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(3 Days Later)

In a bright cave lighted by torches, there is a girl whose other half of her body was a spider's legs. Her white her fell down to her shoulders and you can see obvious paleness in her face and her body was close to malnourished.

Her spider legs could no longer move and her frail arms moved wobbly to the table to get her gla.s.s of water. She got it, although some of the water dripped out from the gla.s.s, the rest was fine.

She then drank from it and thought about her missing sister.

(Serena POV)

Hmm, I wonder where big sister might be? She hadn't been visiting these days and I'm getting worried that some G.o.d Slayer has already killed her. Please G.o.d, my sister is the only one I have left. My mother and my 3 other sisters turned insane three years ago because of a poison that infected their minds. Now, my big sister is the only one who has been taking care of me.

Two years ago, a disease struck me and the other half of my body became unusable. Since then, my big sister took care of me this whole time but I also felt guilty for not being able to be of any use to her. I am so useless that I can't even do simple work like hunting for our foods.

But my big sister has never complained, not even once. She just took care of me with a smile. Every day she would take care of me, feeding me, bathing me, everything that I could've done myself if I was normal, she did it for me. She is the best sister I could've ever hope for.

She has a habit of making spider babies and it somehow disgusts me but I kept a blind eye towards it. Those spider babies can only be fertilized by using human blood as their food.

But it's been three days and maybe, just maybe, she has already been killed by a G.o.d Slayer. I don't want that happening to my sister, I don't care about myself and her gross habits but please, be alive big sister.

(End POV)

Suddenly she heard someone dragging something from the entrance of the cave. It felt like it was dragging... Itself?


(With Michael)

It has been three days since he killed that spider woman and he had been venturing the forest while fighting monsters here and there. In fact, he had gathered 20 cores from the goblins he killed but 30 other cores were destroyed when he killed his way through the monsters.

He had just found out that there were goblin villages throughout this whole forest. The village populations range from 50 to 1000.

(Flashback (Kinda)

The goblin village he found was a 50 village one. He was suddenly attacked by the archers of that goblin village and he was struck in his right leg. He was furious at those archers, so he killed the 6 archers that attacked him.

After killing 5 and leaving one of them alive, he interrogated the goblin to speak where their village was.

The goblin had little to no intelligence, so it was hard trying to find their village through their gibberish language.

His mind was clouded by anger at them that time for causing that leg injury. After finding out where their village was, he killed the goblin and healed his arrow struck leg with some miraculous medicine from the system shop.

He made his decision to ma.s.sacre the goblin village.

After getting there in the goblin village, he suddenly thought about his decision and felt guilty about it but when he saw what was inside the village, he was furious. 4 young girls were being used as a breeding machine for their village's population.

Michael decided, for real this time, he was going to cause a ma.s.sacre.

Michael transformed into his thunder wolf form and slaughtered all of them with his thunder blade tail. Almost all of their cores broke but he didn't care, such an act of depravity is unacceptable to him.

Suddenly, he noticed an elderly goblin holding some kind of stick pointing directly at him while speaking some gibberish words. Fire came out of the stick and fired towards him. He quickly blocked it and he knew what the elderly goblin was doing, it was casting a spell.

'So magic exists in this world now?' Michael thought curiously.

The elderly goblin fired another fire spell at him but he blocked it easily and fired a thunder beam towards the elderly goblin.

The be hit the elderly goblin and he was pulverized instantly.

After killing the goblin mage, Michael quickly killed all the remaining goblins before transforming back to his regular form.

He walks towards the traumatized girls and tried to talk to them.

"Hey, are you guys okay?" He knew it was quite insensitive to say that, considering the things they've been through but he didn't know anything more to say other than that.

One of the girls who has a dirty green hair looked towards him with those hollowed green eyes before saying, "Please, kill me. I don't want to live anymore or else, I will have to live with this shame for the rest of my life"

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