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The scorching sun of the summer season blazed on into the entire forest. Monsters roared in the deep dark parts of the forest.

Michael walks through the woods as he rustled through the leaves.

It's been 4 days since that incident and right now, he is trying to find a way out of this forest, so he can join back to the human civilization.

Michael missed Jasper very much but he knew he would only die if he tried to find her in this entire forest. She could be anywhere.

He needs to be more powerful for him to explore this entire forest freely. At his current strength, he will be crush with a single stomp of their finger before he could do anything.

His current ELP is 21, which is not bad for noobs like him. Yesterday, he felt like he is going to breakthrough today. So he needs to find a safe place to cultivate or else he is going to be a dead man.

But his greatsword mastery rose to 99% after training for a while. He had been able to find time to train his skills, but even if he did not, the system will still make him do it.

As he was walking in the woods, he suddenly smelled tobacco near him. He looked around the trees before he saw smoke coming out of the top of a tree near his left.

As he neared on the side of the tree he can smell the tobacco's pungent smell going through his nose.

"cough cough" Michael coughed badly because of the smell. He covered his mouth and nose with his right hand for the smoke not to come inside his lungs.

His eyes became a little bit teary after his coughing fit.

Suddenly, a deep gruff voice sounded in the entire surroundings.

"Human, what is your purpose for coming here?" The voice asked.

"Who's there!?" Michael quickly reacted and took out his G.o.d Arc. He couldn't pinpoint where the voice was because it seems to be coming from everywhere.

"Me? I am what you humans call, a Kapre but my name is Baranga." The gruff voice replied to his shout.

'A Kapre? Wew almost thought that was an enemy' Michael sighed in relief when he heard it was a Kapre.

The reason why Michael is relived is because, Kapres are usually friendly creatures. Sure they would play little pranks on humans but they are essentially harmless.

Michael never thought of meeting one here but still, he would have to be careful because he may be wrong.

"Baranga nice to meet you, my name is Michael West." Michael introduced himself politely.

"Michael was it? Tell me, what are you doing in this woods?" The Kapre's voice sounded in the entire surroundings again.

"I am a G.o.d Slayer and I and my team were ordered to exterminate a Minotaur but when we arrived where the Minotaur was, we saw an aberrant, not a normal one," Michael explained.

"Hmm, so you were the one I saw plunging his G.o.d Arc to his stomach before transforming into a giant black snake, how interesting." The voice said as if it was interesting.

Michael was a little bit stunned for a moment when he heard the Kapre said that. So, someone saw Adalius transforming into a monster 4 weeks ago?

Michael narrowed his eyes and asked, "Did you see anything after that?" He wanted to know what happened to Adalius after transforming into a monster. When Adalius transformed, he lost all of his sense of reasoning and his consciousness, so Michael didn't know what happened afterward.

Suddenly a gigantic figure came out behind a tree. It was a brown, hairy male with a beard. He was smoking a very large ganja pipe, with a strong smell that would almost always attract human attention. But the most intriguing thing is his height, it was around 5 meters tall. He was taller than the tree he was hiding on.

Michael quickly put on his guard and stared at the giant man fiercely. His right hand gripped on the G.o.d Arc tightly.

"Woah, don't stare at me like that little man, I'm the kapre you were just talking to," Baranga said.

"Baranga?" Michael asked but his hand still gripped on the G.o.d Arc tightly. He was a little bit cautious.

"Yes yes, so don't attack me," Baranga confirmed panicking.

"Okay, but tell me what happened afterward?" Michael asked with his eyes narrowing.

"Okay, okay, just don't attack me, " Baranga said.

Baranga told him what happened after he transformed into that giant black snake.



Adalius immediately lost his consciousness after transforming into a giant snake. His G.o.d Arc took over his mind and the black snake hissed loudly throughout the entire vicinity, echoing.

His G.o.d Arc was nowhere to be found and the aberrant Minotaur took an all fours stance before it charged towards the now monster Adalius.

The snake had no legs, so it crawled towards the charging Minotaur and rushed towards it in a vicious speed.

Not long later, they clashed. The clash made a huge shockwave that blew all the gra.s.s away in their vicinity.

The snake used its tail to wrap around the Minotaur's body tightly.

The Minotaur roared in pain as the giant black snake's body squeeze on its body tightly.


The snake then neared its face towards the Minotaur's face and opened its mouth before a black fire came out of it. The Black fire burned the Minotaur to ash until there was nothing left on it.

After the Minotaur died, the Gigantic black snake slowly turned back into Adalius, who is now dead.

(End Flashback)

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