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In the middle of the forest, there was a large white wolf with lightning energy coursing throughout its body and a woman with white hair whose body is that of a spider, glaring at each other with hatred shining between their eyes.

The reason why the spider woman is angry is that, after the explosion, she noticed that her eggs were already gone. All of those eggs took a lot of effort to take care of them and Michael just blows them all to pieces.

Michael on the other hand, who is a Thunder Blade Wolf right now, growled at her threateningly. His tail waved behind him menacingly and his fangs bared at her while licking his mouth sinisterly.

Earlier he received a mission from the system, saying:


Name: So Cold.

Mission Description: Kill the sp.a.w.n of Arachne in 30 Minutes.

Reward: Soul Forming Breakthrough Pill, Getting your G.o.d Arc back, and a fresh pair of clothes.

Failure: Death]

"You killed my babies!! I will skin you alive!!" The spider woman screech with hatred in her voice.

The spider woman was the first to strike. She charged at him with incredible speed. Her 12 legs rushed furiously towards him and a long sword made entirely of fire, flaring dangerously in both of her hands.

The large wolf narrowed its deep blue eyes and in just a slight moment, you can see its mouth smirking a little before it quickly disappeared.

When the spider woman reached him, she slashed her fire sword towards him. Michael the wolf dodged it easily before he opened his wolf mouth and a large lightning energy beam formed inside his mouth before he released it at the spider woman in point-blank range.


The spider woman's spider body got blown away in smithereens and now, only her humanoid body remains, which is devoid of all clothing.

Her body fell to the ground, unmoving. She had already lost all hope, her eyes empty of any hatred, you can only see peace inside her beautiful green eyes.

She lifted her hands up to the skies before muttering sadly, "Ah sister... I have failed you"

Michael suddenly jumps on top of her and beheaded her with his sharp blade-like tail.

Her head flew 1 meter away after being separated from the body.

Michael did that because she may live again, he doesn't want any unfinished businesses after killing a creature who just tried to make him her dinner.

But he was slightly confused as to who this 'sister' was. He ignored it for now. He tried to see if there was any loot that he can take before leaving the spider woman's nest.

Michael suddenly thought about the fire sword that she was using earlier yo kill him. He looked around and saw it on the ground near where her body is.

10 Minutes have pa.s.sed and his transformation faded away before he turned into a human again but there was something wrong when he turned back into his normal human form, his clothes were gone.

A cold wind suddenly pa.s.sed by and hit him. He covered his 8-inch p.e.n.i.s and his chest because of the cold wind.

"f.u.c.k that was cold!" Michael said while trying to cover his body with his hands. Suddenly, he just realized why the mission's name was 'So Cold'.

[You have just finished the mission 'So Cold', now go and check your inventory for your prizes]

"Oh haha, very funny but at least I'll be able to breakthrough the Soul Forming Realm," Michael said. He opened his inventory and saw his prizes there. He first took out the fresh pair of clothes, they were just some normal blue shirt and short.

He put them on quickly because of the coldness of the wind. After putting them on, he was finally warmed up. His G.o.d Arc appeared on his right hand and Michael sighed in relief before walking towards where the fire sword was before picking it up. It was quite heavy though, 3 times heavier than his G.o.d Arc.

Michael tried swinging it and he felt just fine. So he put it in his inventory before walking away from the nest of the spider woman.

But what he did not see is the body of the spider woman twitching a little.

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