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[You have successfully completed the mission given to you by the system, your reward will be seen in the shop screen]

Michael immediately gave the core to the system after carving it out of the Slender Limbs and I tell you, it was really disgusting.

Michael stared at the dark and creepy night before he decided to make or at least find a shelter for him to stay the night in.

But in the endless forest like this one, the possibility of it having a shelter is almost as good as getting strike by a bolt of lightning. In short, it is almost impossible.

He decided to just wander the night because, even if he builds a house he will still not be safe, why? The monsters can still keep destroying it, so he can just go and wander the dark and creepy forest at night.

As he was about to walk away from the Slender Limbs corpse, he heard a rustling sound coming from behind.

He quickly turned around with his G.o.d Arc in his right hand, ready to take action anytime.

Behind bushes you can not see anything besides total darkness, so Michael has a hard time finding out what is behind the bush.

Michael's face quickly turned serious as he awaited the arrival of another mythical monster.

Suddenly, a white hunchback humanoid figure shot out behind the bushes. Michael followed it with his line of sight until it finally landed 5 meters away from him.

It was a Chupacabra! Michael suddenly felt fear as he felt the aura of the monster in front of him. It was dangerous like it was waiting for something.

Even though Michael was able to kill the Slender Limbs, he is still a teen from the normal and peaceful earth, so he is not adept in this kind of situation.

"KreeKreeKree" The Chupacabra creepily made a sound with its blood-covered mouth.

The Chupacabra is the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail.

Suddenly, the Chupacabra screech.

"Kreeeeeeeee!!" The monster hopped like a kangaroo as it charged at the direction of Michael in a speed no normal humans can follow.

Michael quickly readied his G.o.d Arc to block the incoming attack when the Chupacabra just hopped pa.s.sed by him, ignoring him.

"Eh?" He is confused as to why the Chupacabra just ignored him. He turned his head to where the Chupacabra was and saw that it was only trying to catch a goat.

The Chupacabra looked at him like he was an idiot before taking off with the goat in its hands while sucking some blood from it from time to time.

"I just remembered that Chupacabras only eat livestock animals like that goat, there were never any reported attacks on the humans by the chupacabra" Michael cupped his hands as he figured it out.

Michael heaved a sigh of relief and said "Thankfully it didn't attack me, or else I'd be having a hard time fighting it"

That is true because the chupacabra he saw is extremely fast and fighting a fast opponent is always hard to do.

In this world, there are not only vicious and beastly mythical monsters, but there are also many kind and giving mythical creatures. The humans were only able to figure this out after creating hundreds of G.o.d Arcs given to hundreds of G.o.d Slayers. But unfortunately, many of these kind and giving creatures were killed by many vicious humans, either for enjoyment or for consuming. Humans never change, even if you throw them into an apocalyptic era, they are the same worthless creatures as before.

The Pixies and many other wondrous mythical creatures got into hiding because of the looming threats of both sides, the vicious mythical monsters, and the reviving humanity.

Michael looks around for any threats before he deemed himself safe. He decided to climb the top of a tree, because he thought, "Maybe if I climb the top of the tree, I can easily spot lighted areas"

So he did. He grasps a nearby tree with both of his hands after he put his G.o.d Arc to his back and started climbing. After a few minutes of climbing, he was finally able to reach the top.

He stood atop the tall wooden tree as he surveyed the surrounding area for any kind of light source, where there may be someone living there.

He looked around for a long time but he could not find anything, he was closed on giving up when he suddenly saw a light coming from 1 kilometer away from him.

Michael was overjoyed as he finally saw a light coming from this G.o.dd.a.m.n dark and creepy forest. He jumped down the tree and landed on the ground on one knee.

"Finally, maybe other people are living in this forest, though that is hardly possible," Michael said as he stood up after landing on the ground.

He took out his Greatsword from his back, to make sure he is ready when a monster comes attacking him before he ran at high speed to the direction of the light.

Michael noticed that he was 5 times stronger than before when he was on his original earth, it must be because of his cultivation and his G.o.d Arc.

Michael kept on running straight towards the direction of the light as he held his G.o.d Arc on his shoulders.

After around 2 minutes he was finally able to reach where the light was.

When he arrived at his destination, he was surprised to see a hut where the light was supposed to be.

The hut is a simply made shelter, the walls were made from normal woods, there were logs under the hut as a support and the roof is made from large tree leaves.

Inside it is where the light was coming from, there were 5 human head-sized holes on each side of the Hut that serves as the windows of the hut. In the front door, there is one window hole at each side of the door.

But there was one question Michael is curious about.

"Who built this structure here?" Michael asked himself. If somebody was able to build this Hut in the middle of this creepy forest and he/she lives inside of it, how did they do it?

His question is about to be answered because in the next moment, a beautiful girl came out of the Hut. She is like a fairy descending down the heavens. Weird way to put it because fairies exist in this world.

She has eyes the color of an amber that shines with kindness, her long copper hair feels almost comfy by just staring at it, her pale skin resembles the lunar moon, and her red-ish nose looks extremely cute. Her attire consists of nothing but a simple striped dress.

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