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Chapter 115 Black Deacon

Lin Qi changed into a formal attire and wore a fencing foil before following Blackbeard to welcome the guests outside the door of the ancestral residence. After all, it was a visit from three Black Deacons with equal status to Blackbeard. They had to be received with a welcoming ceremony of the highest standard, so Lin Qi naturally couldn't be absent.

Night Union, a huge alliance consisting of all the underground powers at the northern coastline of West Continent. Night Union didn't have one union leader, the highest authority in the organization belonged to its official a.s.sembly that consisted of 13 Black Deacons including Blackbeard. Night Union was a loose alliance, without much binding for each member. Its function was mostly to mediate and solve internal conflicts.

For example, a certain conflict rose between two great powers and drove them to the brink of war, either the two powers or their neighboring powers could submit the problem under Night Union's authority. Then, the 13 Black Deacons would each offer their own suggestion, mediating their conflict as fair as possible.

If they accepted Night Union's mediation, then both parties would naturally have peace, but if they didn't, they could fight and create a bloodbath all they like. In any case, all members of Night Union were fierce and vicious underground powers, if the two great powers fought and injured each other, there would naturally be other people who would be looking for an opportunity to swallow them whole.

Underground word followed the simple law of the jungle. The 13 Black Deacons were 13 vicious beasts standing on top of the food chain within the underground jungle. They formed the Night Union merely to protect the rule of the underground jungle as much as possible, not to let everyone flourish or even attract outsiders' prying eyes.

Several hundred people in formation majestically approached the main gate of the ancestral residence. Wearing a black formal attire and a magnificent golden silk cloak, Blackbeard laughed heartily and wobbled outside the gate like a huge bear.

"Three brothers and sisters, it is still the first day of the new year, the first day you know, how come you are interested to come to my place?"

Three abnormally simple carriages stopped outside the gate. Nearly one hundred bodyguards in formal attires escorted the three vehicles. Each and every one of them was strong; their eyes swept around, indicating that they were rare experts. Especially several people among them who radiated pressure; they should be similar to Tie Chui, Tu Dao, and the others, all Heaven Knights.

It was unknown whether what happened after was premeditated, but when Blackbeard lead people out of the gate, the doors of the three carriages were simultaneously opened. Before any person appeared, the sound of laughter could already be heard. One was high-pitched and loud, one was smooth and weak, while the other was sweet and charming like sweet cream stuffed into one's throat, making people couldn't help but feel sick.

The high-pitched and loud laughter that was like that of a rooster belonged to a short man as plump as a ball. Lin Qi clearly saw that after the fatty 'rolled' out of his carriage, it abruptly rose by more than 3 centimeters. Tu Dao softly introduce next to Lin Qi, "Fat Bird Kirk, he has a hand in all smuggling business along the northern coastline. Because of him, the tax every country lost every year along the coast exceeds 20 million!"

The smooth and weak laughter belonged to a tall and thin man whose figure was like that of a worm. The top and bottom of his head were pointed as if they were cut by a blade while the middle was round, it looked like a date seed. He was nearly as tall as Blackbeard, but he may not even be as fat as Lin Qi's thigh. Such a thin and tall stature was also hunchbacked, making him appear extremely odd.

Tu Dao said in a low voice, "Mantis Twain, at least 30 bandit groups are connected to him, several hundred kidnapping cases on the northern part of the continent every year should definitely have something to do with him. Oh, for example the kidnapping of d.u.c.h.ess Freya Xue of Kingdom Rayli with a ransom of 5 million. After the ransom finally dropped to 3 million, Freya Xue returned safely. This is Twain's handiwork."

Lin Qi smirked. Fat Bird Kirk who had a smuggling business was nothing much, but Mantis Twain dared to kidnap a d.u.c.h.ess of a Kingdom. He was bold enough and his means was also extraordinary. Especially after kidnapping her, he could actually still live well; one could well imagine his strength.

Finally, the person with the sweet and charming laughter, like her laughter, she was an extremely sweet and indescribably beautiful young lady. Her body was tall and mature like a juicy peach, making people itch to take a bite. Her skintight long black skirt perfectly outline every curve of her body. At first glance her face looked 13 to 14 years old, yet after looking carefully it also looked like a mature woman over 30. However, when one saw her third eye, one would overlook her age and completely sank into her fluid gaze, unable to break free.

