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Even though I am extremely afraid of the system nevertheless I cultivated to reach the Mortal Flesh Refining realm for the system not to castrate me.

There are five different cultivation realm and each one is separated by 4 small realms, Low, Mid, High, and Peak.

The higher you go in cultivation, the harder it is to advance. Mortal Flesh Refining realm is easy when you are a beginner but once you enter the 2nd realm, Soul Forming, it will become much, much harder to advance.

To become a Low Mortal Flesh Refining realm, you first have to sense Qi in your vicinity. Once you have successfully sense Qi, you will have to guide it to your dantian through your mouth or nose. And when you have finished guiding the Qi into your dantian, you will now have to spread it to and refine your entire body, Hence the name Mortal Flesh Refining.

That is what exactly Michael is doing right now as he sat in a lotus position in the fresh patch of gra.s.s in the middle of the plains.

-4 Hours Later-


A booming sound came from his dantian, thus confirming him that he has broken through the Low Mortal Flesh Refining realm.

Michael opened his eyes before he smiled widely and celebrated.

"Woohoo! I'm not going to get castrated now!" I celebrated while dancing around like a total dumb motherf.u.c.ker.

The system's voice sounded inside my head and a holographic pad appeared in front me.

[You have successfully completed the mission! Please receive your rewards in your inventory]

He checked his inventory and there he found it, the precious Starter Pack.

It looked like a normal gift box from Christmas.

He took out the Starter Pack from his inventory before he opened it.

Inside it, he found three items. A manual, a pair of fresh clothes, and a card.

He first took out the card as he was quite curious about it.

There were no pictures nor any other words on it except the number 3000 on it.

He then asked the system.

"Hey system, what is this card?"

The system responded inside his mind.

[It is an MP Card, which stands for Mission Points, the number on the card is how much MP you can redeem in the system]

"This means I can redeem 3,000 MP on the system?" Michael asked.


"s.h.i.t! Can you please redeem it?" Michael asked before the card suddenly vanished and disappeared in the endless...starry night?

He looked up and saw that the skies were already dark, no, not only that, every surrounding has already turned dark!!

"f.u.c.k!" He did not notice that it was already dark because he was busy celebrating.

"s.h.i.t! The night is the worse time in this world according to this guy's memories!" Michael cursed as he felt extremely stupid not to noticed it was already dark.

Because in this world, some dangerous mythical creatures roam the land outside of the city. And on top of that, there are many creepy mythical monsters in the forest, like the Chupacabra, Werewolves, Asw.a.n.g, and many, many more.

Michael trembled in fear as he was surrounded by trees in the middle of the plains under the lunar light of the moon.

The plains are surrounded by millions of dark and creepy trees, Michael never thought that a night like this would come to his G.o.dd.a.m.n life. Imagine being stranded in the middle of a plain surrounded by millions of trees in the middle of the night without any clothes, naked. Terrifying huh?

Michael quickly put on the clothes he got from the Starter Pack. It was only a pair of black t-shirt and black shorts.

He looked around his surroundings to see if there were any monsters when suddenly he glanced at a single tree and behind it is a tall, thin, white man wearing a black suit and a tie. He had no face on his head, absolutely blank.

Michael almost fainted when he saw the scariest fictional character, Slender Limbs!

"Aaaaaaahh! What the f.u.c.k is wrong with this world!!!??" Michael quickly picked up his greatsword and ran away from his location before heading to the dark and creepy forest without any hesitation. A really, really bad move.

(Michael POV)

I need to run! That monster is still watching me from my behind, faster, FASTER!

Huh? I'm a lot faster than before, is it because I advanced to Low Mortal Flesh Refining realm? Wait! Don't I have a G.o.d Arc!? I can fight those things, why am I running away from them?

(End POV)

When he realized that, he stopped running and he turned around to face Slender Limbs.

Michael saw him behind a tree with his six dark tentacles coming out of his back.

When Slender Limbs noticed him not running, a large slit across the lower part of his face appeared before the slit opened and he roared.

"Roaaaaar!" The Slender Limbs roared at Michael before it teleported right in front of him.

Michael's pupils dilated when he suddenly saw Slender Limbs appearing in front of him.

The monster raised its long, sickly, thin arms before it brought it downwards with a huge amount of force behind it towards Michael's head.

Michael raised his Greatsword upwards where the attack was coming and used it as a shield to block the attack.


When the attack hit the greatsword, Michael, who was under the G.o.d Arc, got push back a few meters away from his original position.

"Gah, so strong" Michael grunted in pain as he felt the impact of the attack traveling from his G.o.d Arc to his arms.

The Slender limbs quickly reacted and used its black tentacles to attack Michael again.

But this time, Michael carried the G.o.d Arc with one hand and slashed the tentacles apart.

"Raaaaah" The Slender limbs mad a horrible shriek as it felt its black tentacles being slashed apart.

"Chance!" Michael took this opportunity and ran towards the monster before cutting the monster through its waist, using his G.o.d Arc.

The Slender limbs were cut in half as it shrieks more loudly than before...


Even though the Slender limbs are cut in half, it is still alive because of the core inside its body.

Michael was about to destroy the orb inside its body when the system announced a mission.


Name: Take the core

Mission Description: Take the core outside the Slender Limbs body and give it to the system.

Reward: 5,000 MP

Failure: Permanent removal of your G.o.d Arc]

"At least it is not about taking my d.i.c.k away and this is practically easy as s.h.i.t," Michael said in confidence.

He looked at the shrieking Slender limbs, who was already cut in half, before bending down and he used his G.o.d Arc to cut the upper body open.

The Slender Limbs continued screaming louder and louder as Michael dug his hands in the cutting part of its upper body.

Michael was extremely disgusted as he dug his hands in the inner body of the Slender Limbs until he was finally able to get the Core outside of its body.

The Slender Limbs instantly died after its core was taken out of its body.

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