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"Let's dance!" Michael yelled like a crazed warrior as he rushed towards the two goblin warriors. The two goblins, who were wearing full plated armors, noticed him and they took out their short swords and shield before getting ready for the incoming attack.

Michael took out his tri-edge dagger from his inventory before throwing it towards the head of one of the guards and jumped upwards with his G.o.d Arc on his hand before he slashed it towards the other guard.

In one single cut of a moment, the two goblin guards died in Michael's hands.

Michael knew he is in for some crazy horde of goblins coming to attack him. Goblins are naturally small creatures, at the size of a 10 years old child, and although they are kinda weak, but in a horde, they can be quite troublesome opponents.

But Michael's mission here is not to just slaughter them all but to rescue the other women trapped inside this h.e.l.lhole.

And the way to get there is, you guessed it, to cause a ma.s.sacre.

Michael walks into the gate with his piercing blue eyes shining in a cold light.

When he entered the gate, he saw 70 normal goblins ready for him at any moment's notice. Houses made of stones and woods constructed in a straight line facing each other. Clubs, swords, spears, they all held those kinds of weapons and they are all made of pure steel.

Their weapons shined under the sun's blinding light and Michael smirked before gesturing them with his hand.

"C'mon b.i.t.c.hes, let me see what you all got," Michael said confidently.

All of the goblins charged at him as soon as he finished saying those words. Their ugly faces twisted with furious expressions.

"G.o.d, you goblins look like s.h.i.t, " Michael mocked them as he bent his knees a little before dashing off towards the group of dozens of goblins charging towards him.

Those words seem to anger them more further. As Michael rushed, he licked his ring on his left hand before a large thunder explosion occurred and all of the goblins were blown away.

In the place of Michael was a large wolf as big as a car, its white fur was thrown back by the wind and the lightning energy coursing throughout his body shined brightly.

The wolf seemed to smile before licking its lips threateningly in front of them.

They immediately backed off and sweated behind their backs when they saw the Wolf licked its lips.

Despite its size, the wolf disappeared from its place with pure speed and before the goblins could process it, 20 goblins were sliced in half with the wolf's lightning tail blade before the wolf released a shockwave within 5 meters radius, shocking other goblins to death.

There were now only 36 goblins left and now they were paralyzed on their spot because of the shockwave that Michael released.

The wolf opened its mouth and lightning particles started to gather inside its mouth before he closed it off and released it on the paralyzed goblins, obliterating them all instantly.

But Michael did not let his guard down immediately because there are still 30 or more goblins in the village. There may be a hobgoblin or a goblin mage here and the worst of them, a goblin necromancer. He remembered them from Adalius's memories.

Goblin Necromancers can summon undead creatures and their stature are bigger than normal goblins, around the height of a normal human teen but their faces and bodies are still as disgusting as ever. Hobgoblins are the evolved form of a goblin, contrary to their cousins, their bodies and faces look similar to humans but the rest are still goblin-like.

6 minutes have pa.s.sed and the other goblins still haven't shown up. A bad feeling rose from his heart and he knew, things could get little out of hand.

The entire area where he was, is so quiet. You could even hear a pin drop if there ever was one.

Since there was no goblin showing up, he tried to find the cells where they are keeping the girls because, for some reason, he hadn't seen a single imprisoned girl around these parts. Last time he quickly found them but now, he couldn't even see a shadow of them.

The bad feeling kept growing and growing until he felt restless. Now he knew, something was going on and he didn't like it, not one bit.

Suddenly! Three fireb.a.l.l.s flew behind his back but he easily blocked it with his tail and turned around to see who was the one throwing those fireb.a.l.l.s.

On the other end of the straight line of houses, he can see 20 goblins, 4 goblin mages, and a hobgoblin, who seems to be their leader.

The hobgoblin was wearing a brown steel armor covered in leather and a long sword on his right hand, a shield on his left hand.

But there was one thing that made Michael furious, he saw 8 injured girls tied in a big wooden shield naked, telling him that this is their meat shield.


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