Such a gorgeous lady, but Tu Dao's introduction of her was that she was 'Black Rose Madam Ross', the biggest slave trader on the northern part of the continent. The stretch of her hands was extremely long, strong men of Dark Spirit Continent, various tribes of Five Dalian Island, goblins and elves of Goblin Continent, except for the mysterious East Continent that she didn't dare touch, slaves of every continent could be found in her prison.

"There's a reliable information, a sacred daughter of Dark Spirit Continent was kidnapped a year ago, this should be her doing." Tu Dao softly said with a grim smile, "A sacred daughter of Dark Spirit Continent, I truly have no idea how the people she dispatched escaped Dark Spirit Continent."

'A sacred daughter of Dark Spirit Continent?' Lin Qi instinctively recalled the several ancestral spirit warriors with combustible spirits and vitality, who rescued Ya and Ling.

"Hahaha, dear brothers, particularly dear Ross, you haven't visited this place of mine in such a long time!"

Blackbeard spread out his hands and walked up to welcome his guests. He didn't heed Fat Bird Kirk and Mantis Twain who were full of smiles, instead strongly embracing Black Rose Ross who was feigning anger. Blackbeard's huge face rubbed against the beautiful face with skin as delicate as that of an egg.

Lin Qi rolled his eyes. He softly grumbled, "Father has many lovers right?"

Tu Dao smiled wryly and softly said, "The Lord indeed has many lovers, but young master has returned home now, so the Lord doesn't have the guts to privately meet them."

Lin Qi nodded and said, "It's just as well, he's afraid that I will tell Mother. Tsk, he's afraid that Mother will crawl up and choke him to death."

Tu Dao's face was filled with black lines. He turned his head away in embarra.s.sment, refusing to comment. 'A child who could refer to his own father this way on the first day of the new year, there should only be Lin Qi under all heaven, right?' Even Enzo moved several steps away to show that he didn't know the outrageous person called Lin Qi.

Blackbeard hugged Madam Ross for no less than two minutes before letting her go. When he was hugging the other two people, Lin Qi's gaze suddenly congealed.

From within Fat Bird Kirk's carriage, Arthur who was badly battered slowly walked out.

Chapter 116 Watching The Fun Along The Way

"Father!" Arthur walked up to Blackbeard and greeted respectfully.

Blackbeard smiled before pa.s.sionately hugging Arthur. He turned his head to glance at Lin Qi as his eyes flashed with a cold glint of warning. Clearly Blackbeard didn't want Lin Qi to do something he wasn't supposed to in front of the three Black Deacons.

Lin Qi smiled. He walked out of the crowd before respectfully greeting 'happy new year' to Fat Bird Kirk and the other two. Then he also pa.s.sionately hugged Arthur. "Dear elder brother, why didn't you come to the family feast yesterday? I really missed you to death, what have you been doing these days? Oh, right, how is that lover of yours? The girl with pale golden hair?"

Arthur's heart was gloomy, but he was also full of smiles while strongly hugging Lin Qi.

Dear Lin Qi, I've been busy with many things these days, so I didn't have time to go to the family feast." Lightly sighing, Arthur looked at Lin Qi and slowly said, "As for Octavia, she already left Dunerk, after all she has her own life."

Lin Qi narrowed his eyes while Arthur also did the same with his single eye. The two stared at each other a while before suddenly burst out laughing at the same time.

The two people were aware. Since Lin Qi asked the question, Arthur knew that Lin Qi had definitely investigated his little lover who appear in Green Rose Hotel in secret; but from the answer Arthur gave Lin Qi, Lin Qi also knew that he would no longer able to find the beautiful girl with long pale golden hair.

With artificial smiles, the two people stood arm in arm next to Blackbeard, truly like a pair of blood brothers with deep affection.

Mantis Twain widened his eyes and said with a hypocritical smile, "Black Tiger, you have a pair of good sons!"

Black Rose Madam Ross took out a small folding fan made of sandalwood to cover her small mouth as she was laughing softly. Her beautiful eyes looked back and forth between Lin Qi and Arthur, appearing very interested. Lin Qi smiled brilliantly at Madam Ross. The woman was very pleasing to the eyes, so Lin Qi didn't mind taking a few more glances at her.

Of course, Madam Ross was still not as attractive as the lovely and glittering crowings. Even when Lin Qi was sizing her curvaceous body, he was calculating how much lovely gold coins those filthy beastmen were willing to spend if Madam Ross were to be sold to Five Dalian Island? It was Madam Ross' profession, so using gold coins to weigh her value, Lin Qi felt that it was a matter of course.

