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The core inside the G.o.d Arc can take over its wielder once the wielder is weakened, that is the disadvantage of the G.o.d Arc. Once you get taken over by the core, you will become what mythical monster it was before. Like if you have the core of a Werewolf in your G.o.d Arc, you will become a werewolf once you get taken over by the core.

I sweated a lot behind my back and in my face, because this forest is inhabited by many mythical monsters, according to this guy's memories.

I suddenly got an idea, this guy is supposed to be a G.o.d Slayer and that means, he has a G.o.d Arc.

I looked around for his G.o.d Arc and I saw it 20 meters away from me. It was a Greatsword. I couldn't see it's appearance because it was far away.

I ran straight to the Greatsword. When I finally reached it, I noticed that my body is a lot stronger than before. I feel like I can take on 10 bears without even sweating.

I looked at the Greatsword and saw its appearance clearly.

From tip to handle, it is approximately five to six feet long, with a single-edged large blade approximately one foot wide. The blade is a lighter color on the bladed edge, while the rest of the blade is dark gray, and the handguard appears to be bolted or riveted into place. There are two holes near the handguard that seems to be there just for the design.

It seems like this Adalius Navarel got killed by the Minotaur after being left behind by his teammates. His teammates were a bit of a p.u.s.s.y.

He died bravely while fighting the Minotaur while his teammates returned to the City Of Hope, the city where Humans from all over the world gathered there.

I looked around for any monsters and took a sigh of relief when I didn't see any.

I picked up the greatsword with my right hand by its handle before I I lifted it and put it on top of my right shoulder to look more awesome.

The greatsword is heavy though, the weight is around 120 Kilograms but somehow I can lift it up with ease. It must be because of my G.o.d Arc. Yes, I already claimed it as my G.o.d Arc.

[Initializing Oppressive System...Done.]

[Welcome Host to the Oppressive System]

Huh? Huh!? A system!? I have that!? Holy s.h.i.t! So f.u.c.king cool! With the system in my possession, I will be able to achieve-

He was cut off of his thoughts when the System spoke to him.

[Possession? Please don't degrade me with such an insulting word. I am the Oppressive System and I am the only one who can possess you, host]

"Eh?" I blurted out in confusion.

[The Oppressive System is where you will get oppressed by me, the system. And you will finish every mission I give you without a single hitch, you got me?]

"What!? I'm not going to do that! I'd rather go out of this forest without a system!" I angrily said after I heard what it said.

[Too bad! I have already been bonded to your soul, that's why you can't get rid of me or else you will die and your soul will be destroyed too]

"f.u.c.k! Okay, since you are already bonded with me, then tell me if there is anything you have that will benefit me of having you" I just accepted my fate and asked the system.

[Of course, there is, who do you think I am? Once you have a mission completed from me, you will be able to earn 'Mission Points' and with that, you will be able to buy items inside the shop. My shop has all the items in the universe, they are only waiting for you to purchase them]

I drooled so hard when I heard that.

"Hey, do you have a starting pack or something?" I asked the system.

[Yes, it is in your inventory but you will only be able to access the inventory once you have entered the Mortal Flesh refining realm]

"Huh? Mortal Flesh Refining realm? Are we in a wuxia world or something?" Right now, I am very confused.

[Host, you can't own a system without cultivating, right?]

"Alright, but I don't know how to cultivate, what are you gonna do about that huh?" I said smugly.

[Don't worry about that, here is the manual]

Huh? Where is it? I looked around but I didn't find it.

[Host, look above you]

I did as the system told and I look up before I saw a thin like book hovering above me. I tried to reach it with my greatsword but it didn't work, so I put my G.o.d Arc down and tried to reach it with my hands but it still didn't work.

Suddenly, the Manual hovering up in the air fell on top of my face.

"Ouch!" I bent my head down and rubbed my face with my hands.

The Manual fell to the ground after bouncing off my face.

I picked it up and read the t.i.tle.

How To Cultivate For Dummies

"Better than nothing I guess" I shrugged before I started reading it.

-2 Hours Later-

After two hours of reading that stupid book, I finally was able to cultivate.

"Alright, now that I finished reading the d.a.m.n thing, it is time for me to cultivate," I said after reading the whole manual.

I was about to cultivate when a holographic pad appeared in front of me.


Name: Beginning Of Cultivation

Mission Description: Enter the Low Mortal Flesh Refining by the end of the day.

Reward: You will be able to unlock the Inventory and receive your started pack.

Failure: You will be castrated permanently]

My mouth started twitching as I finished reading the mission given to me by the system.

"f.u.c.k! Does that mean you will castrate my little brother if I don't finish this mission!?" I shouted at the system as I held my little brother out of fear.

[Yes, once you fail this mission, I will castrate you myself]

f.u.c.k! Isn't this system too malicious? G.o.d why did you give me this system?! I'm gonna die!!

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