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Adalius Navarel is a very timid but brave person. Since young, he had to go through hardships just to feed his younger brother in the slums.

That is until a G.o.d Slayer recruiter came and asked him to join the forces of G.o.d Slayers. Apparently, he had a talent for being G.o.d Slayer.

Of course, Adalius was very happy when he heard that. From now on, he and his brother won't starve anymore in the slums, because the pay for being a G.o.d Slayer is huge!

He will make 1000 CC (Credit Currency) every month! 1 Credit Currency can feed a whole family for one month and just imagine what he can do with 1000 CC.

He can feed his brother luxurious foods and he can give him many good clothes! Unlike when they were living in the slums, right now they are set for life!

But, it was not meant to be.

The life of a G.o.d Slayer is very harsh, they had to consume mashed foods that have pure vitamins inside it, which turned its taste so awful.

Adalius almost puked the first time

he ate that food.

Not only that, but they also had to do extreme exercises every single day until they get their G.o.d Arcs. 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, and 300 squats.

The resources needed for training are also very expensive. Almost his entire CC is spent on resources, so only 10 CC is left for him to send to his brother.

Adalius thought of quitting several times but he always stopped himself from doing it, why? Because of his little brother. If he quit over some little hardships, how is he going to feed his brother? So he stayed.

He was 14 at that time.

After 1 year, he was able to become a bonafide G.o.d Slayer. He received his G.o.d Arc, which was a claymore. After a week of getting used to his G.o.d Arc in simulations, he was finally able to do a mission.

He took an easy mission from the lobby, where every G.o.d Slayer would take their missions.

At that time, his EPL was only around 2.4, trash compared to everybody else.

Since he is very weak he took a simple mission, killing a Slender Limbs. Of course, he was not alone. He had three other teammates with him.

Nadia Mable, Ophelia Jade, and Radley Meiser.

Nadia Mable is a very adorable girl, she is cheerful, kind and she has a cute permanent pink blush on her cheeks, cherry blossom hair, deep pink eyes, and a cheerful smile on her face. She wears a pink dress, modified by scientists with adamantine silk threads.

Ophelia Jade is the complete opposite of Nadia Mable. She is a very cold person, even with her teammates. She does not show any kind of emotions except when she smiles sometimes, though it is very rare. She has a very smooth looking skin, deep midnight blue eyes that have a dignified look on it, smooth violet hair, and she wears a halter top with skinny jeans for her pants. Like Nadia's clothes, they are also modified with adamantine threads.

Radley Meiser is a very arrogant guy, he thinks he owns the world just because he is the son of a higher up in the city. He has orange hair, coal-like eyes, and he wears a red jacket and inside it is a white t-shirt, he wears black jeans for his pants.

Nadia Mable has an EPL of 30.

Ophelia Jade has an EPL of 50.

Radley Meiser has an EPL of 70.

All of them were in Rank C while he, Adalius, has an EPL of 2.4, an E Rank rookie. He never knew why they put him in this team, I mean look at that! They are way, way above me! How is this fair!?

He went to the government office and tried to file a complaint about the team making decisions, but they just insulted him by saying.

"Aren't you happy that a trash like you gets to serve them? All of your teammates came from a very n.o.ble family and they are also geniuses! How lucky are you to serve them? I'd sacrifice my left arm just to be their servants and you want to quit them? How stupid are you?"

Adalius left the office with his face red from the embarra.s.sment he faced inside the office.

Since he can't quit his team, he'll just stay there and also, maybe his teammates ain't half bad? Oh, he was very, very wrong.

When they became a team, they were transferred to a house solely for G.o.d Slayers, so you can not bring any maids and butlers inside it.

In just 4 days of staying with them in that house, they started to treat him like their servant. They made him cook food, wash their clothes, wash the house they are staying in, everything that a maid does they made him do it. And if he did not do it, do you know what they would do? They would beat him up, he is especially afraid of Ophelia because she is a s.a.d.i.s.t, yes a G.o.dd.a.m.n s.a.d.i.s.t. She would take out her specially designed whip to whip him. Truly a miserable life.

He wanted to quit so much but he cannot because his brother is still putting his faith in him.

But his life changed when he met a girl, her name is Alissa Elvina. She is like him, a trash G.o.d Slayer. She has an EPL of 2.2, lower than his. But unlike him, she does not have an abusive team, she has a very sweet team full of females.

They met when he and she were sitting under a tree, thinking about their life till now. Since then, they have been meeting there every day.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. For 2 months, they meet up under that same tree every single day. One day, Adalius decided to ask her if she wanted to become his girlfriend and she said yes.

One year pa.s.sed, August 1, Adalius proposed to her to become his fiance. She said yes with her tears coming out of her eyes.

In that one year, many things changed. Alissa is no longer a trash, she now has an EPL of 45 because of her hard work and perseverance. But Adalius's EPL only increased by 0.6 even though he trained harder than Alissa, he quickly became a laughing stock in the G.o.d Slayer community. A G.o.d Slayer who only increased his EPL by 0.6, in other words, a trash.

But Alissa still stayed with him even after that. His heart warmed because of that, but he noticed a change in her personality in those times but he just shrugged it off saying, it was only nothing.

Fast Forward by 8 months, it was now April 19 and the day his heart was broken into pieces.

A rising genius appeared in the G.o.d Slayer community, Alphonsus Ellsworth, the son of one of the 10 SS Rank G.o.d Slayers. He had an EPL of 300.

Adalius never cared about him and he just continued on with his life. Though his teammates never changed. They still continued to make his life miserable.

But he managed to continue on because of his fiance and his brother. Every time he was pushed back to the ground, he kept climbing up and up and up but...His climbing spree is about to be destroyed.