"She must worth a lot of money!" Lin Qi finally gave Madam Ross his judgment.

Only Fat Bird Kirk's laughter was particularly fake. His smile was like plastered on a mask covering his face, without a hint of emotion. He narrowed his eyes. The sharp look from the narrowed eyes swept over Lin Qi like a knife, but every time Lin Qi smiled at him, Fat Bird Kirk extremely cautiously shifted his own gaze.

After a period of cordial etiquette and greetings, Blackbeard invited the three people with important status into the ancestral residence, taking them into the most luxurious parlor in the main residence. It was early in the morning, so everyone hadn't had breakfast. Very quickly, fragrant tea and various kinds of light refreshment were brought up. Above all, a roasted pig and two smoked sheep legs were arranged in front of Fat Bird Kirk. There were also a huge plate of tuna salad and seven to eight sausages with pickled vegetables.

It was Lin Qi's first time witnessing a person with such a big appet.i.te. A formal conversation hadn't even started, yet Fat Bird Kirk had already finished the roasted pig and smoked sheep legs, even the bones of the pig were swallowed. Soon after, the tuna salad also quickly disappeared into his mouth while the sausages that were as big as a child's arm were each swallowed in one bite.

Lin Qi even doubted if the sausages were chewed or swallowed whole by Fat Bird Kirk!

Such a terrifying fatty, his appet.i.te was truly too big. Lin Qi inwardly calculated how much gold coins he had eaten up. Lin Qi felt that afterward he had to extort the fatty a hundredfold of what he ate up today.

At the same time, Arthur unexpectedly walked out of the carriage that belonged to the repulsive fatty. Lin Qi couldn't help but doubt whether Arthur and Fat Bird Kirk had some mutual interest; if Fat Bird Kirk was truly the external help that Arthur found, then Lin Qi had to think of every possible way of dealing with Fat Bird Kirk. It was no good news.

To be able to control the majority of smuggling business along the northern coastal area, one could well imagine how enormous Fat Bird Kirk's influence was. Perhaps his subordinates' fighting strength wouldn't be as powerful as that of Black Tiger Family, but the network and various connections Fat Birk Kirk had on the ground were no small matter. After all, how could smuggling business be separated from the support of government?

A boss of the underground world who had the government power as backing couldn't be easily dealt with.

As Lin Qi was turning over various thoughts in his mind, he saw Blackbeard drinking a cup of tea before strongly rubbing his thick black beard. He chuckled and loudly asked, "I'm truly baffled, how do the three of you have time to visit me on the first day of the new year? Hahaha, your old nests are quite a distance away from Dunerk!"

Black Rose Madam Ross put on a deemphasizing smile. She threw a coquettish glance at Lin Qi and sweetly said, "Sir Black Tiger, Ross merely pa.s.sed by coincidence. There was a huge business a while ago, so I personally went to Vias Business Union. The journey was arduous, in the end I celebrated the new year outside. I came to Dunerk to board a ship to return home, and I ran into these two by chance!"

With stooped waist, Mantis Twain looked around with a sly gaze. He also smirked and said, "Black Tiger, I'm also merely pa.s.sing by. Hehe, huge business, I just did a huge transaction, so I came to ask you to dispatch a ship, what about dispatching some reliable people to send me home? Who told Dunerk to be the only open port at the northern empire? I can only ask you. It's fat pig here who specifically come looking for you."

Ross and Twain gently pushed Fat Bird Kirk out. The plump Fat Bird Kirk laughed before straightening his body with difficulty and wiping his huge greasy hand using a napkin.

Coughing drily, Fat Bird Kirk smiled and said, "I'm also merely pa.s.sing by, haha, watching the fun along the way."

After muttering to himself for a while, Fat Bird Kirk looked at Blackbeard and said with a smile, "I heard young master Arthur is about to return to his biological father's territory and take control of it? Black Tiger, you know that Red-haired Demon's territory is connected with a major road, so it is very important for my business. I want to make clear on Arthur's future development…."

Arthur smiled at Fat Bird Kirk. He opened his mouth as if wanting to say something.

However, Blackbeard's cold and gloomy words made Arthur's smile suddenly froze.

"Fat pig, the matters of my Black Tiger Family is nothing you need to worry about, right? How Arthur is going to be, what G.o.dd.a.m.n business does it have to do with you?"

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