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The wind rustled in the tree leaves as the birds chirp under the morning wind and the roars of the monsters resounded on the forest.

Michael woke up inside a pitch-black tight room. There was little light coming from up above, Michael thought it was the door out of this very small room.

He pushed it a little and it opened slightly before he pushes it harder. The trap door opened with a bang and Michael climbed out of the small room.

Michael finally got out of the room and when he climbed up, he saw the hut was destroyed. All of the walls were gone and the roof was gone, nothing was left except this small room under it.

He never knew that there was a trap door in this hut and Jasper kept it a secret to him. Michael put on a serious expression after seeing his situation. The hut was gone and neither was Jasper.

He looked around and saw nothing but a disaster. The trees were filled with scratch marks and some of them were cut cleanly in half. The gra.s.s on the ground appears to be pushed back by some kind of heavy wind.

Michael grew increasingly worried as he looks around the area.

Suddenly, it all came back to him. Jasper knocked him out before he fell unconscious. Michael widened his eyes in shock when he realized that, Jasper fought the White Minotaur alone!

He got up from the ground and rushed outside of the hut, which was already destroyed, and checked his surroundings for any signs of Jasper.

After searching for a while, he couldn't find any clues related to Jasper. This time, he was extremely worried as to what happened to Jasper.

[Host, don not search for her right now, you will only die]

Suddenly, the system sounded inside his head. He was confused as to why the system would say that.

"Why? I need to find her or else she might get killed by something" He said panicking.

[Host, it's been an exact 10 Hours since you got knocked out by her and if you keep searching for her, you will only encounter some kind of mythical monster many times stronger than you, and then when you will get killed]

"What?" Michael didn't know what he is feeling right now, is it sadness or anger? He doesn't know.

[Host, why are you looking for her anyway? You will only kill yourself if you continue searching for her]

The emotionless voice of the system made him feel anger rushing to his body and yet, he felt extreme sadness by just thinking about Jasper. He wanted to continue searching for her but the risk is too dangerous, he can't die if he has to search for her.

"What do I do?" He asked himself. Right now, he is feeling severe confusion and mixed with sadness and anger. In short, he can't control his emotions any longer.

Anger because he blames himself for not being strong enough and sad because he was never able to give her his gifts, like the ring. He wanted them to become a real couple but it seems fate has other plans for the two of them.

He opened his inventory to check his stuff when he saw the tiara ring missing from his inventory.

"Huh? Where is the ring system?" He asked.

[Since you wanted to give it to that mortal girl, I decided to give it to her...]

"Really!? Thank you very much" Michael suddenly felt grateful to the system. But that gratefulness did not last long when he heard the next words of the system.

[...For 2000 MP]

"f.u.c.k! My measly 12,000 MP is reduced to 10,000 only!" Michael cursed as he heard the system say that.

But Michael just sighed and said, "No matter, at least she received my gift"

Though he did not want to say it, he is still grateful to the system for giving her the ring.

He took out the coronet ring from his inventory and put it on his ring finger before he looked upon the morning sky and vowed.

"My princess, no matter what happens, I will find you and I will protect you forever, this I vow!"

The determination in his eyes grew stronger and stronger until it became more clearer.

He will grow stronger for Jasper, he will never give up.

That's right, I am her prince and I will find her no matter what!

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