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-1 Week Later-

Another week pa.s.sed and the two of them got closer again. Jasper felt like she was in a dream, a dream where she Michael had been staying in for a long time. Jasper really wants to kiss Michael but she knew that once she does that, she will seem like an easy girl. She will wait for Michael to do the next move for her to continue.

Michael, on the other hand, wants something too, he wants to treat her like a princess, he wants to make her feel important. So he thought of an idea, he will buy her gifts in the system, like a beautiful queen size bed, a bouquet of flowers, delicious fancy foods. Anything that she hasn't received yet, he will give it to her.

So he bought a perfect ten roses bouquet because it symbolizes her perfection, a pair of rings that look like a coronet of a prince and a tiara of a princess, for he is her prince and she is his princess, and hundreds of ready to eat food in the system. He did not buy a Queen size bed because her room cannot fit that kind of bed, but he did buy her a medium size bed made of silk, that will probably make her happy.

And all of it cost a whopping 3000 MP. The bouquet of flowers cost 200 MP, the pair of rings cost 800 MP, he bought a 1000 MP worth of foods in the system, and the bed cost 1000 MP. He felt like he was bleeding from head to tow but this is for him to woo Jasper, so he comforted himself that he and Jasper will always be together after all this.

He hid the things he bought in the System Inventory and later he will surprise her with all these gifts.

But suddenly he thought of something, wouldn't she be suspicious if she saw all these gifts?

Right now, he is standing near the well where their water source is. He is berating himself for not thinking this far, so he just told himself.

"She will probably not be suspicious, I mean if she likes it, it's fine right?" He said to himself.

"Michael! Come here, the food is ready!" He heard Jasper shout inside the hut.

"Okay, I'll be coming!" He shouted back.

As he was about to walk towards the front door of the hut, he suddenly felt like someone is staring at him. He turned around and looked around the thick trees of the forest and saw a pair of b.l.o.o.d.y red eyes staring at him from afar.

He felt his skin crawling from the stare of that creature, it felt like it was sizing him whether he is a threat or not.

Michael instantly ran back to the hut and he saw Jasper preparing their food on the table.

"Jasper, I saw something staring at me in the woods, what was that?" Michael asked her.

Jasper widened her eyes when she heard that, she quickly dropped what she was doing and ran out of the front door. She looked around for a while and saw nothing but the eerie forest and the rustling leaves of the trees.

She went back to the hut and closed the door and the curtains to cover the holes where the creature may be watching them.

All this time Michael was bewildered as to why she is doing this. He saw a tense look on her beautiful face and walked towards her before he taps her left shoulder.

"What is happening? Tell me." Michael asked her.

She turned around to look at Michael with a face full of seriousness and said, "The one you saw was a Minotaur but that was no ordinary Minotaur, that was the White Minotaur."

"White Minotaur?" Michael is bewildered as to what kind of creature was that.

"The White Minotaur is a very strong mythical creature, and was also the one who killed my mother." Her voice seems to be laced with venom as she said that.

"But why would it kill your mother? I mean, there was no reason for it to kill her, right?" This time Michael is really confused.

"There is a reason, my mother was once the strongest creature in this forest and that Minotaur wanted to take the t.i.tle for himself, that's why it killed my mother," She said sadly.

"I'm sorry" Michael apologized for asking such an insensitive question.

Jasper smiled at that and said, "It's okay, I don't mind."

Michael was about to speak again when a roar sounded outside of the hut and a cracking sound could be heard.

Both of them ran out of the hut quickly and when they saw what was going on outside, they were shocked.

A transparent like dome covering the entire vicinity where the hut is was cracked. The transparent dome had a large crack on the middle going all the way down to each end.

And behind the starter line of the crack is a giant chalk-white Minotaur standing and looking at them with its two pairs of b.l.o.o.d.y eyes.

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