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Chapter 452 The Cultivation Master’s Blackened Disciple (29)

As soon as he left, Bai Weiwei opened her eyes. She had just finished haggling with the system, spending just one day of life.

To immediately activate the trap in the Labyrinth of Dreams.

Then she used the labyrinth to create a huge dreamworld, using the illusion in the dreamworld to construct Bai Weiwei’s past.

The name of the dreamworld was:

《Shocking, your master’s unknown tragic past, if you don’t look you’re not Chinese1》

System: These backwater headlines are getting more and more trashy.

Ning Yishu resisted the urge to look back, running away a little farther. When the guardian beast was lured out, he intended to slip inside and pick the Blessed Flower.

Suddenly, his footsteps stilled. All around him was a terrible silence.

Darkness spread. When he looked up, the six eyes were already gone, and the sky had disappeared.

This was…

Ning Yishu immediately thought of the horrors of the Labyrinth of Dreams.

This labyrinth could stir up one’s innermost obsessions, then weave an illusion, making one sink into the dream and wander endlessly.

No matter if it was an unbearably dark secret, or a desire for something, or a happy experience, anything could become the illusion’s foundation.

How did he trigger the labyrinth’s trap?

Ning Yishu didn’t hesitate to use the dagger to cut the back of his hand. The dagger immediately absorbed the blood.

The dagger glowed with a reddish light, mysterious and ghastly.

This dagger that he had accidentally obtained had the ability to break the dreamworld.

The dreamworld suddenly vanished, and before his eyes appeared a purple and red ringed little flower.

Ning Yishu’s pupils shrank. This was the Blessed Flower.

He immediately reached out to pick it.

Suddenly the back of his hand was slapped, and he trembled.

“You thief, how could you pick my house’s flowers?”

A childish and clear voice scolded.

Ning Yishu looked up in surprise and discovered that what was reflected before him was not the image of the Blessed Flower, but some common, ordinary flowers.

And standing in front of him was a young girl, about seven or eight years old.

Wearing a green top and a pair of hair buns, she looked exquisite and cute.

Her figure had not completely matured, but it could be seen that in the future she would be a tender beauty.

He wasn’t sure if it was a misconception or not, but that face felt familiar.

“Your house?” Ning Yishu felt it was strange and looked up.

It turned out that he was surrounded by pavilions and paG.o.das2.

The girl said fiercely, “You steal my flowers, so you are a thief. I’m going to have you tossed in the pond.”

Ning Yishu: …Little imp, just when he thought that she was cute, she turned out to be so malicious.

This temperament. This appearance.

Why was it so familiar?

Before Ning Yishu could think further, the girl suddenly ran out.

“Catch the thief, ah, catch the thief!”

Ning Yishu quickly followed after her. “I’m not a thief, you’re mistaken.”

The girl ran to the house and suddenly stopped outside the entrance.

Ning Yishu, who was chasing after her, also stopped.

Blood flowed out the door, and inside lay a mountain of corpses.

“This is the family. There’s a child with the water single spiritual root. Kill the family and take the child. It can be considered cutting off her ties with the secular world3.”

Someone indifferently spoke from inside.

But suddenly the girl screamed mournfully, “Father, mother!”

Ning Yishu already realized what had happened.

When he was cultivating, he heard that some sects would kill a gifted child’s family in their compet.i.tion over young talents.

This way, the child would be alone in the world, and could only depend on the cultivation sect.

It was a cruel and terrible practice.

Ning Yishu quickly said: “Don’t go in.”

But it was too late. With a single motion, the girl was grabbed by the collar. “Found her, this is the child. Let’s go back.”

The girl shrieked, “Let me go, who are you, let me go!”

Ning Yishu didn’t know where the impulse came from, but he rushed over. “Let her go!”

But when his fingers pierced through that person’s body.

He was…

Ning Yishu stared at his hands oddly.

1: 不看不是中果人: a play on 不转不是中国人. A term used in articles written in a way that stirs up nationalist sentiment to spread (usually unverified) rumors and get people to share them or to take part in some sort of “pro-Chinese” movement e.g. boycotting products that are seen as anti-Chinese. Very clickbaity, from what I can tell. Apparently WeChat banned these sorts of t.i.tles, so that might be why the author used 中果人 in place of 中国人.↩

2: 亭台楼阁: structures found in Chinese gardens.↩

3: If my limited knowledge serves me right, in Buddhism one must cut off all ties to the secular world in order to attain enlightenment. The fewer and weaker the ties you have to things/people, the less karma you have and the easier it is to ascend.↩

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