the couch with her in tow. He then grabbed a few tissues to wipe her face dry.

Luo Anning turned away awkwardly and grabbed the tissue from his hand to wipe it herself. Kristen got the butler to bring her a gla.s.s of warm milk and shoved it into her hand. He asked angrily, “Tell me, what happened?”

Catherine glared at Kristen before walking towards Luo Anning and taking a seat beside her. She then put an arm around her shoulder unnaturally and allowed her to lean against it. She said in a cold and concerned voice, “Anning, tell me what you're feeling upset about.”

Luo Anning leaned against Catherine and touched her warm body temperature before realizing that she was not alone.

She bit her lip and held back her tears. “Rong Yan lied to me that he was on a business trip… Actually, he was in B City with Mo Xiyan… “

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