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The tree leaves rustled as the forest critters rushed to the other side of the trees, footsteps were heard as 4 G.o.d slayers walked pa.s.sed the tree where Baranga was staying in.

Cold piercing blue eyes shined behind a tree near the four of them. The black coat silently fluttered as the wind pushed it back. The person who owned such eyes was no other than our MC, Michael.

He held the Tri-Edge blade on his right hand tightly, the blade glinted when the sun's light hit it. It was like a glint of death that shined on that blade. Michael readied himself as this is his first time killing humans. It was either him or them, he will be killed if he does not finish this mission given to him by the system.

He needs to finish this or else, he would never be able to see Jasper's beautiful face again.

"I'm sorry but please understand" Michael muttered silently in the wind.

In the four G.o.d Slayers, two of them are boys and the other two are girls. They all had their G.o.d Arcs readied in case some monster attacks them.

Both of the girls had G.o.d Arcs that are duel pistols while the other two boys had Sword G.o.d Arcs. Their team was a perfect combination, because the girls can take care of the long-range while the other two take care of the short-range.

Their EPL were ranging between 50 to 40, even though they are quite weak their perfect combination makes up for all their disadvantages.

Michael looked quite grimly when he felt their prowess, they're not only experienced, they are also quite strong. At this rate, killing them will be harder than he thought.

He decided to buy a Black Liquid Poison to lace his dagger with it, it was quite expensive but he had no choice because their numbers exceeded his.

He quietly poured the poison on his dagger before holding it carefully, so that the blades of the dagger won't leave a scratch on his arm or hand because the poison will kill him almost instantly if he somehow manages to cut himself with it.

The four G.o.d Slayers, ignorant of Michael, walked silently with their G.o.d Arcs in hand. The two girls seem to be twins because they look exactly the same. Green shining eyes, blond hair, cute plush skin, even though it was covered with a little bit of dirt.

The boys look quite ordinary with their black eyes and black hair. They held their G.o.d Arcs more tightly than the girls.

Michael decided to first take out the long-ranged G.o.d Slayers. He moved quietly behind the dark shades of the trees and made it quietly near behind the four of them.

His focus was on the extreme level and when he was about to stab one of the long-ranged G.o.d Slayers behind her neck, his pupils constricted due to his extreme focus.


He stabbed the girl quietly. She quickly falls down but Michael was not finished yet, he quickly slashed the other girl with his Tri-Edge dagger in the arm.

She jumped back with the other two remaining G.o.d Slayers and when she was about to yell at their Attacker, she fell down on the ground slowly.

"Anita!" One of the boys yelled worriedly and ran directly to her side before he knelt down and checked her pulse if she was alive.

Unfortunately for them, they forgot one rule of staying alive with their enemy, don't turn your back away from him.

Michael quickly rushed to the other boy and he quickly slashed his dagger towards him but the boy blocked it with his G.o.d Arc. Michael frowned a little before he kicked the boy in the stomach hard.

The boy knelt down while holding his stomach and he spits out a bunch of saliva on the ground.

Michael quickly stabbed the boy in the skull. The G.o.d Slayer's eyes rolled back to his head before he fell down on his face and died.

Michael turned his head and gazed at the last G.o.d Slayer. The boy looks terrified of him, how did he know that? Because there were some wet stains on the boy's pants.

Michael gripped the dagger's handle tightly before he rushed at the terrified G.o.d Slayer.

Michael couldn't hold it any longer because G.o.d Slayers are supposed to be the humanities last hope and yet, this one just stood still and did not do anything as he watched his comrades being killed in front of him and instead just looked at him with terrified eyes.

"Why are you so scared!? You are a f.u.c.king G.o.d Slayer!" Michael yelled while rushing towards the boy.

The boy widens his eyes at the last seconds as if he had just gained enlightenment before Michael stabbed him in the face.

The 15 years old cowardly G.o.d Slayer died a terrible death.

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