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Chapter 513: Completely Transformed Jasmine Lily

Suddenly, the Jasmine Lily's unfasciated main flower lit up with a bright emerald green l.u.s.ter.

Looking at it, Lin Yuan noticed that many fine crystal threads were continuously growing from it.

These fine crystal threads combined together, continuously entangling and merging until they finally seemed to become a complete crystal.

Lin Yuan knew that this was because the Jasmine Lily had evolved from Silver to Gold.

Now, its unfasciated main flower seemed to have transformed into an emerald green crystal with countless layers.

There appeared to be a few dark green flashes within this crystal.

As the crystallized main flower revolved, although the dark green l.u.s.ter had only flashed once for a moment and had not been obvious, it had a more eye-catching color than the main flower.

The Jasmine Lily's grade had already evolved from its initial Silver X/Fantasy I to Gold I/Fantasy I.

As a healing-type fey for Morbius' Spirit Lock, it was now the same grade as Lin Yuan's main fey, the Source Sand.

Lin Yuan sighed as he watched the Jasmine Lily's evolution to Gold.

It was entirely a miracle that his Jasmine Lily had been able to evolve to its current grade.

As a succulent plant, the typical Jasmine Lily rarely developed bunches or underwent the fasciation that followed.

It happened that only high-grade succulent plants had a small chance of undergoing crystallization.

Lin Yuan did not know whether it had been his own or the Jasmine Lily's good fortune.

Now, if the Gold/Fantasy Jasmine Lily were to be taken out, no one would believe that it was a Jasmine Lily anymore.

After crystallization, the healing beam released by the Jasmine Lily's main flower was faintly mottled with a dark green l.u.s.ter.

Lin Yuan could clearly sense that the healing strength in Heal was now more than ten times greater than before.

Under the supply of this kind of healing strength and vitality, even Liu Jie's broken body began to slowly grow limbs.

However, although his limbs were slowly growing out, Liu Jie's broken torso did not show any indication that it would be rejuvenated.

Moreover, Liu Jie's broken torso was not the most difficult problem facing Lin Yuan right now.

For Lin Yuan, the most serious problem was that Liu Jie's five internal organs had been shattered in the recent purplish-gray energy explosion.

Lin Yuan took a deep breath and began to work on the Jasmine Lily's next evolution.

Lin Yuan channeled numerous spirit qi crystals into the Gold I Jasmine Lily as though they were not worth so much money.

As the spirit qi crystals poured into it, the Jasmine Lily's grade also continuously evolved to...

Gold II...

Gold III...

All the way to Gold X!

In the process, Lin Yuan used up a total of 90 spirit qi crystals.

The instant that the Jasmine Lily reached Gold X, Lin Yuan directly channeled the Sobbing Sea Crystals in his hand into the Jasmine Lily's crystallized main flower.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yuan squeezed hard and crushed 100 spirit qi crystals.

The spirit qi tornado and Sobbing Sea Crystals raised by the shattering of these 100 spirit qi crystals led the Jasmine Lily to evolve once more.

However, as the Jasmine Lily was evolving, Lin Yuan felt antic.i.p.ation and endless anxiety.

If the Jasmine Lily was still unable to cure Liu Jie after this evolution, Lin Yuan would not have any other means to heal him.

Then, Liu Jie would truly be done for!

Lin Yuan suddenly remembered what Liu Jie had said while blocking the purplish-gray energy that should have hit him.

“Lin Yuan, I made an appointment with you and Wen Yu before. Unfortunately, ten years later, I will be absent from the gra.s.s.”

Lin Yuan's thoughts returned to a time when the mansion had just been built. It had taken place in late autumn, one evening on the mansion's gra.s.s.

At that time, Endless Summer and Hu Quan had not yet joined the mansion, while the Mother of Bloodbath had not yet transformed into its human form.

At that time, he, Liu Jie, and Wen Yu had been barbecuing and drinking on the gra.s.s in the evening breeze.

At that time, that gla.s.s of beer had been the first drink in Lin Yuan's life.

Lin Yuan had not drunk much alcohol in his previous life, and his face had always immediately turned red after drinking a little.

In this new life, Lin Yuan realized that this had not changed.

Lin Yuan remembered that he had sighed after becoming slightly drunk.

“I hope that after ten years, we can all sit together on this gra.s.s in the evening breeze, raise our gla.s.ses, and discuss our ideals.”

Lin Yuan's originally casual words had been firmly engraved in Liu Jie's heart.

Lin Yuan looked at the sleeping Liu Jie with red eyes and said softly, “Ten years later, none of us will be allowed to be absent on the gra.s.s.”

Suddenly, the emerald green haze that had risen from the steadily evolving Jasmine Lily turned into a magnificent red.

Lin Yuan hurriedly looked over and realized that the disappearance of the magnificent red glow had left the Jasmine Lily yet again completely transformed.

Lin Yuan could not even recognize it.

The Jasmine Lily's originally small size had been reduced by more than half.

Lin Yuan held the evolved Jasmine Lily in his hand and found that its size was now extremely suitable.

There was no longer the same feeling as before of holding two basketb.a.l.l.s.

However, if the current Jasmine Lily were not Lin Yuan's contracted fey, he would never have believed that this was a Jasmine Lily, even if he were a Creation Master.

The Jasmine Lily's originally fasciated parts had already turned dark red. It had also been compressed such that it now vaguely resembled a square.

It was comparable to a squarish flower stand carved with many strange flowers.

Above the flower stand, a crimson crystalline flower the size of a bowl bloomed brightly.

However, there was a blood-red l.u.s.ter that looked coquettish to the extreme within this flower.

A long spike of about 15 centimeters with a small emerald green flower bud on it grew on this flower.

A long pistil stuck out of the bud.

No matter how he looked at it, Lin Yuan found that this tiny flower bud and its long, protruding pistil were the main body of the evolved Jasmine Lily.

The verdure carried by this tiny flower bud, smaller than a little finger, far surpa.s.sed all the verdant colors on Jasmine Lily's entire body when it was at Gold X.

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