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[Wake up lazy host, time to cultivate]

That is what Michael heard just after waking up from his slumber.

It is been 2 weeks days since he broke through the Mid Level of Mortal Flesh Refining. In these 2 weeks, many things had happened. First of all, he and Jasper's closeness had increased by a large margin. They can now sleep together in a single bed without any discomfort. Second, he had broken through the High Mortal Flesh Refining. The system did not give him any chance to rest and made him cultivate 24/7. Third, he had trained his Greatsword skills to a certain degree.

After training his greatsword skills for five days, something appeared in front of his line of vision.

[Noob - Greatsword User: Progress - 78%]

The system said it is a progress bar where he can check the mastery of his skills or weapons.

There are 7 stages in it: Noob, Rookie, Excellent, Elite, Heroic, Sage, and Deity. The higher he goes, the stronger he gets. This can serve him as a power boost on his side, now he can fight opponents many times stronger than him.

But there are some harsh requirements for him to meet, to advance to some stage. In the first four stages, he doesn't have to meet any requirements other than training but in the other three, that's where it gets harsh. Heroic, Sage, and Deity. In those three, he has to comprehend certain Elemental Laws just to advance to them.

Michael and Jasper have gotten closer. It seems like, love is blossoming in the two of them. (Can you feel the love tonight)

Every day she would cook for him, give him clothes, and hugs him. In the end, even though she is a monster, she is still a teenage girl. She loves him, very much that she wants these moments to never end but...Everything has an ending and this one is no different.

Even though they had just like less than a month, Michael felt like he has known her for many years. In just a short time, he had already fallen for her. It's weird huh? His girlfriend just broke up with him a week ago and now he is falling in love with a girl, a girl who can kill him in one slap. How destiny had led him to this? He will never know.

He just wants to be with her for eternity and never leave her. But tragedy always comes at the wrong time...

In the white marking just outside the hut, there is a slight scratch. That slight scratch will be the symbol of doom for the two of them. The monster with the pair of red eyes is waiting, waiting for it to bloom.

Michael and Jasper sat in the table and ate their food as they converse to each other.

"Hahaha, you're really good at joking, Michael," Jasper said while laughing.

"Okay okay, I have another one, wanna hear it?" Michael asked.

"Of course" She replied joyfully.

"What happened when two vampires went on a blind date?" Michael asked.

"What?" She replied.

"It was love at first bite!"

It took a moment before the joke went inside her head and...

"Hahaha, good one" She laughed.

Michael looks at her in a daze. She is really beautiful when she smiles.

"You know..."


Michael smiled and looked at her in the eyes before saying "You're really beautiful when you smile"

She was stunned for a moment before her cheeks went red. She looks like a tomato when she blushes.

She burrowed her face under her hair because of the embarra.s.sment she is feeling right now.

Michael smiled at her cutely hidden face. He never felt like this with his previous girlfriend because she always says she has other things to do. But he did not realize later on that it was the start of her betrayal.

Anyway, Michael stood up and picked up the dirty plates on the table before walking towards the well. He took a bucket and filled it with water from the well before he started washing the dirty plates.

Since Michael is just staying here for free, he had been cleaning the house as to not get yelled at by Jasper, though it's just him showing his politeness.

Jasper stood up too and cleaned the table while her face is still hidden behind her hair because of her shyness.

The time quickly pa.s.sed and without them noticing, it was already night.

Michael closed the door before readying his bed on the ground next to Jasper's bed.

Jasper laid down on the bed with her face facing the ceilings. She never thought that a moment like this would come to her life again. When her mother died, she felt like her world was crashing down on her. She had to learn how to feed herself in the wilderness but now, she has a person helping her clean the house, make her laugh, and he's also very sweet.

She wants nothing but for these moments to remain forever. She and Michael having a family one day, a day she would want to come sooner, a day...that will never come.

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