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Michael stared at the beautiful girl at the front door of the Hut. He never saw such a beautiful girl in his entire life, except maybe from some celebrities but you know, he will never get close to those celebs, unlike this one.

The girl suddenly spoke softly out of nowhere, "Can you please come out, mister?"

Michael is startled as he heard the girl speak as if she knew he is here. In this darkness, you can't see anything other than the long stretched blackness of the trees, so how did she know he was here?

Michael has been hiding behind a tree this whole time and so, he came out of the tree from behind it.

They both stared at each other in eerie silence before the girl broke it.

"Mister, were you spying on me?" The girl asked as she suspects Michael from peeping on her.

"Pfft" Michael almost spits out his saliva after hearing that.

"N-No, I was not peeping on you" Michael stuttered as he was still startled by that question.

"I did not say anything about peeping" This time, the girl is more suspicious of Michael than before.

's.h.i.t' Michael cursed in his mind as he just realized his mistake.

Michael knew he could not win this conversation, so he decided to avert the conversation by saying...

"Anyway, what are you doing here in the middle of this forest all alone in this hut?" Michael decided to be the one who is suspicious of her.

The girl was startled for a second because of the sudden question before she sighed and said "I'm not going to lie to you, I am an asw.a.n.g" The girl confessed as her clothes fell to the ground, exposing her entire body.

'Ah, what did I get myself into?' Michael instantly had a nosebleed after seeing that hot body.

"I have been living in this forest my entire life with my mother before she died because of a minotaur attack five years ago when I was seven" She explained.

Asw.a.n.gs' natural habitats are either the dark woods or the cemeteries according to Filipino mythology. it's just that, Michael didn't expect to see one here and she has such a beautiful body. What? Michael is still a growing boy.

Michael was oogling on her body when suddenly she turned into a giant black dog around the size of 2 humans.

Michael woke up from his perversion when he saw that before his face turned serious, he was now cautious whether she would attack him or not. He gripped his G.o.d Arc tightly as he readied himself.

The girl turned dog saw him being ready for battle and said "You don't have to be cautious, I will not start a battle with you, G.o.d Slayer. But even if I did, would you be able to stop me?" To prove her point, she walks with her four limbs towards a nearby tree before using her claws to cut the tree in half.

Michael's jaw dropped after he saw her cut that tree in half with her bare claws and such ease. Even though he could do that with his G.o.d Arc, he can't do that with his bare hands, it'll be broken the moment he punches a tree.

She looks back on Michael and asked: "You are a G.o.d Slayer right?"

"Yes," Michael nodded in confirmation.

"Then, what is your rank?" She asked as she licked her paws with her doggy tongue.

'Rank?' He is bewildered as to what rank is she talking about before he suddenly remembered.

The G.o.d Slayers and Mythical Creatures had a ranking in the human populations. E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS. That is the ranking of the G.o.d Slayers and the same goes with the Mythical Creatures but the ranking between both sides is not really fair.

The rankings are separated by Energy Power Levels or EPL. The stronger the individual the higher his ranking. I'll give you a chart for you to understand why it is unfair.


Mythical Creatures EPL

Rank E - 10 - 99

Rank D - 100 - 199

Rank C - 200 - 299

Rank B - 300 - 399

Rank A - 400 - 499

Rank S - 500 - 999

Rank SS - 1000 - 4999

Rank SSS - 5000 - 10,000

G.o.d Slayers and Humans EPL

Regular Human - 1

G.o.d Slayer Rank E - 2 - 4

G.o.d Slayer Rank D - 5 - 9

G.o.d Slayer Rank C - 10 - 99

G.o.d Slayer Rank B - 100 - 200

G.o.d Slayer Rank A - 200 - 400

G.o.d Slayer Rank S - 400 - 799

G.o.d Slayer Rank SS - 1500 - 4500

G.o.d Slayer Rank SSS - 5000 - 9000


See why it is unfair? The difference between the two sides EPL is too large. I mean the E Rank between them is like separated by heavens and earth.

Adalius Navarel is a Rank E G.o.d Slayer with an EPL of 3, I know extremely weak. After Michael reached Low Mortal Flesh Refining, he reached the EPL of 5, thus entering the realm of Rank D G.o.d Slayer. Though he is still pretty weak.

"I am a Rank E G.o.d Slayer" Michael responded after remembering the ranks with Adalius's memories.

"Hmm, weak. As for myself, I am a Rank D mythical creature with an EPL of 130, well according to you humans anyway" She shrugged as she said that.

Michael's jaw dropped again after he heard that, this gal could easily kill him with a single move from her, what the h.e.l.l!? This is too unfair.

"But don't worry, I am not like any other asw.a.n.gs. I don't attack someone with no reasons at all, I just live here in peace" She said to try and make him comfortable, which is not helping at all when you are seeing a dog two times the size of you.

"Um...Can you change back to your original form? Your current appearance is really scary" Michael said while trembling in fear.

She looks at her current form before she realized she is still in her dog form, she quickly change back to her former appearance, buuuuut she was still naked and it made Michael have a nosebleed again.

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