-At Night-

Adalius went to the house where Alissa and her teammates were staying. He knocked on the door and one of her teammates opened it for him, she did not get surprised because he had been visiting Alissa for two years. But there was something strange about her eyes like she was looking at him with sympathy and yet with an amused glint on her eyes.

She let him in the house and told him that Alissa was upstairs.

This is now really weird because they usually would not let him in the house.

Nonetheless, he went in and walked up the stairs. He suddenly heard moaning noises in the room upstairs. He had a bad feeling on his chest as he walks closer to the sound.

When he was near the door of the room, he reached out for the doork.n.o.b and turned it slowly before he slowly opened the door.

Once he had completely opened the door, he saw something that would haunt him to the rest of his days. He saw Alissa having s.e.x with, you guessed it, Alphonsus Ellsworth, on top of her luxurious bed.

Alissa looked at him briefly but on that brief time, he saw her looking at him with an indifference that you can only see in a stranger before she suddenly reached her climax and came.

Adalius's tears came flowing down his face like a river before he ran downstairs and stormed out of the house.

Alissa's roommates seem to be looking at him with sympathy as he stormed out of their house.

He did not know where to go as he ran outside the dark and starry night. He just wanted to run as far as he could from this...this nightmare.

He wanted to make his dream come true, a dream where he and Alissa get married with his brother as his best man. But he forgot about one thing, a nightmare is also a dream too.

He ran and ran and ran and ran until he reached a certain tree, the tree where they first met.

-7 Days Later-

In those 7 days, he was like a mess. He never fought back to his teammates, he just...did as he was told. His eyes were like a broken orb as he cleaned the floors of the house.

Suddenly, Radley came into the house and announced happily that they were going to do a mission, but it was not just any mission, their mission is to exterminate a Minotaur, a Rank C Mythical Creature, In the Mythical Forest.

It was not a problem to fight the Minotaur with their group because since two years ago, everyone except Adalius has been improving.

Nadia Mable - 120

Ophelia Jade - 160

Radley Meiser - 210

And so, all of them got their gears and G.o.d Arcs ready before going out of the walls of the city.

Even though his teammates were abusive a.s.sholes, they were still after all a G.o.d Slayer, so their intellect were pretty high. They decided to go on foot because it will be easier for them to reach there without encountering any other Mythical Creatures. Their estimated time of arrival is within 1 day.

-Next Day-

They reached the forest after one day. They went inside the forest and searched for the Minotaur. They quickly found it, sleeping in the middle of a plain inside the forest.

The other three nodded at each other before moving towards it slowly and quietly with their G.o.d Arcs in their hands but Adalius was left behind a tree because he knew he would instantly die if he fights that thing. When they were about to reach the Minotaur, it suddenly disappeared from its location.

All of their eyes constricted when they saw the Minotaur disappearing out of its position.

They quickly turned on their guards but it was too late, the Minotaur appeared behind Nadia and attacked her with its wooden club.

She narrowly dodges the attack and retreated with her teammates following suit.

"An aberrant!? They sent us to fight an aberrant!?" Radley exclaimed in shock as he saw the EPL of the Minotaur with his EPL watch checker.

Minotaur EPL - 655

The rest of them widened their eyes as they heard what Radley just said.

An aberrant is a Monster whose strength is not supposed to be at its normal rate, in other words, an abnormal.

When Adalius heard that, instead of freaking out, he just smiled a broken smile. He walked slowly in front of them as he held his G.o.d Arc tightly before saying.

"Retreat, I will hold it off to buy you guys some time to retreat"

The three of them were stunned when they heard Adalius say that. The trash that they were kicking around is saying he will hold an aberrant on his own?

"Huh!? What are you talking about? If even us can't hold it off, how can you think you can!?" Radley asked him angrily.

Adalius looks at them with a meaningful look and Ophelia saw that.

She held Radley's right shoulder and said "Let's just go, maybe he has a plan to deal with it"

Radley looked unsure but nonetheless he agreed before he looks at Adalius and said: "You better not disappoint us, trash!"

They quickly ran off after Radley said that. Nadia turned her head back to Adalius and looked at him with a complicated gaze before following suit.

Adalius looked at the Minotaur with a broken gaze as he put gripped his G.o.d Arc tightly to draw some courage for what he is about to do.

"I let them run off because I don't want anyone disturbing me as I do this," He said as he put the tip of his G.o.d Arc's blade into his stomach before plunging it.

Blood splattered to the soft emerald-like gra.s.s when Adalius plunge his G.o.d Arc into his stomach.

The Minotaur was confused as to why this human would kill himself right in front of it. It just shook its head before walking towards Adalius.

But suddenly! Dark aura spread out of Adalius's body as his G.o.d Arc blended with his body. Giant serpentine eyes appeared behind Adalius before he was covered by a pure black orb.

Everything around the vicinity was blown away as the winds kept getting stronger and stronger.

The orb also kept getting bigger and bigger until it reaches the size of an elephant.

The Minotaur widened its large red eyes as it saw the human turned into a black orb. The Minotaur dashed towards the black orb with extreme speed but it was blown away as the orb exploded into nothingness.

After the black orb exploded, a completely black gigantic serpent revealed itself behind the black orb. The serpent was around the size of an elephant and its length was around 30 feet long.

Its EPL is 550, it is still weaker than the Minotaur. This was Adalius. He plunged the G.o.d Arc to his stomach because he wanted to be taken over by his G.o.d Arc.

He wanted to do something selfish for himself just this once. All his life he had been serving other people, either it be his brother or his teammates but the point is, it no longer matters.

Right now, right here, he will die bravely. He will stand up and fight against an opponent he couldn't beat before.

I am sorry brother but just give your elder brother a rest, I have already worked hard and long enough. This is just one selfish request, you can give me this one, right?

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