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( 1 Day Ago In The Dark Cave)

"Who are you!? You shall not filth our fair mistress with your filthy hands, sc.u.m!" A male voice said outside of the cave who seems to be defending it.

Serena couldn't walk to the entrance of the cave because of her lower body being unable to move but she can still hear what is going on outside. She felt like if she doesn't do something about this, she will regret it forever. So she said, "Hallel, who is the creature in front of our home?"

"It's a headless body with no legs, it seems to female according to its appearance, milady" The male voice answered.

She was shocked as to why there is a creature like that. "Oh the poor thing, bring it inside, I want to see it myself," She said with a voice filled with pity towards the crippled creature.

"Bu-But mistress, this creature may attack you and I wouldn't be able to do anything if it suddenly rushed at you fiercely." He said in concern.

"Has it attack you yet? Hmm?" She asked.

"N-no, but-" " No buts, bring her here Hallel, that's an order from your mistress." She cut him off before he could even form a sentence.

The guard felt indignant about it but he had no choice but to oblige to her, she is his mistress after all. So, he carried the headless, legless body inside the cave with both of his hands.

In the darkness inside the cave, it was lit with torches surrounding the insides of the cave. A hallway coming from the entrance and there you can see, a humanoid creature donning a full set If a dirty silver armor. He has a black shield on his back and a long sword on his waist. He carries a headless body on his arms without its legs. He noticed that the body felt somehow cold...like it was dead, but that is impossible he saw the body move towards the entrance of the cave.

The body had a black mark on the left side of its stomach and when the Fair Mistress saw that, tears formed under her eyes before it rained down like a river.

It was her sister, Sistina.

"...Sister?" She called out towards the headless body.

The guard was confused as to why she called the body sister, he knew that the only sister she has is Mistress Sistina. Wait...He looks down on the body and carefully inspected it and saw a mark on its stomach. That's when he knew, that this body belongs to the first mistress.

"Milady!" He yelled towards the body with sadness dripping off his voice. and his eyes forming tears.

She knew it, her sister is already dead. And she knew how the body got here, it must've dragged itself back to her home, where she lives. Their body is like that of a spider, even if they lose their heads, they can still move for a little while but they no longer have a mind of their own.

Her body must've felt a connection to this place and dragged itself towards it.

But even though she can see her sister died because of a G.o.d Slayer, she did not feel any resentment towards that human. Her sister must've captured that human to turn him to their food and her sister got a little careless or maybe too conceited towards herself that she let the human out accidentally and the human killed her out of hatred. In the end, it was her fault that she perished.

Serena knows her sister's personality well, she is a prideful woman and she did not like anyone being above her. Her mother and her sister used to fight a lot because of that.

But now, she is the only one left in the family who is sane.

She smiled wistfully as she remembered her happy times with her family before looking towards the grieving guard and said, "Hallel, I don't have much time and I will only tell you this because I may die unexpectedly some of these days, " Hallel looks at her while crying behind his helmet.

"When I die, please go on and live your life to the fullest, you have been serving me and my sister for too long and I only want you to be happy because you're the only one I know who is alive and still cares for us, but I want you to look out for my other sister, the eldest one. She had already been consumed by the dark magic she practiced, so please, be careful when you see her, for her mind has been poisoned with dark magic." She said. Now that her sister is dead, her body is already failing because of the sorrow she suffers because of the sudden death of her elder sister.

Hallel couldn't make any words to say to comfort the sick mistress. He felt so useless now. If her milady and her sister did not save him on time from those goblin traitors, he could've been a corpse by now.

He kneeled down on one knee before saying respectfully "Yes Milady Serena." Now that the first mistress is dead, he does not have anymore motivation to live except for these words of her Milady. He will fulfill them and live his life with happiness to the very end.

Serena nodded satisfied with her servant, she smiled weakly but her smile did not reach her sorrowful pearl-like eyes.

And one day later, she succ.u.mbed to her sickness and died with her eyes glistering with sorrows as it closed.

Hallel took off his helmet and mourned for his milady. His skin was colored in green and his eyes were green but his hair was blonde. He had the face of a man when in fact, he is a hobgoblin. An evolved version of a normal goblin.

He placed the body of Serena's sister near her side before kneeling down in front of then and silently mourning for the two deceased sp.a.w.ns of Arachne sisters.

After mourning for 4 hours, he stood up and said his goodbyes to his mistresses before going out of the cave.

He never wanted anything except maybe live with his now-deceased sisters. He just wanted to serve them but that is no longer possible.

He cried one last time for the two sisters before taking off with loneliness inside his heart in the never-ending sea of trees in the forest.

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