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-Next Day-

Under the bright morning sun, the cold wind blew as the morning dews from the leaves of the trees fell to the ground, the birds were chirping as they enjoyed the morning breeze, mythical creatures in the depths of the forest roared under the light of the sky.

Michael was suddenly woken up by the system sounding in his head. He is still a little bit dizzy from waking up so suddenly.


[Host, why aren't you cultivating? Since host is too lazy, I will give you a mission for you to breakthrough the Mid Mortal Flesh Refining realm]

When Michael heard that, he finally fully woke up. Another mission means another threat to his little brother down inside his pants.

A holographic pad appeared in front of him and the mission description is there.


Name: Time to get up, lazy b.u.t.t

Mission Description: Since my host is too lazy, I shall give him a mission befitting him. In 3 days you will have to breakthrough the Mid Mortal Flesh Refining realm.

Time: 3 Days

Reward: 7000 MP

Failure: Your p.e.n.i.s will feel a burning effect for 3 days and 3 nights straight]

Tears formed under his sky blue eyes as he looked at the consequence of not finishing the mission. Burning my little brother for 3 days and 3 nights straight? How vicious! You should have been a torturer rather than a system!

But nonetheless, he obeyed. It is never worth it to sacrifice your little brother over some laziness.

He looked at where Jasper was and saw, she was still sleeping. Michael doesn't want to disturb her, so he decided to just cultivate silently. He sat in his mattress in a lotus position before he started cultivating.

-2 Hours Later-

After a few hours of cultivating, Michael finally opened his tightly shut eyes.

After cultivating, he felt like he is going to be able to make a breakthrough by tomorrow, if he continues cultivating like this.

Sniff Sniff

He smelled something delicious coming outside the hut. He stood up and went outside through the front door.

Outside, he saw Jasper cooking slices of bacon on a frying pan, under it is a bunch of sticks burning as a fuel.

She turned her head and saw Michael getting down from the hut. She smiled and said, "So you are awake?"

Michael walked down the small wooden stairs on the front door and replied "Yeah, I was meditating earlier"

"I was going to wake you up from your meditation but I just decided not to," She said while flipping the bacons.

So, I see that you're cooking bacons there, where did you get it?" Michael asked her curiously.

"Oh, this? Earlier while you were meditating, I went out to fetch some of the wild boars that were caught under my traps" She said.

"Traps?" Michael was confused.

"Yes, traps. Since my mom's death, I have lived in this forest all alone in this hut, but before she died, she thought me how to survive in the wild since I was just five years old. So here I am, an expert of being able to live in the wild" She explained as she took the bacons out of the frying pan and put it into a plate.

Michael felt sympathetic towards her. She had been living in this forest for ten years, all alone and no one to talk to. She could not go to human civilization because they will easily figure out what she is and exterminate her almost immediately.

"Hey, do you want some? I made enough for the two of us" Jasper said to Michael.

"Really? I feel so embarra.s.sed because I even slept in your room and now you are giving me some of your food, " Michael said ashamed at himself.

She simply smiled and said, "I don't really mind, I have been living here without anyone to talk and it's been lonely eating without anyone to share the food too, so what do you say?"

"Okay, then I won't be holding back" Michael smiled brightly as they went inside the hut to eat.

After they finished eating breakfast, Michael washed the dishes with the water from her well.

Apparently, her mother had built a well that is connected to a small lake. Her mother must have been a superwoman to do that because some monsters in the lakes are more dangerous than some monsters on the land.

After washing the dishes, Michael cultivated again to not get his p.e.n.i.s burned for three days and three nights.

For the whole day, except for eating lunch, dinner, and cultivating, Michael was also able to get to know Jasper better and better as they conversate with each other.

At Night he spent the rest of his sleeping time to cultivation. He desperately cultivated for his little brother to be safe.

-Next Day-

Michael has been living here in this world for a total of 3 days.

After cultivating for the rest of the night, he was finally able to breakthrough the Mid-Mortal Flesh Refining realm. His EPL increased from 5 to 11 after his breakthrough. Now he is a Rank C G.o.d Slayer, though he is still pretty weak.

[Host has finished the mission given by the system, thus you will receive your rewards]

Michael was overjoyed, now that he doesn't have to worry about his p.e.n.i.s being burned for three days and three nights. But he seems to be forgetting something.

He suddenly realized that he did not check the manual he got from the starter pack. So he opened his inventory and took out the manual.

He read the t.i.tle of the manual after he took it out of the inventory box.

(How To Train Your Skills On Greatswords For Dummies)

So it was for training his skills on his G.o.d Arc! Now he can finally be proficient in using his greatsword.

Rookie G.o.d Slayers, like Adalius Navarel, are trained for their weapon types, though it's only for the basics they have to learn everything after becoming a real G.o.d Slayer.

G.o.d Slayers are given missions to exterminate dangerous Mythical Creatures that threatens their strongholds.

That is what exactly what Adalius and his previous teammates were doing when they came to this forest, a mission to exterminate the Minotaur.

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