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b.l.o.o.d.y red eyes that contain savageness, stared at them with an equally beastly look. The White Minotaur stood on its ground, the creature was at least 2 times bigger than the trees. It held an iron axe on its left hand with a bow on its back, leathers strapped around on its body.

The Minotaur raised its left hand where the axe is, and smashed it to the transparent shield.


Michael and Jasper covered their ears as they heard the loud noise that the Minotaur made with its axe.

Jasper looked at the Minotaur with eyes full of seriousness before she turned around to look at Michael and said, "Michael, please leave. That Minotaur is only here for me, so, please save yourself."

Michael looks at her in disbelief as he heard her say that.

"What!? No! I won't leave you here to die!" Michael said stubbornly. He knew what would happen if he leaves her here alone, she would die.

Jasper knew Michael would say that, she looks at the cracking barrier. That barrier is made by her mother with the white markings on the ground. No creatures can enter that barrier if they have malicious intent against them.

She turned back to Michael and said, "Please Michael, you are precious to me and if you were to die because of me, I can never forgive myself, even in the afterlife."

Michael stared at her beautiful face for a moment after hearing that. He felt his voice cracking as tears started to pour down from his sky blue eyes.

Michael suddenly hugged her tightly and said behind her ears with his voice cracking, "What about me? If I were to leave you here behind, I would never be able to forgive myself because you are precious to me too"

She was stunned when Michael suddenly hugged her but the next thing she heard brought her to tears, as this is basically him confessing his love for her. She never felt so warmed after her mother died.

Sadly, she knew that this love would never last. She could no longer hold it anymore. She had already made her decision.

She grabbed his head and held it near her face before kissing him lovingly.

Michael was shocked for a moment when he felt her sweet and juicy lips on his lips before he started kissing back.

The whole world seemed to have a stop for a moment as they kissed so lovingly. Both of them stood in front of the hut while they both kissed under the light of the blue sky.

Jasper wanted this long kiss to last forever but this Minotaur and her heritage are stopping her. She wanted to be with Michael in this small hut, just the two of them raising their own children. Sadly, that will never happen.

She released Michael from her long deep kiss and said with her eyes full of apologetic feelings in it, "Michael, please don't blame yourself from what I'm about to do, blame me instead. This is my choice, not yours"

Michael felt a little unsatisfied when she let go but he was quite confused as to what she was saying. He was about to ask her what she was talking about when he felt a quick chop on the back of his neck before he lost consciousness almost immediately.

His body almost fell to the ground if not for Jasper catching him.

"Graaaaah! Boom! Boom!" The Minotaur roared as it smashed its axe down on the barrier.

She gritted her teeth when she heard the Minotaur slash his axe on the barrier and carried the unconscious Michael on her arms.

She carried him inside the hut and put him down for a moment before she went towards the bed and moved it away.

Under the bed was a trap door leading to a 2 cubic meters room that her mother built for emergencies. Even though it is small, Michael can still fit inside it perfectly.

Even though she could squeeze in and maybe fit in with Michael but she can't do that because the Minotaur will search for her and when it finds him and her, both of them will die.

She can't escape either, because the Minotaur will start ordering its underlings to search for her in the forest and it will cause more trouble for Michael to escape when he wakes up.

She has no choice but to let her other blood to take over. Her vampiric blood.

You see, her mother is an asw.a.n.g while her father is a vampire. They were both very, very strong. Her mother was an S Rank mythical creature and her father, according to her mother, is an SSS mythical creature.

Her father didn't stay with them because he is being hunted by the G.o.d Slayers. While her mother is an S Rank, she is not a troublemaker like her father, she only stayed in this hut till she came.

Her father causes huge troubles every time he appears.

Every 18th birthday of a half-blooded vampire, their vampiric blood will completely take over their entire mind and body.

And this day is her birthday, 18th birthday to be exact.

But there is a chance for her to be able to keep her sense of reasons if she is strong enough to battle her vampiric blood, but that is nearly impossible to do.

"Gah." She felt a pain coming from her right hand, she brought her hand near her face and saw that it is already turning pale white.

She just smiled and said sadly, "Looks like, I and Michael will never be able to be together"

Her eyes shined with sadness as she felt the changes in her body.

The whiteness of her skin continued to climb over her shoulder before it covered her entire body. Two sharp fangs slowly grew in her front teeth. Her amber eyes turned into deep b.l.o.o.d.y red eyes. Her hair became darker and darker until it was midnight black.

She was about to lose her sanity when she saw a ring near the trap door. She struggled to walk there and when she finally arrived there, she saw a ring designed like a tiara. She picked it up slowly with her right hand and saw a name behind the ring.


Princess Jasper

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