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h.e.l.lo, my name is Michael West. I am 16 years old and I live in New York City. My mother is the only one who raised me till I grew up and my 4 other siblings. We live in a simple home in a simple neighborhood.

Right now I am really angry because my girlfriend just dumped me over some douchebag. That douchebag has been bullying me since middle school and I don't know what is wrong with her mind but she still decided to go with that douchebag instead of me.

I mean, I'm not really that good looking. I have black hair that covers my left eye, eyes the same color as the sky, and my turtleneck long sleeve. I am 160 Pounds and my height is 5'10.

Definitely not good looking...I think.

Anyway, today I am going to buy a box of ice cream in the convenience store. Don't look at me like that, I'm not going to eat ice cream while I cry like a sad idiot. Totally not.

I went inside the convenience store and bought an ice cream branded by Selecta.

So after putting the thing in the cashier and bought it, I walk out of the convenience store with a box of ice cream in my hands.

This is a town, so there were not many cars around here. That's why I can walk in the middle of the street without anyone killing me, no not even truck-kun.

There were many people in the street, young, old, women, men, Mexican, Black, Asian. Almost all of the races in the USA are here.

I am quite proud of myself for not being a racist, I don't know why, but you know, small achievements is always great to have.

I walked in the middle of the street to go back to my mother's house when suddenly a bullet lodged into the right side of my head.

I immediately fell to the left side of the ground and bled on the right side of my head.

'Huh? Who shot me? And why would he shoot me?' I asked in my mind.

Sadly, that was my last thoughts as I perished right in the middle of the street. Of course, many people crowded right beside me and called 911 but it is already too late, I am already dead.


In the middle of a plain full of green emerald gra.s.s surrounded by millions of trees under the light of the hot and scorching sun, you can see a young man around the age of 16, naked, while laying on the soft and dirty ground full of gra.s.s.

His eyelids started twitching before it opened widely. He immediately got up from the ground like he was panicking.

(Michael POV)

I looked around and saw that I am in the middle of a forest with nothing on my body. Literally nothing, I am basically naked.

Wait...Didn't I got shot in the head by someone? Why am I alive then? And where the f.u.c.k is my clothes!?

Suddenly his head started aching. A bunch of unknown memories entered his head.

After a few minutes, I was able to remember this guy's memories. This is not my body. Yes, you heard it right, this is not my G.o.dd.a.m.n body.

This guy's name is Adalius Navarel. Like me, he has been bullied by other people and just recently his fiance was stolen by a guy named Alphonsus Ellsworth.

The reason why he was in the middle of this G.o.dd.a.m.n forest is because they were in the middle of a mission to kill a Minotaur but they later found out that it was an aberrant.

Apparently, this world used to be like my previous earth, but that all changed when mythological monsters suddenly appeared out of nowhere and invaded the human populations.

In just a single month, the human population was reduced to just 5 percent of its original numbers, while the mythological monsters continued to increase at an alarming rate.

Nothing seems worked against these monsters, even the nuclear bomb could only kill a few of them and the rest just continued to kill more humans.

The government was in their wit's end when a scientist proposed an idea to them.

The scientist said "Give me thirty thousand trained soldiers and I shall capture one of them, for us to create and experiment a natural enemy for them"

The government was skeptical at first but the president at that time agreed to his proposal and sent 30,000 trained soldiers by his side.

The scientist led the soldiers to capture some of those monsters.

In the end, they were only able to capture 2 while the only soldiers left after the mission was only around 454.

They lost many men but the scientist successfully experimented on the two mythological monsters and was able to create a weapon.

The reason why modern weapons don't work against these monsters is because of a spherical core inside of their body, that serves as their heart.

Those cores can detect anything harmful to its host and they release a thin layer of force field around their skin, that can protect them from any human-made projectiles or weapons.

After the Scientist created the weapon, he decided to call a test subject so that he can test it on him.

The weapon can be anything, a sword, spear, bow, gun, claymore, etc. The one that the scientists made is a gun.

But when the test subject first touched it, the weapon produced a pair of black tentacles and it wrapped around his wrist before he suddenly started puking blood and later, he died.

They later found out, it was because the weapon rejected the guy and that's why it killed him. They also found out, there is a certain requirement to wield this weapon. They had to have a certain type of blood.

After a thousand tries of putting the weapon on various hands, they were finally able to find a perfect match for the weapon.

They saw his physical strength and agility increased after equipping the weapon. The Scientist was very fascinated by this discovery and he decided to see if this weapon can kill a mythical monster.

So he ordered test subject 1001 to kill a mythical monster. The test subject obeyed and after a while, he singlehandedly killed a Harpy but the core was destroyed inside it when it was brought back to the lab.

Scientists were enraged and asked why did he not bring the core intact.

The test subject replied and they were terrified when they heard his explanation.

The cores had to be destroyed for the monster to be permanently killed.

This means they could not kill and take the core inside the mythical monsters without destroying the core.

But the test subject suddenly said to them that the monster can be killed without destroying the core but they have to take it outside of their body for it to work.

The Scientist was overjoyed when he heard that and quickly created a paralyzing poison that can only work against the mythical monsters.

And so, the test subject was able to capture many monster cores and the scientist was able to create many weapons that served as humanity's last hope.

They named the host of the weapon and the weapon: G.o.d Slayers and G.o.d Arc.

The scientist and the test subject was hailed as the heroes of humanity.

But there is one tiny problem with the G.o.d Arc, once the holder of the weapon became weak, the core inside the weapon will devour him/her and make them one of the mythical monsters.

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